Rikochan’s Body Shot

Someone pointed out that I’ve only posted extreme closeups here so far. In fact, I’ve had a few requests for full body shots lately. Well, I’m happy to hear that you don’t just think of me as only a big clit. I mean, I get that that’s important and all, but. You know, I have boobs, too! 😉

So…this is what I currently really actually look like, as of August 8, 2010.

Rikochan bodyshot, with big clit and nipple jewelry

Rikochan’s bodyshot, Aug 8, 2010

I think I look pretty good here, here, but as someone who’s been into fitness for a long time, it’s not how I want to look. I want a six pack! I want peaked bis! I want…I want to look like Mi Hee Yu!

As I get more serious about this blog and my store, I’m determined to get back into the gym and in better shape for you guys (and, of course for myself). I want to take awesome pics that I can be proud of, and that you’ll want to jack (or jill) off to.

Extra motivation: I actually had a photographer whose work I’ve always really loved (and which I’ve jilled off to many, many times) contact me and express interest in doing a shoot. I’m really excited–and nervous. I’ve never posed naked in front of anyone but Kraka before! It’s not for sure, but I’m super flattered that he was even interested!

So, consider this my “before” picture. If you’re interested, I’ll post progress pics. Maybe I’ll even open a bodyspace page. Let me know if you’d like that!



  1. i like your bod, but yah, ripped abs above that bulging clit would be awesome too!

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