Rikochanpornstar: FBB Friday (Saturday Edition)

Rikochan shows off her double biceps pose in Jamaica

What do you think? Big enough to call myself an FBB yet? Click the pics for bigger versions!

Yes, FBB Friday is supposed to be on Fridays, but I am a very slow blogger. You try blogging in your second language! Even if you get a lot of help with the writing (I do) it still takes a very long time. Anyhow here is a small series of pictures I took in my hotel room in Jamaica last week. I think this first shot shows maybe a little bit of progress, but it is really hard for me to judge. I am fatter than in my last progress pictures so my muscles are less well defined. It is funny how your muscles look bigger as you get thinner and actually lose size, right?

FBB Rikochan's front double bi pose progress picture black bikini

Um. wow. Progress on both my shoulders and my beer belly. 🙁

I really wish I had taken these pictures at the beginning of my trip, instead of on the last night, after a solid week of no-limits eating. Welll, ok, I actually ate very clean (except for desert) but portion control just didn’t exist, ha. I had the beginning of a six pack when I got to Jamaica, and it was totally gone by the time I left. Still, I don’t hate how my shoulders look in this picture. I will consider this my new “before” picture when it comes to diet. Note my complete lack of any hour-glass shape to my figure. No matter how skinny I get, that’s always there. That’s why I want giant lats and shoulders and ass: to give me some sort of waist, by contrast…

FBB Rikochan's muscular calf and hamstrings progress picture

Check out my legs. Are they getting more muscular?

I’m usually pretty happy with my calves; what I like about this picture is that (I think) it shows that my thighs are tightening up, too. They have been getting slowly but steadily bigger for a while now, but I think this is the first picture that I could see it in. What do you think? Looking a little bit tight? Again, you could see more a week before these pics…

FBB Rikochan shows off her traps and back progress

Is my back looking a little bit muscular, finally?

If you are friends with me on facebook (and, if you aren’t, why not?) You’ve already seen this picture, as a teaser for this post. I don’t really know if this is a real pose, but I have a lot of trouble flexing my back in ways that will show up for the camera. I really need posing help! But I am sure that my back muscles are growing, because my back is super big now, for a Japanese woman, anyhow. I wonder how big? Hmm, I will have to take a new set of measurements tonight…

Anyhow, that’s my latest progress pics. Not a huge amount of progress I am afraid, and most of it is hidden under my week of bad eating. Still, I am happy enough with the pictures, and I am considering them my new before pictures for 2012. Let’s see how much more progress I can make by the end of the year!

Comments, suggestions, (friendly) criticisms…I’d love to hear what you think!



  1. cumming along nicely, I find that wide grip pull ups help with the lats and upper back

  2. I am loving the definition that is showing up on your body! You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your body in some latex. 😉

  3. This is kind of a funny thought, but, since I’m way into male and female genitals and their differences…

    Since men usually have little to no waist, and women naturally do have a waist, based on pelvic bone structure for the most part, do women with huge, natural clits have less waist, as their phallus is more of a masculine-lilke feature? Not saying in anyway that Riko is masculine, but, given that her clitoris is like a penis now (I mean, she fucks sex toys that men fuck with their cocks for crying out loud!!!!!!), is there any relevance to this? I’ve been trying to figure out for years what makes a woman predisposed to having a huge clit. Do women with small boobs have bigger clits for compensation? How about girls with no ass/backside at all, do they make up for it in the cock category? Or, do women with bigger nipples have bigger clits?

    My wife is beyond orgasmic, she can cum from me stimulating only one nipple, for under a minute usually. Her clit has more than doubled in size over the last 5 years from just very occasional pumping and I guess overexcitement from so much sex all the time! I find a strong connection to her nipples and her clit, they are connected as she says, and each nipple “sends signals” to each side of her clitoris, as it extends along each side of the vagina. So, since her nipples are pretty big, and very sensitive, and her clit is pretty big too, is there a connection to women’s body parts and the size of their clit?

    If anything Riko, you could look at your waist as a representation of masculine power that accentuates your phallus-like clitoris, and as you fuck your female sex slaves with your powerful erection, feeling their pussy canals quiver and tighten around your fleshy cylinder of solid sex nerve endings, you feel a male-induced power like never before. Well, at least that’s the fantasy I see…

  4. Hi Riko! I have a few questions .. if they’re too personal, you don’t have to answer them. Feel free to just say “mind your own business, bitch.”, if that’s the case. 🙂 How did your clitoris get so BIG?! Were you born with it that way? I’ve heard that if you’re exposed to more testosterone in the womb that the female genitals grow to an abnormally large size. Or, since you’re an aspiring pro-body builder, did it grow because of steroids or some growth hormone? I’m just really curious. 🙂

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