Rikochan FBB Progress Pics from October 23, 2011, Part 2

Rikochan back double biceps progress picture

I think you can sort of finally see some biceps progress. Finally! A little!

Thought I’d share a few more bodybuilding progress pictures today–part two of the post that I started yesterday. I got a lot of nice comments and emails here and in my facebook account. Are you my facebook friend? If not, you should add me (as long as you’re 18 or over!). Send me a note and let me know how you found me, though, ok? Anyhow, I like this back double biceps shot pretty well. To be honest, it’s shot from kind of high, which makes me look better than in real life, but that’s ok by me! 🙂 I like the fact that I am finally seeing a little tiny bit of progress in my arms. What do you think?

Rikochan's beefy biceps

More minor biceps progress?

In this shot, I think you can see a little bit more. If I can manage to lose some more fat, you might be able to see a real muscle under there…

FBB Rikochan legs and glutes progress picture

Checking out my legs and ass in the mirror. Yes, I squat!

This is the picture I was most happy about, I think, because one of the main reasons I started lifting was to round out my terribly flat Asian ass. I think I have a loooong way to go, but my ass is definitely not flat anymore. I have a little bit of a booty, finally! 🙂

Rikochan's big erect clit

I know, this is the pic you’re all waiting for. 😉

And yes, I thought you might like to see this one, too! Is there such a thing as a clitty progress pic? I think mine is coming right along, right? 😉 Actually, the other reason I like this picture is that it sort of shows off my right quad a little. I have trouble getting quad shots, but this one shows a liiiiitle something, anyhow.

Hope you enjoyed these two days of progress pic updates. I’m going to be going back to pornier stuff tomorrow, so if that is what you visit Rikochanpornstar for, don’t worry–it’s coming!


  1. Loved the clit picture, but then, I’m a guy !!

  2. Greetings Rikochan,

    I know you’ve had a tough/eventful past few weeks, but I have to say that you are looking good! Hang in there and congratulations on your progress. Since I haven’t seen an update in awhile, I can tell that you have lost some body fat. Those legs and arms are looking more defined than ever.

    xo, Mistress

    PS-Thank you for the bonus clit photo. 😉

  3. Thanks for posting these. Nice progress! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick.

  4. You look GREAT, Riko!
    Delts, traps, bis and overall symmetry: things of beauty!
    Arms can be tough; they can get big without looking hard.
    What are your triceps workouts like? The tris get hard quick and really make the arms pop.

    I’m pulling for you—manner of speaking.
    You’re awesome. It’ll be amazing to see your body change.

  5. Where have you been?? Hopefully not a long turkey induced coma!! 🙂

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