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My nipples are getting bigger (thanks to pumping) but my breasts are getting smaller. What should I do?

After yesterday’s Titty Tuesday post, I got to thinking a lot more about just how small my boobs are, and how much I love nice big breasts. After all, if you’ve been reading here for any time, you know that I have a thing for big ones. Most of the porn I watch is of the big boob variety. So, I was imagining what I would look like with nice big, soft boobs.

So I started to think about it, seriously. I mean it’s not anything I would do next week or anything like that, but it’s definitely something that I am thinking about, in the way that I start thinking about big things weeks and months and even years before I do them. I’m starting to do some research, let’s say.

Of course, since I’m not in hurry, I’d be looking for the best person in the world to do them. I’d probably go to Japan; there are a lot of big boob actresses there with amazingly good implants that seem soft and move right. I’d start saving early so that money would be no object, for sure, and while I was saving, I’d be doing lots and lots of searching on the Internet and talking to lots of people, about where to go, and what approach to take, and who have do them.

Part of the research is just talking to other people and getting their opinion on it, too. Friends, family. Even fans! Ultimately, it’s a choice that I would make completely based on my own feeling and desires, but I’d still obsessively be gathering opinions and input right up until I made the choice for myself, the way I always do.

So, here’s my question. What do you think about implants for me? I’ve asked this question before, but I’m a lot more serious about it these days. You can tell, because I made a poll! Polls are serious. Take the poll and let me know! Definitely let me know what you think in more detail in the comments, too.

Thanks! ~Riko


  1. You are Lovely, Sexy, Amazing just the way you are.. Any augmentation will make you look superficial. Enjoy your natural beauty, fake breasts will put you in the class of all the other ‘pornstars’. Stay Real, Stay Unique.

  2. I voted no, but I want to emphasize that at the end of the day it’s your body and what you decide to do with it will be your choice. Your real fans will support whatever you decide to do. Personally, I’ve never been much of a “breast man” — my focus has always been legs/ass and, more recently, large clits (BBC’s) for which I’ve developed a real fetish. I’ve seen a LOT of really bad boob jobs in porn (I’m not going to name names, but come on — you can’t really claim that a woman with a pair of soccer balls attached to her chest is really all that attractive, can you? Good grief. Not to mention the strain on the back caused by all that weight up top. Some women look great with implants, especially the smaller sort of implants. Asa Akira would be a good example. But some of these ladies look like cartoon characters. I wonder what they’ll be thinking when they hit 60…

    But, as I said, Rikochan, it’s your body and 100 per cent your call. Given my BBC fixation, I may not even notice (lol). Just kidding about that last…

  3. I don’t think there is a problem with what youve got they are nice as they are.

  4. I don’t think silicon is feminine… And with these nipples you will always be anyway ! You have your own body, crossing genders to become its very own project, and it has its very own, unique features… Wouldn’t a boob job be a step backwards ?

  5. You are perfect as you are but like L’Enfer was saying you have to do whatever makes you happy.

  6. In general, I am opposed to implants… I won’t go so far as to say that they are always wrong. I can understand you wanting bigger breasts for your own person satisfaction rather than other peoples, and that you are looking for the ones that move and act like natural breasts is a definite plus…

    All that being said, I think that your breasts are pretty awesome the way they are and would love to get my hands and mouth on them….

  7. well it is your choice but i lovem just the way they are 😉

  8. small, even very, very small tits with big nipples are my favorite. i can’t find words to describe how much i like em that way… i like em a lot. i always keep an eye open for girls with flat chest and nipples that poke through their clothing.

  9. Hey gorgeous! So, you love big boob… well, I love clits, but that doesn’t mean I want one for myself. Me, I think your tits are glorious. Not little as in little girl, but as in big hard erect nipples on smallish breasts drive me crazy little.

  10. I also think your boobs are beautiful just the way they are! Also, every woman I have ever known who had implants just didn’t feel right. Their boobs feel hard, no matter how proffessional a job it was, they feel like a balloon under the skin. Just my opioion, but your boobs are beautiful.

  11. I voted “yes” for a titty enhancement, even though I am virtually obsessed with your gorgeous legs. A breast enhancement is a very personal thing, and Riko should do what SHE wants. not necessarily what others think they want to see. Several pornstars have gotten modest, yet erotic breast enhancements that are really quite flattering. You certainly don’t need (or want) to get 50+” boobies like Lovette, Lisa Lipps. or several other American pornstars. They’re a physical burden – and quite frankly, not all that flattering.

    If you decide to enhance, go with something modest and sexy, not to exceed a D-Cup.

    But whatever you decide, I’m certain your true fans will support you. For my part…..please, please, please give us more pics of those beautiful legs in black high heels, k?

  12. I think big, long nipple are sexier on teeny tits. Don’t go for any fake silicone

  13. fake boobs never look lovely and soft to me, they look like hard bits of plastic with misplaced nipples and underarm stitch marks. Sorta like wearable toxic waste.

    • Hehe, thanks! I like both types, personally, but I understand that people have strong opinions about fakes! Thanks for the comment!

  14. Natural always looks the best in my opinion, no matter how small, especially on athletic women.

  15. You’re just perfect as you are, but I understand your concern with your boobs getting smaller as you reduce body fat. As many others have said, ultimately it’s your body and your decision. I doubt your fans will think any less of you if you decide to get augmentation and you’re certainly doing it the right way, researching and not rushing into something you might regret later. You’re already sexy as hell!

  16. I’ve come to admire you for your openness and BOLDNESS. Small breadth won’t change that real-ness about you. If you choose to get a breast enhancement, I hope you keep them as real as you can. Artificial looking breast will detract from the awesome gains you’ve achieved.


  18. Dear Riko,

    ive no advice to give cause the decision must be taken on ur own conscience but i want u to know that i love ur little breasts cause theyre real and a part of ur amazing personnality !

  19. I know lots of girls with implants all saying if I would known this earlier
    most of them go a second time for bigger, because they where first scared that they could be to big
    so most end up between 400 and 800 cc
    The most glamorous onces went for 650, 700 and one 800 and look great
    if you want more info just mail me

  20. Riko I think either stay natural or just small implants. I believe from experience even with small implants your nipples will still stick out like now. More importantly lets please keep your clit growing.

  21. Enjoying big boob porn and finding them attractive is very different from having them yourself. Why not just continue to admire them, without desiring to have them on your own body? Many people ruin their appearance, and often also their health, with surgeries intended to make them look like other people.

    Larger unnatural breasts on you would be like having clit-reduction surgery. You wouldn’t be the wonderful you that you are now. The size of your breasts accentuates those amazing nipples. Larger breasts would also be a visual distraction from your stunning nether region.

    • I might never have implant surgery, but I will say that one of my big fetishes in life is definitely body modification, as I explain in my latest post. That’s the reason I am so attracted to the idea…Thanks for the feedback!

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