Rikochan’s Muscular Leg and Foot Fetish Hitachi Masturbation Set

Rikochan's muscular legs flexing while she masturbates

My Hitachi gives my legs a great workout! Click all the pictures in this post for much bigger versions

Hi Everyone! I’m back again with some muscular leg/Hitachi masturbation shots for you all. Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve got family staying here, very vanilla older family who takes up a lot of my time. While I’m always happy to see family, I’m sorry to tell you all that it means I’m not going to have as much time to be able to post here or on my big clit and female muscle clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, for the next two weeks! Sorry!

Artsy muscular leg shot, with Hitachi

I’m getting close enough to coming here that my legs are locked up and I’m as stiff as a board!

Luckily, I was able to get this fun little set of leg shots edited just before my guest arrived, and I’m going to share the whole series with you here in this post. I was originally thinking of making it a little by-request-only special big clit series like I did last New Years’, but then I thought I’d better make sure I was doing the right thing on my blog before I thought about setting up special series!

Rikochan Muscle Legs

I sort of like how my left quad looks in this picture. That might not sound like much satisfaction, but, for me it’s a lot–I’m a tough critic, when it comes to myself…

So here’s my latest little set: it’s showing me at the end of a night of sexy play with toys, finishing myself off with the best, most reliable sex toy ever, the Hitachi Magic Wand! You might be asking yourself, what does a Hitachi session have to do with muscular legs? The answer is simple: When you have the Hitachi on the high setting and you’ve got it jammed against your big clit and swollen pussy, the closer you get to coming, the harder your legs flex.

Muscle chick Rikochan masturbating

I’m starting to shake here: I kind of like how my left hand is starting to clutch the bed…

If a regular orgasm makes your toes curl, a massive Hitachi come after a couple hours of orgasm denial makes every muscle in your legs from the bottoms of your feet to your calve to your hams and quads–not to mention your glutes and abs!–contract so hard that sometime your whole bed moves (if your legs are as strong as mine, anyhow) and you’ve got to put your hand in your mouth to keep from crying out at the pain from the cramps you sometimes get, even as you feel the massive wave of the orgasm begin to swell…

Jamming Rikochan's HItachi into her pussy

Here I’m starting to come, jamming the hitachi against my clits so hard it starts to bend and make creaking sounds. Also, here’s a little peek at my face, a Rikochan rarity!

Pleasure…pain: it all starts to blend together at this point. My edge play has lasted so long it’s really started to become torture. While each touch is delicious, the fact that no one touch has taken me over the edge has started to become mentally painful in a way that I both love and hate at the same time.

Muscular legs and feet for Rikochan's foot fetish fans

You asked for more Rikochanpornstar foot and leg fetish shots? You got it.

Add to my night of BDSM torture the fact that I have been killing legs in the gym lately, with deadlifts, squats, walking lunges, and tons and tons of calf raises to make my already huge calves even bigger and rounder, and my legs really do hurt! The involuntary flexing I’m going through as a result of the impending orgasm makes me want to weep, to laugh, to bite my lips to keep from moaning and shrieking loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Rikochan's long feet and FBB calves

Foot fetish shot for those who like to see a Japanese amateur female bodybuilder have a literally toe-curling orgasm!

Finally, I can’t even keep my legs straight anymore: I’ve got to start squeezing the big meaty head of the vibrator against my big meaty clit and pussy with my big meaty thighs. I’ve got serious squeezing power in my legs. Kraka is always very careful about where his head and hands are when I start to come, after a couple incidents where he thought I’d broken bones in his hand (I hadn’t, but it was sore for more than a week) and where he nearly passed out from the cunnilingus headlock I gave him. In addition to the fact that I was crushing his head like a grape, I was also squirting uncontrollably into his mouth. I had long had a safe word, but we didn’t have a safe word or him at that point, or a tap-out agreement. Now we do! I have to admit, however, I’ve missed the signal more than once since. Bad Rikochan!

Rikochan Pornstar actual orgasm shot

And there is it is: the moment of muscle-spasming orgasm!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this set. I tried to do something a little different with these pics, so I’d love whatever feedback you care to give, whether about my condition, my photography, my writing, or just me and my blog. I’d like to hear anything, good or bad, that’s kind and constructive. Mean posts just get deleted. Not that there too many of those.

Love you guys. More again when time and my company allow!




  1. Wow riko!
    Your legs are amazing!
    Kraka is sooooo lucky!
    Btw, i would love to see a big clit special!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing these!
    Your posts ALWAYS make my day!
    Have fun with your company and look forward to seeing what you post again when you’re free!


  2. Love that tension on your muscles! very sexy.

  3. I always enjoy it when you comment on your emotions in such detail. Creates a feeling of being with you at that moment in time as well as showing just how intense the situation was for you.

    • Thanks so much,Dasmanuel! I really appreciate it, as the writing often takes me a lot longer than the photography…sometimes I wonder if people are actually reading! 🙂

  4. Steven Wright

    June 11, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Thanks Riko, I have been following your site for a couple of years and I dont know why but I really liked that post. For some reason, the most explicit pictures are not the sexiest. But those leg shots are very horny. Cheers very much champ. From your Australian fan.

    • Thanks, Steven! Yes, sometimes I like to try other shots besides the hardcore! I think most of the people come for the clit, but I am hoping that once they get here, the other stuff will appeal to them, too…

  5. Drop-dead gorgeous legs, hun. But please don’t go too overboard on workouts – don’t want to too much veinage. They’re just perfect right now!!

    • Thanks! Actually, veins is really more about how thin you are…when the fat disappears, the veins show up. I doubt I’ll ever be competition cut, so I doubt you’ll ever see too much in the way of veins from me… 🙂

  6. Rikochan’s honestly you are very sexy, very beautiful shells clitoris does not even need to talk

  7. Beautiful! Nothing makes me more horny than watching a womans leg-muscle-play while she masturbates and finally comes. Great set of pictures, love it! I wish you would upload some more videos with content like this in your clips3sale store….?!

  8. I love Your legs! And Your feet are sexy too!
    You could easily do some foot fetish scenes, like dangling Your shoes, or squirting while You wear a pair of leather boat shoes sockless!
    Anyway, You’re totally right! Once here, people that came here for the clit must get interested about all Your world… cause it’s simply exciting!!!!
    Thank You and… keep up with that!

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