Rikochan’s Return/Legshow/你好台湾!

Topless Rikochan Shows off her legs in a corset

This was the start of very sexy afternoon with my friend Mistress Treasure! Hope you like my thick legs! (photography by Mayumism.com)

Hello everyone! So glad to be able to sit down and write you all. I’ve been gone so long, I know…I bet you all thought I wasn’t coming back. It’s true, people tend to do this kind of thing for a while and then lose interest, or hook up with someone who makes them quit, or get religion, or get turned off by trolls, or driven away by stalkers, or thieves whatever. But I’ve been very lucky–none of that applies to me!

I could never lose interest, and my guy is my biggest fan (caught him jerking off to one of my movies recently, ha!). Religion? Um, no. And I’ve been very, very lucky with my fans and friends here. You’ve all been far nicer and more patient than I could possibly deserve! No, I had some drama going on (it’s ok now) that caused me to travel to Japan several time since the last time I posted here. And, let me tell you, that is some killer jet lag, and if you have to make the trip again before you recover, well, it just gets worse. But I’m recovering now, thanks to great support in the real world, and a lot of sleep. I’m back and ready to start having some fun online again!

So…I thought I’d ease back into the pictures. You can’t just jump right back into posting spread wide pussy and big clit and hardcore fetish pics, right? No, you need a little foreplay first! So, here’s a picture from a super fun session I had recently with the crazy crazy crazy hot Mistress Treasure in her hotel room (pics and video coming soonish!). This one is just me, because you have to tease a little, right? Plus, I get tons and tons of requests for more full-body shots and leg shots, so here’s a little something that should please fans of both, I hope. I’m beyond smooth here, but I guess you can see some muscle…maybe? I see a little bit of triceps, maybe? Anyhow, I hope you like this one, and I hope you are still out there reading! I missed you guys, and I’m so happy to back posting for you.

Also: a big hello to all my friends in Taiwan! I got a crazy spike in traffic from Taiwan over the past day or so, and I wanted to say hello to you guys. Say hi, even in Chinese! I can read it using Google translate.

您好我所有的朋友和来自台湾的球迷!我很高兴见到你。请给我留下了评论。你可以写在中国!我可以阅读使用谷歌翻译。我希望你喜欢我所有的女性健美和大阴蒂的图片!(I hope that made sense!)


Rikochan's feet in gorgeous high heels

Detail for posting on Facebook (can’t show titty pinching on FB!)


  1. wow so beautiful! Sure wish that was my room you were in! Love ya!

  2. I cannot stop looking at you. Your body just gets better and better, hotter and sexier. Wish I could trace every inch of your thick, muscular, curvy Legs. With special attention to your calves, the muscle cluster just above your knees, and all along your hamstring to the curve of your Ass. Mmm mmm Good.

  3. Your legs look terrific! And I say that as a nearly life long “leg man.”

  4. First of all, I just wanted to say (on behalf of Tam and Aya as well) that we are so happy to see you are back safe and sound. We all missed your various posts and activity all over the web! Secondly…..good GOD Miss Rikochan!! We’ve never really seen a full body shot before (aside from some of your earlier vids, but you had a mask) and we all agree out here that you look AMAZING! Please, keep up the wonderful work and remember that you have life long fans out this way always wishing you the best!!

    • Oh, what a nice comment, Alain, Tam, and Aya! So nice to hear from you guys! Fun to work with a new photographer in a different setting where there’s a little bit of room for full body shots! 🙂

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