Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

So, exciting news: the pro photographer meeting I wrote about, I think it’s really going to happen this weekend. I’ve got a date, a time, and directions! And the photographer I’m meeting? The amazing Brian Moss of and fame.

Brian Moss takes incredible adult muscle girl, FBB (female bodybuilder), fitness, and figure pictures. I’m no photography expert, but I love his style; his images look clean and simple and unretouched. I imagine it’s a case of making hard work look effortless, however. I love the colors and the light in his pictures. I also love the way he gets the women he shoots to looks so strong and pretty and sexy without seeming like they’re trying too hard. And it’s not just standard bodybuilding poses, either. He has a real, distinct style—when I see one of Brian’s pictures, I always know it’s his before I see the logo.

Kraka and I are meeting him this weekend for a studio tour and mutual scoping out. I’ve never posed nude for anyone but Kraka, so it’s important to find a photographer who makes me comfortable. And Brian has only seen a tiny selection of our thousands of pics—the very few flattering ones. So it’s important for him to see me, too—he might change his mind! Either way, this meeting is just for getting acquainted. Even though I am very nervous, I think it will be fun, too. Kraka, of course, is ridiculously excited. But he is always convinced I look hot and always thinks everyone will want to shoot me.

My clit, sure. But what about the rest of me? We’ll see! Brian is laid back over email, so I have good feeling so far. If it works out, you’ll be able to get the pics on my images4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.


PS: Do you like the picture above? It’s from Brian’s Dirty Muscle site–a very sexy bodybuilder and muay thai fighter named Brandi Mae Akers. Kraka and I are members of Dirty Muscle, and, it’s worth every penny. So many hot, sexy, inspirational pics–and videos, too! I’m going to go look some more at Brandi Mae right now!