Japanese bodybuilder pornstar rikochan muscle calf FBB

How's that for a leg show?

So I’ve been branching out a little, which is why I have been neglecting this blog–sorry! yAlso, I’ve been super busy in the gym. Do you like results as shown in the leg-show pic above?

I thought I should at least post and let you know where else you can find me if you just can’t live without a Rikochan fix for the day (yeah, right!).

I started a bodyspace page on bodybuilding.com to track my progress as I train harder and harder for my first shoot. Click here to check out the progress of Rikochan: Japanese big clit bodybuilder! Okay, I don’t really qualify as a bodybuilder yet, but I am working like crazy to get into kick-ass condition. I hope you like it, and I hope you like following me on my FBB journey!

I am finally getting into twitter with a vengeance. My twitter handle is rikochanpstar.

Also, I have a facebook page now. Click here to become a facebook friend with Rikochan.

Finally, of course, you can buy clips at my big clit and squirting clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. I promise there are some good updates coming this week! I know, it’s been a while…

If you want to chat, the only place I’m available is on facebook! That’s at random times, but, still, I’m around once in a while–no camming or anything, just a friendly hello–for now.

Would you guys (or gals) be interested in cam shows? I could probably work it out if there was enough interest, and I have a few friends who are begging for it… I dunno, would people really be interested in paying for a cam show where the cam girl never showed her face? I could wear a sexy mask, I guess? Let me know! If get enough responses showing interest, I’ll do it!