Rikochan FBB Progress Pics from October 23, 2011

Rikochan FBB Progress 10 23 2011 Chest

I think my chest, traps and shoulders look like they’re showing some progress in this pic.


Wow, it’s been too long…again. Flu and dental problems have been slowing me down, sorry. I have been doing my best to keep up my training, however, and I wanted to share some bodybuilding progress pics with you all. As always, I call myself an FBB (female bodybuilder) more as a goal than a title I really deserve! I’ve met (and played with!) some real FBBs, and I’m nowhere near their level yet. But I’m working on it! I think the picture above is my favorite of this new batch of progress pics, because I like the way my chest and traps look in it.

Female bodybuilder Rikochan legs and abs in soft off-season condition

Clearly I’ve got some cutting to do…

The picture above I’m definitely calling a “before” picture, and an offseason picture. Of course, if there’s never and after, and you never get “in season,” then that’s a little misleading. But I am actually working on it and have actually lost fat in the week or so since this picture was taken. A little. Anyhow, you can just sort of barely see the hint of a waist in this picture, which I like. The bane of many Asians is that straight-line waist, with no hint of the inner part of the hour-glass. Part of the reason I got into bodybuilding was to create the illusion of a waist, from behind at least, by building up my lats! Well, anyhow, I have a lot of work to do, when it comes to weight loss.

Rikochan calf muscle progress

How about these thick, muscular calves? 🙂

I’m always pretty happy with my calves, except that they make it tough to buy high boots! And jeans often don’t fit over 17 inch-ish calves, either. On the other hand, you can always see their shape through whatever pants I can find that do fit. I would probably have stopped working on calves so much a long time ago, but Kraka loves them so much and has convinced me that some of you probably do, too, so I keep training them hard! Thoughts?

Rikochan Progress 10 23 2011 Nude FBB legs, Clit

You asked what my clit looks like when it’s not erect: here you go!

And then, just for fun, here’s a progress pic for my pornier fans! I get a lot of people asking me how bi my clit is when it’s not all excited in the middle of sex (which is how my pictures usually show it). Well, here it is. Pretty big, but not as crazy big as you might think from some of my sexier pics, right?

I hope you enjoyed my progress pics…more tomorrow! And, don’t worry, clit of the day is starting up again soon, with another special guest! 🙂

Edited to add: now there’s a part two to this series! Check out more of Rikochan’s nude female bodybuilding progress pics!


  1. Is this clit able to penetrate anyone, that`s what I want to know!

  2. Wow. Love your legs in that last picture too.

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