Rikochan Vs. the Anal Hook for Ass Wednesday

Rikochan's first forced orgasm shoot, complete with anal hook

Mm, there is nothing quite like a steel hook in your ass to keep you in the here and now…

Been ages since I played the Ass Wednesday game, but it seemed worth starting it up again, given that I just happened to be working on a photo set featuring an anal hook. I loved the anal hook: there is nothing in the world I have experienced that was quite like it. I got a very good anal warm up first, with an anal lube shooter and an ass-sortment (ha) of toys to warm up my asshole and stretch it out. Then the hook. Wow, the feeling as it hooked in and slowly rearranged my insides as it snaked its curving relentless way inside. Crazy! I have had a moderate amount of anal experience, both good and bad, but I had never felt anything quite like the anal hook’s relentless progress past my anus and through my rectum at the hands of talented dom (and the producer of this photoshoot) PointWalkerPix.

As if the hook itself wasn’t enough, he threaded a shibari rope through the hook’s eyelet and tied the hook to my slave collar. Every little move my body or head or neck made, or any shift of my hands and knees, and I could feel the motion transferred most deliciously to my ass, the hook surging deeper into me, twisting and rimming my anus, pressing down on my vagina…amazing. And that was while I was doing my best to hold as still as I possibly could to adjust to this anal invasion. Just when I thought I had gotten used to it, PWP broke out the Hitachi Magic Wand. If I thought the tiny movements before had transferred amazing sensations via the hook, that was nothing compared what I experienced with the bucking, jerking, and shivering that a Hitachi at high speed, applied with considerable pressure.

Time to get my own anal hook, I think.

Hope you liked today’s Ass Wednesday post. I especially love this picture because, in addition to the sexy anal hook shot, it shows you just how excited I really got. That swollen clit doesn’t lie! It only gets erect like that when I am crazy stimulated. And I sure was on that day…


PS: if you want to see some nice Japanese anal hook shots, google アナルフック!


  1. would love to suck on your big clit while your hooked up

  2. OMG!! I love this picture!! Seeing your beautiful clit from this angle is something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time!! Thanks!! <3

  3. You are a Trip, Rickochan. A true Sexual EXPLORER looking for new Worlds to conquer!

  4. Agree w/ Joyce. This is the view I’ve been waiting for. Really beautiful.

  5. This is a very hot picture. Why you have a condom in your anus?

  6. deviantdisplay

    April 4, 2012 at 3:27 am

    A long time ago Pet mentioned that he wanted to try an anal hook. Seeing how stunning/delicious/vulnerable you look with it makes me want to run to the sex shop to buy one. I’m thrilled to see that you’ve experimented—and are continuing to experiment—with new opportunities. Looking forward to your next adventure. 😉

    • Oh, I just saw this…must have missed it. Yessss, anal hook wasn’t something that I ever thought about before it happened. Very exciting when it came out of the toy bag. So nice to hear from you, hope you are doing well!

  7. deviantdisplay

    April 4, 2012 at 3:30 am

    Pet once mentioned that he wanted to try an anal hook. Now that I see how hot/stunning/vulnerable you look with it, I want to run to the sex shop and get one for him. (And I’d like try it on myself.) I’m thrilled that you have experimented—and are continuing to experiment—with new ways to achieve sexual pleasure. I’m looking forward to your next adventure and where ever it may take you. 😉

    • If I can inspire you and Pet to try a new toy…wow, that would be an accomplishment! With the hook tied to a collar, it’s soooo amazing! I also got a lot of feedback from a post on fetlife where I asked people how to take advantage of solo anal hook play and got some creative and sexy answers that I will turn into a blog post at some point! Looking forward to seeing you hook up Pet. Or maybe even him hooking up you! 🙂

  8. The nervus pudendus, which provides cock and clit, is coming from the anus and inside there, so the pleasure is working easily!

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