Rikochan Delts Progress Picture / Rededication

FBB Rikochan shows off her delts progress.

I’m pretty happy with the progress I see in my delts here. Biceps, not so much, but I’ll take it!

I’ve been working really hard at the gym lately. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I work with a trainer, and that my regular trainer has been out lately. I told the sub (her boss) to work me really hard, and she did–so hard that the next day I had to take a sick day my abs hurt so bad! I was pretty proud to have worked that hard, although I was also shocked at how bad it hurt. I haven’t felt like that since I was on the volleyball team in my high school in Tokyo. Any of you who know anything about Japan know that we take our hobbies and school sports pretty seriously–to the point where people sometimes passed out or got sick in training. So, I’m used to it getting pretty intense, sometimes.

That’s not to say that I’ve been training like that along as an adult. Not at all. I think I train a lot harder than most of the women I know or see at my gym, at least the ones who aren’t training for a competition or something, but if I am honest with myself, I haven’t been training at the level of intensity that I did when I was in high school. I haven’t been giving it the level like I did earlier this week where I just couldn’t get out of bed the next morning. I think this was a really wake up for me. I want to hit it that hard. I want to work ’til there’s nothing left to give. I want to have done my very best at the end of every workout.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be in the position where I can’t get out of bed very often. Or ever. But I want to come close, and I want to get into such great shape that I can work myself as hard as I did this week and not be completely wiped out. I need to work hard, and I need to spend more thought and effort on my recovery, too. I need to eat better, sleep more, and train harder.

I hope you like this recent picture. I decided I’m going to start posting more progress pictures, to keep myself honest, and because you guys and girls seem to like them. Oh, for those who asked, the woman on the TV set in front of me is Japanese pornstar Momoka Nishina. Yes, I was watching porn here. 🙂

Thanks for listening.




  1. Yes, we need progress pictures, never have enough pictures of you, progress or not….also never have enough clit pictures, I want to see how its grown.

  2. Nice

  3. You’re looking good girl..Keep up with the hard work at the gym. Thank You for sharing your results..!! 😉

  4. great shot, the best massage I ever had was a body builder and after she had give my a hand job she did the same pose as you but front on with her hard pec’s and great delts so hot I was ready to cum again. Thank you, it was going to be one of my questions to you that I would like to see more muscle poses, I like my muscle women with real breast not implants what is your thoughts on that and your follower

  5. you look great. the best massage I ever had was a female body builder and after giving my a hand job, she gave my a pose just like your but front on with her hard pec’s and delts, so hot that i cum again. so yes would love to see more body shot as well , but your clit and pumped nipples are super HOT.
    I like my female body builder to have real breasts not implants what is you thoughts on that and your followers

  6. Rikochan,I like to see more muscle on your body and image some poses you do on me.
    I have experienced sex with woman who did bodybiulding. It was awesame but not as hard as what I thought tiet my cock.
    She was not my girl friend but Fuuzoku girl. But she ritireed already now. I am dreaming to meet new girl dodybiulder as you.
    Thank you again for nice pictuer!!

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