Rikochan’s Clitoral Requests / Fixed Post

Supple Nipps help Rikochan get a bigger glans clitoritis

I love the way my Supple Nipp suction cup feels on my clit! (Click for the full-sized version!)

My last hardcore post, Rikochan Clit Pumping in Vegas: 巨大クリトリス, provoke a lot of questions and requests. The more unusual one was: what is that second little cup you have inside the big tube, why is there, and so on. Well, the easy part of the answer is, it’s a Supple Nipps nipple toy from Nipple Fun Wear. I can’t tell you how much I love these little suction cup toys! I have definitely worn them on my nipples, and they really do provide long-term, comfortable, and exciting suction. But, as soon as I got mine, I immediately started wondering about how much fun it would be to use them on my big clitty! The answer is, incredibly fun! I’ve worn one for literally hours at a time! But the best is to use it with a bigger tube: it prevents the clit hood (the foreskin, right?) from getting sucked so much that it covers up the glans clitoris.

That means that when you take off the tube, you have a clit that looks more like a cock, complete with a purple head sticking out. It’s not only the way it looks, however, that I love. It just feels great. It makes the clit pump longer and thinner, and that feels soooo good. And, because the glans gets stretched out so that it sticks out from the clitoral hood, it’s very easy to touch, lick, caress, suck, tickle, tease, bite,  shock, slap, pinch, pull, rub…you get the idea (and I am getting horny writing the list of clitty kindnesses and cruelties)!

Rikochan's Japanese clit is all swole up!

You’ll never have trouble finding my swollen clitoris! (Click for the full-sized version!)

That leads me to the second request (which corrresponds to the second picture), for an after picture (shown above). That’s an other big reason I love the Supple Nipps: they make my clitoris look sexy. When the big bulbous purple clit glans sticks out like that, people lose their minds. Reposts, retweets, reshares, questions, comments, loves, stalkings, advice, disgust, hate, fear, love, admiration, lust…these pictures that make people realize just how similar the clit is to a little cock do all that, all at once. It never ceases to amaze me.

Hope you liked the pictures. More to come here on Rikochanpornstar.com!


PS: I fixed another post last week but forgot to tell you about it. Link below!

  • When you take my Breast Implants Poll (please, take it!) you can now see the picture that originally went with it, at Rikochan’s Breast Implants Poll. Please weigh in: do you think I’d look good with implants?


  1. I would be curious to know what size of Supple Nips toy you use for your clit.

    • rikochan

      December 21, 2013 at 2:26 pm

      I wish I could remember, but I bought them sooo long ago I can’t even find the email. But I can tell you for pretty sure it’s not the biggest, because they have at least one new size that they didn’t have when I was ordering, I think.

  2. Your So Awesome Girl ..

  3. I love your clit. Wish mine was that big. You must have awesome orgasms.

  4. Wow those are beautiful pictures, Rikochan. I love seeing your glans in full glory and the incredible shape looking like a mushroomed cock head. I think you are a real futanari.
    Bravo and thanks!!!

  5. Also could I ask what diameter of sleeve do you use when pumping with the Supple Nips?

    Thanks Again

  6. Kawaii na

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