Rikochan’s Bodybuilding Progress Pics for April 4, 2012

Rikochan Front Double Biceps Posing

I think like how my shoulders and tiny pecs are starting to look in this picture. By the way, that’s a shadow behind my head from the bounce flash: I don’t have a mullet! (Click to enlarge.)

I get a lot of requests for bodybuilding progress pics (both nude and non-nude) which I think is kind of funny, given how little progress I have actually made, but, that said I am proud of where I have gotten so far, and humbled to be asked so regularly for updates. So I’m going to try and post a little more regularly. Also, I have a thread going in FetLife (Hi Fetlifers! Drop me a comment here!) where my FL friends and I are tracking our progress throughout the year, and these will be my accountability posts for that thread.

I posted the clothed front double biceps pose first because it’s my favorite picture of the current  batch. I have seen plenty of evidence of how working out makes me look better naked; it’s fun to see progress slowly getting to the point where I can see the difference with clothes on. I will try and get a shot of my legs and ass in jeans, because I think that’s where it’s most visible, however.

Oiled up muscular legs in high heels!

Heh, I think I used a little too much oil for this legshow shot. (click for full-sized version)

I’ve been playing around with shots lately. New shoes and oiled up muscles are one thing I iam experimenting with; I think this is just a little bit too shiny. What kind of oil do female bodybuilders use when they oil up for shoots? The only time I actually worked with FBBs, they used baby oil, but I think that is really bad for your skin. I used sesame oil, which seemed somehow perfect for a Japanese muscle-girl but was kind of too oily and shiny and very strong smelling, ha! Any suggestions? Anyhow, I thought the legshow and foot fetish fans might still like this high-heel posing picture…

Rikochan's right biceps

My arms are so slow to grow, but I like the way they look in this picture. (click for full-size picture.)

Last is the obligatory topless shot. Muscle titty! Yay! Actually, that’s sort of wishful thinking: I look pretty small in this picture, but, still, I thought I would share it. Kind of wanted to get a picture of my new KLAWTEX latex mask in, if nothing else!

topless flexing picture with my Klawtex latex mask

Topless front double biceps picture with my latex mask (click for full size version).

Let me know what you thought of the pics, what kind of oil I should use, what poses you want to see, what you think of my shape…any and all comments welcome, as long as they are at least contructive!



  1. seriously f**king awesome legs!!!!! copious oil = entirely appropriate + greatly desired.

  2. Beautiful legs, hun. They’re perfect….focus on other muscle groups, ’cause the legs are perfect

  3. You look amazing, Riko.

    Don’t use oil: use a bronzer and a light moisturizer. You want your goddess-like muscles to glow, not shine.

  4. James McIntyre

    April 5, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Your breast are perfect

  5. Hawaiian Brian

    April 5, 2012 at 2:50 am

    You look so hot! Finally somewhat of a face shot too… Could I suck your clitty and lick your asshole?

  6. And I’d love to see pics like this in the future

  7. deviantdisplay

    April 11, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I love the body building updates just as much as I love your naughty posts. It’s such a fascinating world that I know so little about. All I get to see are the photos of hot, muscular ladies, but I never get to learn about their journey, especially all the struggles/obstacles they must have had to achieve their goal. As I mentioned on Twitter, I enjoy hearing about your workouts, diet experiments, etc. Please continue to blog about the details of your transformation.

    • Hi Mistress K: I definitely will. I have to tell you, working out as hard as I do for as little results really makes me look at my heros with a complete sense of awe at their dedication and hard work, having just a little idea how tough it is to get there. The more I learn about that stuff, the sexier I find them! I always wonder if anyone reads those tweets, so I’m always happy to hear that you do! How are your own workouts coming along?

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