Rikochan, Reaching

Nude FBB rikochan poses like a classical statue

Rikochan, Reaching…for Something More

Things are crazy right now. I’m burned out and confused and pulled in too many directions at once. It’s a hard time. Personally, professionally, and even here in the normally safe and fun world of Rikochanpornstar.com, I’ve got some weird things happening.

Nowhere to Hide

But, like always, it’s in these strange times that interesting things start to happen, too. I’ve got a great opportunity at my day job that might really change my life…if it happens. At the very least, I’d be able to stop working the horrible hours that are keeping me away from you and my site and my videos. And I’ve been approached to work with a very interesting agency that might help me take my site to a new level, and maybe get me working with some cool people, and sites, and even magazines, too. I’m hoping that some pictures I took with Mayumi (like the one above) might appear in some interesting places sometime this year.

Both of these are things that might turn into something; neither one of them are guaranteed to be right for me. It’s impossible to know now, and I’m in that weird state where I don’t want to hope for too much with either one, in case they don’t work out. The problem is that usually I can use work to hide from the stuff in my private life when it gets tough, and I can use Rikochanpornstar to hide from the stuff in my work life. Right now, I feel like both of the places I usually hide are compromised. My hiding places aren’t working!

Escape Into Bodybuilding

Luckily, I have a third place: the gym. I can’t tell you how hard I’ve been working these days. It’s always my physical outlet, but lately it’s really been filling in for all my mental outlets, too. It’s amazing how much harder you can go when you are determined. I always thought I was giving it everything when I went, and that my real problem was consistency and diet. But since I’ve been relying on the gym more for my mental wellbeing, too,  I’ve discovered that I am able go so much harder than I thought.

I find myself shaking and sick at the end of workouts, completely soaked in sweat every time. I get so far into the zone that I hardly notice the people around me. I’ve had coworkers tell me that they said hi to me in the gym and that I completely didn’t hear them. And it’s not that I’m wearing headphone, either; I’m just…focused.

Andreea Tina

My Current Inspiration, Andreea Tina, from Simply Shredded

My latest workout works really well with this focus, it’s high volume with very little rest: perfect for really losing yourself in it. I’m doing a workout from Simply Shredded, from the fantastic WBFF Pro Fitness Model Andreea Tina, and wow, I can see results! I mean, I don’t look anything like Andreea, but I can see myself getting there someday, which I never really could, before. I always had a goal body, but I never actually thought I’d like like those women. They were an aspiration, but it was like aspiring to be a superhero. I could use these women as motivation, but I knew I’d never actually look like them. It just wasn’t in my genetics, I wasn’t motivated enough, I didn’t have the time, I was too old, I didn’t have the talent, I didn’t have the desire, I. Just. Wasn’t. Good. Enough.

A New Feeling

For the first time in a long time, though, I’ve started feeling…different. Like, I can kill any workout, crush any goal, be anything. I’m working hard and doing a good job, and it is starting to show, and it’s starting to make me feel…good. I feel like I am in control of something, I am accomplishing something, I am good at something. That’s such an amazing, powerful feeling, and it’s a feeling that grows, that expands out into your life. If you feel like you’re good at something, that you are good at something…maybe you could be good at something else, too? Maybe many things. What a crazy idea. Who knows where it might end?


  1. Go Riko, please, more muscles!

    • rikochan

      February 15, 2015 at 11:39 pm

      I’ve put on some since I shot this, for sure. This was a couple months ago, and I have been training so hard, as the post says. I hope to post some pictures soon.

  2. You can do this Riko I got abs at 50 so you can too, I dream of your muscles and your new look I have started to draw you like that Futanari drawing you showed us but not with a male cock but a female she cock and pussy, So into you and your look and sexuality. would love to send it to you if I can get it looking great
    keep up the great work, We all love you here
    🙂 Craig

    • rikochan

      February 16, 2015 at 11:02 am

      Hi Craig! Yessss, I love that fitness is something that can work for people of any age! And, yay, I am very interested to see your drawing…please send it when it’s ready. ~Riko

  3. Riko – crush it girl ! Loving what you are doing to your body and especially love how you understand and explore the erotic side of muscle – wonderful

    • rikochan

      February 16, 2015 at 11:10 am

      Thanks, Rick! I’m really enjoying this latest push. I hope I get enough results to make all my muscle fans happy and excited, too! 🙂

  4. Wow Riko! That is the most muscular shot I have ever seen of your upper body. I’ve been a fan of your calves and legs for a while, but now your upper body is starting to looking really buff too. Your back, traps, biceps and veins are more pronounced in this photo than any of the previous ones that I have seen of you. If you have added even more muscle since this photo was made, I can’t wait to see how you look now. Keep up the great work!

  5. Vc e deliciosa

  6. O clitóris mais lindo que já vi

  7. GO RIKO!!! You are great and keep on excelling in life and everything you do 🙂

  8. Riko – I no longer remember how our paths crossed. I do know that the thing I have found most attractive about you is that in striving to be your own person and exploring this thing life as you will, you not only share of yourself openly and honestly, you consciously encourage and help us to explore and be. It shows in that so many of the remarks of your followers are filled with respect and love for you as a human being. You honor us with the gift of “Rikochan”, but as we are more respectful adherents you are more りこ先駆者 “Rikosenku-sha” Riko the Trailblazer. My Japanese is a struggle so if I have mangled it, feel free to discipline ….

    As you are in the fires and throes of creation I envy you and also ask that upon the Sacred Mother Earth under the Eternal Blue Sky that your paths are clear and full of wonder and the winds carry songs of your glory to us. And if creating begets creating and I borrow Craig’s courage, I have a song that bubbled up a while back, about the same time I stumbled into your foot steps. I write almost exclusively about the real events and people in my life and loves (or yearning for someone because of lack of return sometimes[or my blowing it]), so this is kind of an orphan. Yet I can maybe attribute it to wistful daydreams of thou. We are still playing around with the music and voice which is played and sung as a kind of breathless anticipation and anxious exhilaration. Not to mention hope, joy, confusion and a strong tinge of fear. We will get it right. It is a good song I think. I would be very honored that, if you like it, I could call it “Riko’s Song.”

    She walks just like the Leopard
    She slinks right through the door
    She is… all so sexy… no
    I melt right through the floor

    She is just like the Lion
    She could bite me up to bits
    She is… all so sexy… no
    I have no power will resist

    She is rather like the Panther
    She leaps coils up upon my being
    She is… all so sexy… no
    I wonder at this this thing

    She takes me like the Tiger
    She takes me as she takes me
    She is… all so sexy… no
    I don’t know what this thing is me

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