Rikochan Loves Nipple Pumping Play

FBB Rikochan's pumped nipple

I wish my nipples would stay like this forever, all fat and swollen and sensitive! (Click to enlarge all the pictures in this post)

I love nipple pumping. I know I’ve said it before, but I think it’s worth repeating. I’ve got a serious nipple-pumping fetish. Rikochanpornstar readers are often surprised by this, but for me nipple pumping is at least as fun as clit pumping. Yes, my clit is much bigger than average, and yes, my nipples are sadly pretty small, with areolae not much bigger than the average boy’s, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings in those locations are accordingly proportioned. My nipples are sometimes insanely sensitive, even more than my big clitty when they are properly stimulated.

Rikochan pumps her nipples until the milk comes...

I love to pump until the milk comes,even if it’s just a few droplets at the tips of my milk ducts. Sometimes it’s a lot more, but I’ve never been able to actually get lactation started. Maybe someday!

When I’m good and horny, just the right strength of pinching on my nipples–somewhere between sharp and savage–can actually start me squirting. I’ve recently actually experience my first full-blown orgasm kicked off by nipple play. Yes, I need to clitoris/pussy stimulation before that can happen, but I’ve actually come recently with nothing touching me down there from the start to the finish of the orgasm, and it was thoroughly, amazing satisfying. Granted, I wanted to touch my pussy and clit (or, better yet, have someone else do it) very badly, but I was deliciously, delightfully restrained from doing so, and the result orgasm was quite amazing.

Why am I making this point now? Because I’ve been getting a lot of new women readers who ask me how to make their clits look like mine. I’m always very flattered by that, but I just want to make sure that people understand that, while I LOVE my clitty, both the way it looks and feels, as far as the pumping fetish goes, the clitty is not greater than the nipple. If you are just looking for plain old satisfaction and sensation, nipple pumping may actually be greater–at least as far as my nipples go. I have heard from some people with really big boobs that their nipples are less sensitive than their clits. Maybe everyone is different.

FBB Rikochan's nipples after pumping

My nipples don’t stay swollen and fat for long, but they do have a nice long pointy shape for quite a while.

All I’m trying to say is, enjoy whatever parts you’ve got! I do have a big clitty that I love, but my favorite play is often my nipples, and, honestly, I’m super jealous of women with large breasts and–especially–puffy nipples. I’d trade you my big clit for awesome breasts, honest! I post a lot of pictures of my clit because it’s unusual and people like the weird and freaky–and to maybe show other women who might feel bad about their unusual anatomy that unusual can equal awesome. But I don’t see my anatomy as being better than yours! Just like everyone else, I’m jealous of what I don’t have! Enjoy your own special parts…I’m sure they’re every bit as special as mine.




  1. James McIntyre

    May 24, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Your breasts are perfect. Your clit is a bonus. It is so wonderful that you want to share them with us.

    • Hehe, thanks, that’s good for me…my breasts are definitely one thing that I wish I could change! I guess I’m not going to get implants, but I do a lot of chest work to at least build up my pecs a little!

  2. Once again, I’m thrilled by your self-esteem and sense of self.

    I’m pretty sure you already wrote an article about what equipment you use for pumping!?

    If you want to go extreme, have you ever thought about trying saline injection into your areolae? I’ve seen impressive results that last for some days.

    • I have definitely thought about it. The problem for me is where to buy the stuff and how to learn to use it safely!

      • You can find everything you need at ebay (at least over here in Germany). That’s the easy part.

        As far as safe useage goes, the most ‘risky’ thing is to ensure a sterile insertion of the infusion set. Which – in my humble oppinion as a hobby piercer – is not a big problem.

        I think it would be best to get into contact with people interested in body modification. http://www.bme.com might be the perfect start.

    • Also, that is a good reminder that I need to write a what pumping gear do you use FAQ, because that’s a question I get asked a lot here and especially on my fetlife account!

  3. I do the same thing love to pump my nipples I can keep them hard and if they are pump or sucked just right I can squirt good

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