Rikochan’s First Hands Free Orgasm!

Rikochans Big Clit Squirting and Electrostim

Rikochan has her first HFO (hands free orgasm)

Hi everyone: here’s a quickie post for you, to let you know I posted a new 4-minute video in my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s called Rikochan’s Big Clit: Squirting and Electrostim Part 2. Just like in Part 1, I’m still using my SlightestTouch electrostim system, and the delicious feeling of the electricity is making my already big clit huge. I spend most of this video jerking off my clit like a little cock. Finally, I use a much more powerful TENS unit for direct pussy stimulation that makes my clit jerk like I’m doing kegels while Kraka sucks my nipples. The combined feeling is so intense that I squirt despite the fact that neither of us are touching my clit. It’s my first HFO (hands free orgasm) video!

I just posted the 720P version. The DVD quality version should be up later tonight or maybe tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That is a big clit!

  2. Yes, definitely! 🙂

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