Rikochanpornstar Says: Happy Ass Wednesday!

Rikochan's anal training for Ass Wednesday!

Rikochan takes a buttplug for Ass Wednesday

After discovering Titty Tuesday a few weeks ago, I have a new favorite new Twitter meme: #asswednesday! I spent far too much time at work today surfing #asswednesday pics. Wow, there are some sexy women on Twitter with some sexy asses. It couldn’t come at a better time, either. As I mentioned in my post showing my first anal gape shot, I’m starting to get serious about anal training. It’s still not a part of my regular sex play, and I feel like that’s kind of a waste–I don’t have enough sensitive spots on my body that I can afford to ignore any of them, after all.

And, after reading my friend Mistress K’s super hot post about setting up her own anal training regimen after reading about mine. Don’t think that the influence is all in one direction, however! Mistress K is my personal best source of sex advice, and I’m already thinking about making a more detailed for Kraka based on Mistress K’s ass-plan. I love that we seem to be egging each other on to go further in our sex-play. I can’t wait to see how far it goes! Who’ll take a fist first? She’s promised to post about her results, and I will, too!

Anyhow, I hope you all like my Ass Wednesday picture. Judging by how crazy popular my gape shot picture was, I’m guessing you might like this one, too! 🙂


  1. Looks incredible. I can tell you and Kraka are going to create some exceptional quality anal work, just like the rest of your explorations.

  2. Happy Ass Wednesday! Thank you for the kind words Rikochan, and of course, the HOT photo to drool over while I was at work! Don’t worry, I won’t get fired if caught. It would just be awkward for me, although I’m quite sure anyone who saw your photo on my computer would secretly think its hot. I’m lucky to work at a liberal creative place.

    Yes, I survived Day 1 of my anal training and am about to start Day 2. Having a “plan” to follow has been really motivating. As well as someone to encourage you. That is the most important thing I learned from reading about your training with Kraka. In a way, I find it very romantic.

    It’s also fun to have a friend who’s also doing something similar. So I’ll keep up as long as you will. Please continue writing about your progress and posting hot photos. 😉

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