Rikochan Does SheMuscle: Part I

Darkside Milinda, Ashlee Chambers, and Rikochan at the SheMuscle Gym

Darkside Milinda, Rikochan, and Ashlee Chambers at the SheMuscle gym

I learned a new English vocabulary word in my shoot at the SheMuscle gym last Saturday: “spitroasted,” as in: “I was spitroasted by female bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda and their giant purple strap-ons.” I learned this new word through first-hand experience and plenty of practice. You could say Ashlee and Milinda drilled me on it pretty thoroughly.

I’d been planning to do a solo shoot for SheMuscle.com when I got nice and lean. Well, that’s not what happened this past weekend. Instead, a couple weeks ago I got an email saying that Ashlee and Milinda were going to be in town to shoot for a couple of days and asking if I wanted to do a g/g/g video for SheMuscle. The short answer: “Yes!” I said I wouldn’t be in great shape (Calling my condition “off-season” would be kind). But I had an idea how that might work in a video—my first real porn video. My first time.

I’d been working on a blog post for a long time about my fantasy of a sexy BDSM training session with Ashlee Chambers, so I sent that along with my reply. The idea is that Ashlee is a personal trainer who trains an average woman (me) in a lot more than just correct squat form (although there are squats in the story—more on this later). After some emailing back and forth, Ashlee and Milinda and they agreed that it could work for a video shoot—except that, instead of trainers, they’d be gym bullies who hijacked my workout for an involuntary femdom training session. They also agreed to let Kraka sit in and watch. I have no idea if that’s completely normal or completely weird, but I’m a porn newbie and I wouldn’t have been able to do it, otherwise, so I was grateful they were OK with him being there.

I was incredibly nervous when I showed up on Saturday, and when I finally saw Milinda and Ashlee I was almost speechless—it’s the first time I’ve ever really seen female bodybuilders in person. I’ve been a subscriber to SheMuscle for a long time, but actually seeing them in real life was really different. They just radiate power and sex. Even with their clothes on, it’s easy to see that Milinda has amazing shoulders and arms and ass and Ashlee has awesome quads and boobs and is really ripped and vascular! Both of them have tiny waists, and amazing flat stomachs. It’s kind of like meeting a superhero. At first it was almost painfully intimidating to think of my soft white body anywhere near their tight, tanned selves in a movie.

Ashlee and Milinda were so nice and friendly and funny, however, and the SheMuscle studio is so awesome that I quickly got over my shock. Ashlee, who I’ve been corresponding with for a while now, knew how inexperienced I was. She went out of her way to explain how things would work and took the time to find out what my limits were, and to make sure that I knew not to take seriously the bullying me and say mean things they were going to say in the video, which I thought was sweet—she seems like a genuinely nice person, and I really liked her, right away. Milinda, it turns out, hasn’t been doing this as long, and I was happy to learn that while she had some porn experience, at least some of what we’d be doing that day was going to be new to her, too. She has a great, friendly smile, and an infectious laugh. Between the two of them, I soon felt much more at ease.

Ashlee Chambers on SheMuscle (used with permission)

Ashlee Chambers on SheMuscle    (used with permission)

By the time we finished a quick production meeting, I knew I could do the scenes. I’d decided that not only were Ashlee and Milinda sexy and funny and nice, they were also highly fuckable. I gave them both vibrators from Japan to thank them for taking so much time to work with a newbie right in the middle of three or four days of hectic shoots, and they seemed pleased with that, which was a relief—after all, these very strong women would soon be domming me and fucking me. I wanted to be sure that they had good feelings about me, too, before they had me tied helpless to a squat rack.

I shot two SheMuscle videos last Saturday. In the first one, Ashlee and Milinda come into the SheMuscle gym (which is very cool by the way—all real vintage equipment) and find me training with tiny little dumbbells. After showing off for a while, they decide they’re going to have some fun with me, and they put a hood on me and tear off my clothes. Soon enough, I was, in fact, tied helpless to the squat rack, a toy for their amusement.

I’m not going to spoil the whole plot (watch the videos when they come out!) because it was a solid hour of hardcore muscle worship, femdom, and plain old fucking, but I will tell you about my personal highlights.

Even though I enjoyed myself from the start of the shoot I was also really nervous. I was so scared of messing up at first that I forgot to struggle or complain when they began domming me—I remember feeling totally out of body, like I was just a marionette in their hands. After a while I started to feel a little more confident, struggling pitifully against their overpowering strength, but then I got afraid I would start laughing like a crazy hysterical person when I made eye contact with Milinda, who had a mischievous smile on her face the whole time! I actually did start laughing once, standing there tied to the squat rack, but Milinda thought fast and covered it, by first covering my mouth and then by putting my panties in it! I felt a lot more relaxed after that, somehow.

Darkside Milinda on SheMuscle (used with permission)

Darkside Milinda on SheMuscle     (used with permission)

Bondage is a big part of this video, and it was a first for me. Ashlee is a serious pro domme: she brought her own rope and cuffs, so that she and Milinda could me up to all sorts of different gym equipment—including a barbell used as a spreader bar—gym sexy! Listening to Ashlee explain her knots to Milinda before the shooting started, it really began to hit me: Those knots that she’s tying on the legs of bench, those are going to be tying down to the ground, helpless on my back. If I’m spread-eagled in those quick-release cuffs with my hands so far apart, I won’t be able to quick-release them. It really began to strike me just how helpless I would be.

I’d already gotten used to the idea that I was surrendering to their understanding of sex and porn and bodybuilding. But this, this was something different. This was really just surrendering. Not that I wouldn’t have been helpless anyhow, they were both so much stronger than me. But being tied up, I discovered, is a completely different. When the knots and cuffs actually went on, I had such a feeling of helpless, erotic suspense that I felt like I was tingling all over.

There’s a lot of Squatting in the video, too. both Milinda and Ashlee squatted heavy weights over my face until they got low enough that, bound and helpless, I had no choice but to lick their big, juicy clits and smooth pussies. It was the first time I ever tasted another girl’s pussy, and I loved it! Watching those pussies going up and down, up and down getting closer to my mouth each time was an insanely hot tease. I was so excited, and so nervous about licking pussy for the first time that I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest, it was beating so hard. Their pussies were so smooth and soft, much slipperier and softer than I had expected, and wet, with a delicate but powerfully affecting smell of sex. My nipples became almost painfully hard, and, at the first touch of Ashlee’s big sexy clit against my pussy, I could feel the lubricant begin to seep out of my pussy like a lactating woman’s milk leaking when she hears a baby cry—it was that primal, that instinctual a reaction. Which I think means that I like pussy. Milinda and Ashlee took several turns each treating me to pussy tastes at the bottom of their squats. It brought a whole new meaning to the term “box squat.”

The most shocking thing that happened to me, however, had nothing to do with regular old sex-it was more an FBB fetish thing. Both of them used me as a weight for squatting! Seriously: both of them could squat me like I weighed nothing. I was shocked, because I definitely don’t weigh nothing—and I’m even a couple inches taller than Ashlee! I’d watched a little bit of lift and carry stuff on the Internet, but I never imagined anyone would be lifting and carrying—and squatting—me. Certainly not so easily.  On an amazingly surreal day, this was probably one of the strangest things to happen, since I’d never imagined it. But it was very, very fun—half like being a little kid getting a piggy back ride, half like being a being nude and completely helpless in the hands of another, much stronger, nude woman.

Read Part II: The Strap-ons Come out (and So Do I)

Special thanks to Mistress K at DeviantDisplay for feedback that made this piece so much better (how could I have forgetten the pussy licking details?)! Now you know I’m going to make you read all my long posts! Or at least ask, politely. Mistress.


  1. I can’t WAIT to see this video when it comes out, RikoChan! Just your short story alone is a huge tease as to what you have in store for us (not to mention those women are simply gorgeous! I’m positive you had a great time surrendering to them)! Keep us loyal fans posted as we’re at the edge of our seats in excitement!

  2. Jesus, this is better than a novel.

    I’m dying to know what you’ll do next. With female bodybuilders, preferably. But whatever, I’m hooked.

    Anyway to give your clit a monologue?

  3. I had a turn on when you said they used you as a weight.

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