Rikochan’s Anal Training Update for Ass Wednesday


Rikochan gets a buttplug up her ass and her big clit pumped at the same time.

Enjoying a butt-plug and a pumped clit; that’s a lot of sensations at once!

I’ve been bad about keeping up on my anal training. I really need to work on it more regularly. It’s something that I only dabble with every once in a while, and that means that every time I get back to it, I’m basically starting over. Not that there’s anything wrong with it feeling new and strange and wrong (in a good way) every time I start again, but I think anal is one of those things that you need to really get used to–and get your body used to–for it to be a reliably enjoyable part of sex.

I want it to someday be one of those things that I can enjoy without a big production and a serious slowdown of sex play. Right now, since each time I do it it’s sort of like starting over, like the first time, it takes a lot of work and cautious stop and go experimentation. Which is a lot of fun when the mood is right. But it’s not something that I’m comfortable enough with yet to just incorporate into all the rest of my fucking. I can’t just on a whim, in the middle of fucking demand that he switch to my ass. Or, better yet, have him decide that that’s where it’s going next. I mean, both of these things can happen, but the result is pretty much the opposite of the “zipless fuck.” It’s still a lot of work.

So, for 2013, one of my resolutions is going to be to get more comfortable with ass-play, and that means more anal training for me, and more Ass Wednesday pictures for Rikochanpornstar.com. I assume you guys won’t mind?

Hope you like this picture. I love how long my pumped clit looks in it!


  1. I,m available to help keep your asshole stretched ,loose and ready for cock at all times.

  2. Hi Regarding your post on the implants…… Among other things I am a new York state licensed massage therapists specializing in pain management. Every woman that I work on that has implants has chronic pain in the rhomboids. I can knock it down for a couple of days with treatment,but it keeps coming back Because the implants cause an imbalance between pectoralis major and minor and the rhomboids. The rhomboids lose. Just some information for you. Be Well and have fun. Dan

    AOn Wednesday, December 26, 2012, Rikochanpornstar wrote: > rikochanpornstar posted: ” [caption id="attachment_1848" align="aligncenter" width="595"] Enjoying a butt-plug and a pumped clit; that’s a lot of sensations at once![/caption] I’ve been bad about keeping up on my anal training. I really need to work on it more regularl” >

  3. you have a very fine bottom! So kissable and so very sexy!

  4. Stunning picture… your extended, exposed clit looks incredible from behind. Kraka is so highly privileged to be able to play with your body. You have a very pretty asshole, too… def’ly wanna see more Ass Wednesdays. WIth all that gorgeous muscle in your lower body, I bet you can push back exquisitely on a cock in your ass!

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