Rikochan’s Shower Boobs Against Glass

Boobs against glass

My boobs are really too small to get a good flat against glass shot, but I still like this!

Busy busy days, but I’m still around and alive with more stuff coming soon. In the meanwhile, here’s a picture that I’ve wanted to shoot for sooo long: My boobs flat against glass! I don’t really have big enough boobs for this to be the super-sexy kind of picture with big boobs smooshed flat like pancakes against the glass, but I still like the way this one came out! My nipples were so hard and swollen that day, I was so excited to be shooting this in a hotel room in Tokyo. I have some friends with big boobs who’d like 100X better for a shot like this, but I do like how this one came out.

I hope you are all doing well, and that you are having a sexy summer!


  1. Dear Riko,

    Ure so sexy as usual ! I would like to play with ur nipples cause im so hard seeing this pic !

  2. So sexy. Miss you Riko

  3. Riko you look great. In my opinion your boobs are the perfect size – just like the rest of your body. I would so love to convince you to wrestle me, perhaps even erotic wrestle me. That would be a great highlight to my life.

  4. Love you Riko

  5. Titties are always so sexy when wet & mashed! Awesome Pic!

  6. Love it. Perfect for this kind of shot

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