Rikochan’s Pecs Progress Pics, With Diamond-hard Nipples

Rikochan shows off her pecs, boobs, and swollen nipples in this female bodybuilding progress picture

My latest progress picture. I don’t know how much progress you can see, though!

Hi everyone! Just a quick update today—wanted to let you know I am still alive and working hard at the gym and some new content for you guys, too. I thought you might like these couple quick bodybuilding progress pictures as just a little proof that I’m still alive and that I’m working hard!

I mostly get requests for leg progress pictures (apart from show me your face mails and XXX requests, like more big clits, squirting, me fucking a girl with my clit, and so on), but I do occasionally get the surprising and pleasing request for other parts, too. Not that I don’t like the hardcore requests—I do, I love them all! Even the ones that are totally not my style or are just plain impossible. (I don’t have a sister, so no chance of girl-girl incest, for example!)

Rikochanpornstar nude muscle girl progress picture

First time I have had the appearance of cleavage since I was pretty fat–this time it’s muscle! And I think I see a little bit of muscle in that one delt…

I’m always interested in hearing what you all are interested in, and what kinds of situations you imagine me getting myself into as I have my very slow and gradual sexual adventures here at Rikochanpornstar. I love them all, from the erotic to the pornographic to the fetishistic the outright underground perversions. I love to hear all of them, even if some of them aren’t things I’ll ever do.

Lately, I’ve gotten a trickle of requests for upper body shots, as well as some erect nipple shots, too. I’m happy that these couple shots can maybe make both groups happy! These pictures were taken this past weekend. I’m not sure if they really show all that much progress, but I was happy at the way my delts looked, and in one of the pictures, at least you can see that I’ve got some visible chest muscle where I’d have cleavage if I didn’t have little, tiny boobs. And I’m pretty happy how swollen and hard my nipples look here. Just looking at the picture is making me get a little THO!

Hope you liked the pictures. Please keep the requests coming, and look out for a few more updates this week!


  1. Love this rikochan!
    Love how defined and shapely you are… and the erect nipples are a nice touch….
    Thanks for keeping us up to date! Was wondering what was going on in your neck of the woods!
    Take care and can’t wait for more updates!

  2. I love the Hard nipples Rikochan..You are a very hard working lady on that Bod..I’m starting to see alot of muscle in your upper body.Alot of hard work pays off.My girlfriend works out at the gym alot so I know..lol..Keep up the hard work and you look amazing.Thank You for sharing that hard body..!! 🙂

  3. WOW Great progress! You looks awesome! Thanks for the motivation. Keep up the great workout and pumping of you fantastic clit and nips! We LOVE IT. and most of all thanks for sharing

    • rikochan

      June 5, 2014 at 8:28 am

      Thanks so much! Nice comments like this help keep me motivated!

    • rikochan

      June 6, 2014 at 10:32 am

      Aw, thanks so much! I will definitely keep at it. Nice comments like this make it fun to share! 🙂

  4. You are showing progress Riko. Wonderful pictures.

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