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Rikochan nude full body face shot

Working on my strength lately. Just started to cut back on food a bit, too.

It’s been ages since I posted any dirty pictures that weren’t just screens from videos, which makes me sad! I mean, of course, I’m happy to have had some new videos to tell you about recently! And in fact, I have another new one up online right now, called Big Clit Bonanza, but I’ll post pictures from that one later! But for now, I really want to get back to posting some actual pictures and telling some stories that aren’t just video recaps. I want to get back to showing you dirty pictures and telling you dirty stories! Would you like that?

I had a lot of fun working on these dirty pictures for you. I wanted to make these pictures feel really dirty and retro, like the old porn magazine you find under your uncle’s bed, or in an abandoned building or in a box at a flea market.

Rikochan dirty pictures, big clit

I love the idea of shots like this in a magazine that comes in a brown paper wrapper…

Dirty Pictures, Girly Mags

I don’t really know why exactly, but there’s just something very sexy about the idea of an old porn magazine that you found illicitly, by stumbling onto someone’s old stash of “girlie mags,” porn that you know had been jerked off to dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of times.

I wish I had started making porn in those days, when I could have shown up in a magazine or two-especially the kind of underground hardcore magazines that you could only buy in special stores, or by mail, or by, I don’t know, traveling to Germany. The kind of magazines that were, and still are, illegal in Japan, although they were there to find, if you knew where to look.

Rikochan's clitoris fat

That clit is bigger than your thumb…

I wouldn’t trade my Internet-age porn adventures for anything, you understand; with my blog and my clips and the samples I’ve put online here and there, I’m sure that literally millions of people have jerked off to pictures of me, and there is a real power and excitement in that.

But to be able to be be part of something truly underground, something so illicit and forbidden that it had to be shipped in a discreet package, or bought from behind a counter or from a back room, or even passed from hand to hand.

While I’m incredibly pleased to be able to reach and talk to literally thousands of people a day, he fact is, I’m just one voice, one body, one clit (if you want to reduce it to that) out of thousands or even millions out there who are sharing the same thing and doing it better, many of them.

Rikochan blowjob face picture

Braver shot than usual, imagining myself in a old-school hardcore porno mag, maybe called Big Clit Cocksucker, or something like that…

Small Batch Porn

I’m often scornful of the idea of things being artisanal, authentic, small batch, and so on. Sure, there are times that might mean something real, but most of the time it seems like a way of marketing yourself to people who are rich and stupid enough to buy into these ideas.

But I do like the idea of small print runs and rare objects. That my issue of some magazine, that was only printed in one area, in a limited print run, might become something that people in the know looked for, that it would become a prize to lovers of big clits, or the few fans of me in particulat who would be devoted enough to care to find it…


  1. These are nice photos. What a hot little body you have.

  2. Richard Fraysier

    November 11, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Really, truly erotic and ecotic. As always! It’s great to hear from a woman who thinks like you do about sex and porn.

  3. Love the photo. Yes I remember the first porn magazine I found,it was censored it was smooth skin no pussy or nipples
    Then the first book yes it was a book
    It started with a women waiting at a dock for a salor there walk back to her place and have sex in every room I love that book!!!
    It was not till I was a adult that my eyes Scean a really HARD CORE magazine WOW
    Magazine are great but I think what you have is so much better I love it what I see a email from you and a new post
    O and just to make you feel more empowering
    I’m going to wank over the shot of you there you say your clit or she cock is bigger than my thumb and You lips are big and wet,O how I would love to lick and suck them and fill my mouth with your member !!!
    Love your muscles too love to see you ripped !!!
    Take care till next time still have some vids to download from you
    Love craig

  4. Hello, I just discovered your site and I must say, there is a chance you may become my new favorite! Have you ever done any shoots that involved teasing and denial, or orgasm play? Specifically edging with your amazing clit and then doing a ruined orgasm?

  5. Love the erect clit in those 2 middle pics. Is that you fully erect or can you go bigger?

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