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I never knew I was such an exhibitionist. Sounds funny coming from someone who regularly exposes herself online for money (at Rikochan’s Big Clit) and for free (at Rikochanpornstar), right? And, honestly, I’ve never exactly been shy either. I’m not a proper Japanese woman. I wasn’t a proper Japanese girl. For one thing, I was always tall, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m taller than my brother and my father, so I stood out. I was a punk rocker, but I wasn’t even a proper punk rocker; sure I was in the mosh pit pogoing my heart out, but I was the one wearing a men’s suit, with a boy’s haircut. I didn’t even want to conform to the punks aesthetic. I left my country and its nail-that-stick-up-gets-hammered-down pressure to conform and am living in a place where I’m a minority—I stand out here. And, of course, now I’m a (beginning) bodybuilder. And there’s the whole porn thing, too.

But the whole idea behind starting my clips4sale studio and this blog was not only to expose myself to the world, but to expose myself to new things. Obviously, one was to experiment with new ways of sharing things about myself, both my thoughts and my body and my sexuality. I’ve really learned a lot a about myself just from the acts of writing and photographing myself. It turns out that I think I have something to say—and something to show, too.

I never realized how much of the experience would be the feedback—whether in the form of hits, comments on forums (I started my amateur career in forums), comments on my site, questions on formspring, and e-mails. I even get pictures of fans’ cock and pussies, which I love. And, of course, in my store, I’ve got people buying clips. I’ve even got very sexy people writing me about working together.

All those things were a nice surprise, but the biggest surprise was having other people actually blog about me. I’d never really thought about that, and I definitely didn’t realize how hot that would make me. I guess it’s because to me it means that people liked my blog enough that they actually wanted to write about it. They created something based on something I created, based on, well, me! And that is hot. I’m especially happy when the part they like is my writing—because, to tell the truth, that takes a lot more time and effort than my photography. Mostly I’m having sex during while we’re taking pics and videos. The writing? That takes time. Lots of time!

Three recent mentions in particular caused me to write this post. All of them had nice things to say, and all featured some cool pics (which they all were kind enough to ask for).

Deviant Display
The most recent one was in Deviant Display, the excellent blog of my friend Mistress K. I can’t recommend her writing and pictures enough, and not only because she had this to say about me:

“Riko had posted a new entry that night. She described a very hot fuck session, and there were photos to go along with it. I read the entry aloud as Pet eagerly listened—lines like: “I felt the warm current on my lips, my clit, and the sensation of my own release…drove me into an altogether different state of pleasure.” Pet was hard by the time I finished. The thought of Riko impaled on a cock, her big clit so swollen and aroused, and her wet, messy orgasm inspired us to have some incredible sex ourselves. If that is not the sign of a good blog, I don’t know what is.”

That’s all I’m going to say about the blog Mistress K and Pet (and PonyGurl) for now—they deserve a big post all their own. But, in the meanwhile, you can read what Mistress K had to say about me at the entry called Rikochan: Smart, Sexy, Japanese—With One of the Biggest Clits You’ll Ever See.

PS: Mistress K: tell PonyGurl I love her sexy tan lines in your latest post. OMG, so hot! I’m all wet! 😉


I don’t know as I really qualifiy for Surfoo, since its mission, I think is to expose “The World’s Most Beautiful Gaping Pussies.” I fully support this worthy cause, of course, but I’m not sure I’m a world class gaper. I guess I must get some sort of honorable mention for my huge clit, though, because Tip at Surfoo contacted me for an interview. He asked me a long series of questions via email, and the result is the entry for Rikochan in the Gaping Pussy Encyclopedia. I couldn’t be more proud. Thanks, Tip!

We Love Fetish Blog

I’d never even seen this blog before it started sending me visitors with the post called Rikochan’s HUGE Clit. It uses one of my favorite squirting pics, and has this to say about me:

I’d love to wank her off – finger and thumb clamped round her swollen nub, rubbing the hood backwards and forwards until she squirts….I’m off to play with myself now just thinking about her!!

Um. I think I might be off to take care of myself right now. Because that’s exactly how I like to stroke my big fat clit—and how I like other people to do it, too!

More soon,


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  1. Thank you for the write up on us. The team at Deviant Display is so honored to be featured on your site. Here’s a confession—we all wish we could play with those cute Asian tits.

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