Rikochan Big Clit and Micropenis Swordfighting

Rikochan's long hard clitoris

My clit is looking long and hard like a little cock!

I can’t tell you how many requests I get for shots of my big clit versus smaller cocks. It turns out that I have lot of fans who either have have very small cocks or who like them. Some of them have or love micropenises, too. And all of them want to see my big clit swordfighting with a small cock. I have to admit, I find that idea very sexy.

I’ve never really seen a tiny penis in real life. I mean, I’ve seen big penises and small penises in my life, but despite what you might think based on the fact that I have a porn site and sell adult videos and =so on, I have probably seen fewer cocks than the average woman. I’ve probably seen way more big clits than the average woman, of course, but the fact is that I just haven’t been with that many guys in my real life, and I haven’t done any guy-girl porn. The cock in this series is a pretty regular size, but I shot and cropped it so that it looks smaller, so that all you micropenis fantasists can enjoy these shots!

Big clit grinding on a cock

I love to grind my clit against a nice hard cock head; that’s the most important part for me!

Plain old cock-in-pussy porn is probably far off in my future if I do it, although I have been watching a lot of BBC/hotwife porn lately! For me BDSM and girl-girl just feels like more of an exciting exploration. All my years of being a repressed good little Japanese girl were all about boys and their cocks. Not that I don’t like regular cock…it’s just that I have one in my life already for when I feel the urge.

But unusual cocks…that’s a different story. I have to admit that I find them quite interesting. Fascinating, even. I’ve had fans send me pictures of their tiny little cocks, some of which they say are even smaller than my clitty, and I definitely feel myself getting excited when I look at those big balls with just a little cock-head peeking out them. I don’t often feel the need to measure my clitty–I think that’s more of a guy thing–but when I see those little cocks, I do feel the desire to measure my clitty against them. I want to feel the glans rubbing against me like a little clit head. I’d straddle the boy and pull back my hood and I’d rub my head against his…I might even let his little head dip into my pussy once in a while, when it was good and wet and slippery and hot.

Rubbing a cock against my clit

I love love love feeling a hard cock head rubbing against the underside of my big clit’s shaft.

But, for me, it would be about the head-on-head friction, which would gradually get less and less as my pussy started running with juices and his little head oozed more and more precum from those big balls. To make up for the increased slipperiness, I’d have to grind him harder and harder, and we’d both be getting more and more erect and excited and swollen, blood rushing to our little cocks until…bang, orgasm! I’d be squirting and squirting and so would he, mine all watery and slick and his thick and sticky…we’d be soaked down to midthigh, the sheets soaked, mattress maybe ruined…

Anyhow, small penis/micropenis is one class of guy/girl porn I would consider. The other one is a transwoman. I find the idea of a beautifuul woman fucking me with a cock while I suck on her breasts and kiss her beautiful mouth as her long hair drapes over me pretty damned sexy, too. I’d love to see both of those videos, so I would consider making them. After all, that’s a big part of why I got into making my own porn: Because I wanted porn that showed women like me, and because I wanted porn that showed the kinds of things that I found sexy. I don’t mean that I find myself sexy–sometimes I do!–but more that I wanted to see the kinds of acts and awkward but enthusiastic amateurish sex that I could identify with, if that makes sense.

rikochan clit compared to small cock

Rikochan guides a hard cock head up against her huge clit shaft

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this post, especially if you have a little cock. It’s for you…and for everyone else who likes to hear about my adventures, real or imagined!



  1. This cock isn`t really small -what a pity, (simply to big!) it give such, who are a lot smaller. It would be a thrill, if the size difference between your clit an his littel cock are ver small, or you would be the winner in size. Such is possible!

    • rikochan

      July 5, 2015 at 3:44 pm

      Kraka is very happy to hear his cock described as “too big!” 🙂

      I did my best to make it look smaller in these pictures, but, you are right, it would be a lot more fun if the cock were a real micropenis! Maybe someday!

  2. It`s a fascination to see, how a female glans is grinding a male glans. But the cock here is simply to big!! Much better it is, when the dick is really small, so your girl.cock has about the same size, or it is even bigger than his small cock. Inj any case, the smaller the size.differences the more thrill is there.

  3. Realmente o seu clitoris alem de grande e lindo e delicioso, o penis e muito feio.

    • rikochan

      July 5, 2015 at 11:00 pm

      Google translate can’t quite get this sentence, sorry! You’re saying that my clit is pretty, and it makes the penis look ugly?

  4. well done yes Kraka cock is too big, But shot well and looks good and yes I’m a lover of small cock V huge clit pics
    I have some small cock shots I would love to show you but how ? maybe fetlife what do you think.
    How good would it be if we with small cocks sent in photos with tap measures, you would see just how big your Clit is and to post side by side shot of small cocks and your huge She Cock with tape measure 🙂

  5. Really your clitoris in addition to large and beautiful and delicious, the penis and too ugly.

  6. Henrik Sernander

    July 9, 2015 at 8:12 am

    What a great form of having sex. A totally equal act, on equal terms! No penetration is required and everything happens, AND can be seen before yours (both) eyes. I think this will revolutionate the way we see sex in the future!
    I’m more than impressed. Thank you Riko.

    • rikochan

      July 9, 2015 at 2:25 pm

      Hehe, I can’t imagine I am the first person to do this, but I am glad you like the idea! 🙂

  7. I agree with the others. Your clit is beautiful but the cock is way too large and (like all cocks) is ugly. Side-by-side photos of your clit and a smaller penis would be nice. But in the best of all worlds your large beautiful clit would be in the same photo with a smaller cock. Girl power! Linda

  8. Well, it was very,VERY close to what i ‘d expect to see, and that would be your huge clit PENETRATING a cock’s pee-hole, essentially fucking it, altogether with some nice POV shots to make my days!! Now wouldn’t THAT be awesome!

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