Rikochan’s Pumped Nipples

Rikochan's pumped nipples are huge!

Would you like to my pumped nipples? They are crazy sensitive!

I’m surprised there isn’t more porn about pumping women. It’s one of the sexiest looking kinds of foreplay I can think of—we’re almost all interested in the size of the sexy parts, and pumping makes them all bigger, at least temporarily. It can also satisfy the body-modification urge without actually requiring any permanent changes like piercing, splitting, inking, etc. If you pump someone else (or submit to someone else pumping you), it can also be fun, light BDSM play. Forced erections of the cock, nipples, or clit and forced engorgement of the labia is just a crazy sexy idea. Just like forced orgasms, this is a kind of D/s play I can really get behind. In both cases, I love the idea that there’s submission, but that it’s submission to pleasure, not pain.

Tiny tits, big pumped nipples

Combining two of my favorite fetishes: nipple pumping and corsets!

The best thing of all about pumping, however, is that it feels amazing. As whatever it is you’re pumping—in my case my clit and nipples—becomes more swollen, it also becomes more sensitive, to the point where it can almost be agony to touch it, once it’s pumped to the maximum. But you want to touch it, oh my, yes. Because when you do, the sensation is so much more powerful than you can imagine if you haven’t tried it. Imagine your nipple, say, has tripled in size: the skin is pulled so taut, stretched so far that it feels like your nerves are three times as sensitive.

Rikochan's amazingly fat nipples

My forced double nipple erection

When Kraka touches, licks, sucks, or even blows on my nipples when the tube comes off after a good long hard pumping, I can instantly feel my vagina spasming, my clit throbbing. Sometimes I actually squirt, even though he’s not touching my pussy at all. I’ve never quite had a full-on orgasm solely from stimulation of my pumped nipples.

[Note: as always, click on the pictures for much bigger versions.]


  1. Love your sexy pumped nipples! I want to pump them up for you next time ; )

    Ashlee Chambers

  2. Thanks, Ashlee, I can’t wait! 🙂

  3. very, very beautiful

  4. Oooh, my nipples look like that when they get pumped! I would love to play with yours Riko. Thanks for making the day a lot sexier for me.

  5. Oh, that would be fun! I’d love to see both pairs of nipples all pumped up together, brushing against each other! I’d also love to see some pictures of yours all pumped up, maybe with Pet’s pumped up cock between them? 😉

  6. I remember when I saw my first erect nipples. It was in some film but never knew its name, they were glorious!

  7. Tell us More! I love it-Your nips are so hot and so hard.

  8. one of my ex-es could orgasm with her nips and breast play. she had like almost 3/4 inch long nipples. i loved it.

  9. This is amazing

  10. I’ve had my nipples pumped for nipple play and it is very stimulating. We used supple cups after she sucked on my nipples to make them erect. Then she tweaked my nipples with the supple cups on, at the base was the most arousing. She had quite a mouth full to suck on once she took them off.

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