Yellow Panties Photoset: Part I Panty Bulge

Panty Bulge

Can you see the bulge? I think it’s there!

Hey everyone, I’m back again, and I brought your favorite: porn! I don’t have any new video to share yet, but I thought some of you, at least, would appreciate this crop of pictures because it scratches in places that I know some of you are pretty itchy: especially the panty bulge!

Nipple pumping

This is a weird picture. I’m pretty fat, and yet also you can see my abs starting to take shape, I guess? Oh, and also: nipple pumping!

I bought these funky yellow panties in Tokyo at the M’s Pop Life sex department store in Akihabara. I love that place: seven floors of porn, lingerie, costumes, sex toys, lube, lotions, and pretty much every kind of (legal) adult goods you can imagine. My only complaint about M’s is that the store offers such a typically Japanese range of sizes for its lingerie and costumes. The last time I was there, most of clothing was only available in size M, which if you’ve never lived in Japan equates to very, very small in US sizes. Far, far to small for me to wear, for example.

Rikochan's pumped nipples

More Nipple Pumping! Seriously, this is the best feeling in the world. I don’t know how nursing mothers even deal, it feels so good.

Granted, I am now basically a giant in Japan, both because of my muscles and because of my fat. I am by far the largest of my friends now, even bigger than the ones who are much chubbier than I am, because none of them have any muscle whatsoever. I’m. Just. Huge. And that’s fine; I have no desire to look like my old Japanese friends, who mostly now have saggy or bony asses and little bird-person chests.

Big clit bulge

More panty bulge goodness. I need to get less elastic panties to show off the bulge better next time…


But even though I’m big, it’s not like I’m the biggest person in Japan, by far. It makes me a little bit sad that people my size and bigger don’t have many sexy options for clothes in Japan. My main money-spending goal for my last trip to Japan was to get all kind of cool Japanese fetish gear so that I could have fun, different stuff to wear in my photos and videos, but hardly any of it fit me. Even these yellow panties are really kind of too tight. I love them, and they are a weird, sexy texture, but I wish they were a little looser!

Rikochan nipples and belly

Another body shot. I guess I can see some changes/improvement. I don’t hate this shot, anyhow.

Anyhow, this shoot is all about the panty bulge and the nipple pumping, obviously, and I think those are both things that a lot of my fans and friends enjoy, right? I know I do. Bulges are sooo cool. One of my favorite instagram accounts is Worldclitfitness, which is a female bodybuilder site that focuses on shots that show off the bulge. You should totally follow it if you love the bulge (and follow me, too, of course!)

Rikochan's erect nipples

Mmm, pumped nipples. During a break in the middle of the pumping session. You have to take some breaks to play with the parts under suction, and also so that you don’t get blisters…

I have to shoot something especially for them soon, they’re particular about the kinds of shots they like to publish, and I don’t quite have the right shot for them yet. I’m really hoping to get a shot on there someday soon, though!

End of Part I…Part II is coming soon!


  1. Nice Riko loved the bulge and I loved pumped nipples can’t wait for part ll

  2. Riko with this pumped body and that protruding clitoris in this yellow lingo and just horny that I feel for you a delight.

    • rikochan

      April 1, 2018 at 12:49 pm

      Hehe, I wish it was protruding even more in these shots. I need a softer looser kind of panty to get a better bulge shot…

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