Rikochan, Ultra Fem Style; Fan Contest

Rikochan Ultra Fem Masturbation Sketch

I hope I can someday look as hot as Ultra Fem’s sketch of me! (Click for the full-size version!)

Something a little different today: an illustration of me by Lisa M. Hayes – Ultra Fem. My friend Hugh G. McAbslover posted a link to Lisa’s “sketch til I’ve paid my rent” event, and, after looking at some of her stuff, I went straight there and signed up for a sketch. It kind of distracted me from finishing my next video for my clips4sale store, Rikochan’s Big Clit (it’s a clit pumping and squirting clip), but I thought you all wouldn’t mind, since I’m sharing the sketch with you!

I dropped out of art school myself, and I’m one of those people who never likes anyone to see her working. In fact, I rarely ever even want to show anyone the finished product. So watching Lisa draw this picture of me was just amazing.

I showed her a few pictures of me from my blog for reference, and gave her this for instructions: “Muscular japanese woman masturbating on a couch, one leg up, spread pussy, big clit, small boobs, short hair.” She got the final look of the hair and face (what you can see of it) from this picture of me in a mask.

I love the final picture! Honestly, it gives me something to shoot for, because in reality, I’m not nearly that thin (no abs, at the moment). I’m going to make it my desktop background and think about shooting for this look! When I get there, I’m going to try and recreate this sketch in a photograph. Not a bad goal, right?

Fan Contest!

So, I’m going to commission some more Rikochan art from Lisa. Any suggestions for what you’d like to see? Single-panel illustrations only. I’ve got an idea of my own, but I’ll also commission the best idea from all the suggestions I get from fans, too. Lisa seems to be willing to draw just about anything, so, the sky’s the limit. What do you want to see? Me getting fucked by another female bodybuilder wearing a huge strap-on? Me as a futa? Me in bondage? The sky is the limit! These will be more finished, detailed pieces, in color, so put some thought into this, my friends!

Here’s a link to one of her images on facebook that I especially liked, to show you what she can do for a full color illustration!


Lisa’s Ultra Fem sites are definitely worth checking out; she’s got an Ultra Fem store that you should definitely visit: it’s got over 100 free sketches on it! She’s also got an Ultra Fem Tumblr, and an Ultra Fem blog; those are both cool, but you get to see more of her art at the store; the blogs are more about stuff she thinks is cool.


  1. You know what I would love to see, Miss Rikochan? You (either as a futa or with a strap on) taking my Aya from behind! With as submissive as she is, I can imagine just how willing she would be against such a strong woman….especially if she was in some tight Japanese bondage. Just an idea…hopefully one you would find just as hot.

  2. You sort of look like a muscular Rei Ayanami in this. So hot!

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