Rikochan's Pumped Clit

Love the way my clit feels when it’s all pumped up

I’m on Twitter! I’m not tweeting a lot yet, because I don’t have any followers yet. I just joined! But I love Twitter, and promise to tweet you guys and girls fun stuff if you follow me. Seems like a great way to keep my readers up to date about new clips, pics, samples, reviews, interviews, special deals (like this one), and so on.

So here’s the deal: The first ten people to follow me on Twitter get a personalized picture.

My twitter handle is Rikochanpstar. You can follow me by hitting the Twitter icon in the upper right hand section of the site.

That’s right, a picture of me (like the one above) holding up thank-you card with your name (actually, it can say whatever you want it to say, within reason) in front of whatever part of my body you like–except my face (‘cos I never show that). Personally, I’d pick my clit, but I have sweet little Asian boobs, too. If you want, I can write in Japanese, if you’re into that.

Note that the pic will be MUCH bigger. All my real pics are 1600 pix across their biggest dimension–this one’s just 600.

I can only take so many pics at a time, so I’m limiting this offer to ten, for now: first come, first served. But, if it’s a hit, and you guys like it, maybe I’ll try again soon! Pics won’t come any sooner than next weekend, though. I’m on the road right now–no cameraman or lights. If you like big Japanese clits, it’ll be worth the wait. I promise.