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New Rikochan Video: Long Clit, Tall Boots

Rikochan's big black leather knee-high boots

I hope you like my big boots as much as I do.

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that I have a new video up on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan: Long Clit, Tall Boots! It’s nothing fancy, just a sort of basic (for me) solo porn clip. Well, mostly solo, anyhow–Kraka’s hands show up in black gloves a few times, as usual! I hope you enjoy these vidcaps as much as I enjoyed making the movie (doubtful!), and I hope you’ll consider buying the video. I’m really pushing my videos right now, because all the money goes back into making more video, and I really, really want to pay some exciting talent to be in them! N0t everyone can afford to work for trades, you know!

Buy Now

Rikochan's big long clit with the hood pulled back

Look at my big clit with the hood pulled back…

What it mostly is is about 11 minutes of me in my tallest, mosst fetishy knee-high Doc Martens boots and fishnets and a corset really pumping the hell out of my long clitoris and making it longer and fatter and more sensitive and crazily cock-like! Anyone who’s into clit pumping should love all the closeup action.

Pumping my clit

I love to pump my clit over and over again, making it bigger and bigger.

Seriously, you can count the wrinkles and crinkles on my clit hood, it’s so close up! You’ll feel like the glans is going to jump out of the screen and poke you in the eye! A few people requested to see me actually using the pump, instead of someone else using it on me, or having the pump itself be offscreen. Not sure why…maybe they think I’m too passive otherwise, or maybe I don’t really like it? Well, I use it on myself here, because I LOVE it!

Clit pumping: before

Before pumping my clit

I think if you haven’t ever seen my clit pumping in action this one will freak you out a little. It’s pretty freaky. My clit seriously looks like a little cock here, even before it gets super pumped up. I’ve been pumping a lot lately, so it’s always swollen these days. Plus I got some amazing oral right before I started shoot to, you know, get in the mood.

After pumping my clit

Pumping my clit: after

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really been able to get a good “before” picture. Even the before pumping pictures are basically always before my fluffer gets at my clitty to get me into the mood and ready to go! I can be a slow starter, actually, and that’s kind of boring on film. I know, I know, some of you really want to see the journey from completely soft to completely transwoman she-dick girl cock in one clip. Someday, I promise!

Rikochan's clit is bigger than some cocks

My clit is bigger than some cocks, I’m todl

In any case, I think most of my hard-core big clit fans will be pretty happy with the results. I don’t think my big long clit has ever been fatter, harder, or meatier. Of course, I often think that when I see it on video. Holy crap! It’s huge! It’s so big! It looks like a cock! It’s bigger than ever! I hope my fans will let me know if they think this is the biggest ever or if that’s just me having a little moment of shock at seeing just how big I can get…

Rikochan's fat clit

Look at my fat clit…it’s much fatter than a finger. This is my fattest tube right now, bigger than the one in the picture above.

Anyhow, I really think you’ll like the clip, and I promise to use the proceeds to buy more gear and hire more people and make better, sexier, and more extreme videos of my big long clit and my sexy adventures! Let me know if you want to see more vidcaps from this shoot..I’ve got plenty, but this post seemed like it was getting overloaded.

Rikochan's Long Clit is also far

Looks at this monster! It would fill up your mouth…or your pussy, or your cock’s stretched out peehole, or…

Rikochan Interviews Kinky Gaga

Kinky Gaga sexy in stockings

I would love to play Kinky Gaga’s beautiful dancer’s body… [Photo by Richard Ramos, used with permission of Kinky Gaga]

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, you should!) you know that I’ve been chatting (and flirting) a lot with the super-cool fetish model and indie porn actress Kinky Gaga! There’s even some talk of us getting together to shoot next year (more on that soon!). Anyhow, she’s just so interesting that I thought I would try something that I haven’t really done much of on, an actual interview!

Talking With Kinky Gaga

I was really lucky, because Kinky Gaga has a lot a to say, and it’s pretty sexy, too…she talks about everything from creampies to female bodybuilding to Magic: the Gathering! For more on Kinky Gaga, you can follow her on Twitter and I highly recommend checking out her manyvids studio. She’s in the top 10 there, and it’s easy to see why with all the squirting, femdom, BDSM and more!


Rikochan: How did you get into porn? How long have you been doing it? What are the best and worst parts of porn or the porn lifestyle for you?

Kinky Gaga: I started doing some part-time modeling back in 2008. The stuff I shot back then was very tame compared to what I do now and I was new to the modeling world. In 2010, I became unemployed as a paralegal which gave me the opportunity to transition into being a fetish model, which is something I’ve always admired and been curious of ever since I was a young girl.

How I got into porn was, again, out of curiosity in my own sexual expression, definition and identity as well as timing. I say timing because a photographer friend of mine started a BDSM lesbian-themed site and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I said yes! From there the rest is history.

Kinky Gaga gorgeous hair

She’s so pretty…I just want to run my fingers through that gorgeous hair! [Photo by Perry Gallagher, used with permission of Kinky Gaga]


Rikochan: I’ve seen you doing everything on your Manyvids store from squirting to three ways to creampies to facesitting to being disciplined to kicking guys right in the balls! What’s your favorite kind of video to make and why? Any kind of video you don’t like making?

Kinky Gaga: My favorite kind of movie to make is where everyone is having fun. If everyone is enjoying the shoot and there’s chemistry with everyone on and off screen, you will have a better product to sell in the end. I absolutely LOVE creampies. I love the feeling of my pussy squeezing the hell out of a throbbing thick cock and having it shoot its load deep inside me. Best feeling in the world to me. I said thick cock’s because a thicker cock always feels better. Charlie is a VERY lucky guy to have a lady who wants to be filled with cum all the time. My favorites are also squirting, face sitting, and doing Femdom stuff. Whatever I’m in the mood for, that’s what I film.

But the thing that I will not shoot is facials. I don’t like them and I feel that it’s disrespectful to women. Guys, don’t waste you cum on a girl’s chin, fill her pussy up, dammit!


Rikochan: I understand you’re getting into bodybuilding, yay! Can you tell me a little about that? Is it for personal fitness or for porn’s sake or both? What are your goals? How big do you want to get? Who’s got your ideal physique? Are you planning to do muscle worship sessions, or just video?

Kinky Gaga: YES! I decided to become a female bodybuilder, or FBB, for short. I’m doing this because my porn career as far as mainstream side is concerned is dead in the water. I haven’t had any work from a mainstream porn company for almost 2 years now. So I need to change something. I doing the building to re-invent myself as a fit female body builder who is also a femdom. I’m also doing this because I’ve had an interest in it and I want to do it.

My goal is to have the body and muscle like Brazilian bodybuilder Gal Yates. That’s my goal, to have a body exactly like hers. She’s my inspiration for doing this journey. I would love to meet her and workout with her. Wouldn’t mind having sex with her too. hehe : ) I will do muscle worship sessions but that will be later, in the future, because I just started. Since I’m already a professional Dominatrix, doing muscle worship sessions and videos will compliment each other.

Kinky Gaga in bondage

Kinky Gaga showing off her kinky side with a little light BDSM. Love the nipple clamps. [Photo by Michael Helms, used with permission of Kinky Gaga]


Rikochan: Speaking of athleticism, I read somewhere that you were a trained ballerina! Do you still dance? Most women in this industry do all sorts of jobs besides having sex on camera. What else do you do for business or for fun?

Kinky Gaga: Yes, you are correct, I am a ballerina and I did dance professionally. Back in 2003 when I was 19, I traveled to New York City because I was hired as a dancer for the Joffery Ballet company. Unfortunately, I had to give up my dancing because of knee and lower back injuries that caused me to not be able to dance at one hundred percent. I’m a performance artist and consider myself a creative person who needs to be doing something artistic in order to be content in life. If I dance, it’s only for my personal enjoyment or if I’m giving instruction.

People are surprised when I tell them that I’m also a certified paralegal for the state of California. I do some paralegal work here and there whenever I can get it. I also do some volunteer work for non-profit organizations that save kitties and doggies and any other animals. But at night, especially if it’s a Friday night. Charlie are I play Magic the Gathering. We’re nerds.


Rikochan: We might shoot together next year! What kinds of girl/girl videos do you want to do together? Have you ever played with a big clit before?

Kinky Gaga: As for us, I’ve never played with a woman with a big clit so that will be fun. I’d totally do some clit pumping on you to start. Then I will tie you up with rope and use a Hitachi wand to force you to cum and squirt. Then I’ll get naked and we can both squirt all over each other.

But I really want to have sex with you. Strap-ons, fingering, kissing…the whole works. With your big clit and my big lips, we have to trib or scissor our pussies together. I want to grind my pussy on yours. So we need to fuck each other when/if we meet. I know that Charlie wants to have fun with you too. If you’re up for a creampie, Charlie would be more than happy to do that, but after we dominate him and peg him. : )

Kinky Gaga sucks cock!

I had to put in at least one hardcore picture! After all, her name is Kinky Gaga! [Photo used by permission of Kinky Gaga]

Dem Delts for Muscle Monday

Dem delts...Rikochan shows off her guns

I think you can see some delt growth under all the fat. If you look really hard!

Before I get into Muscle Monday (and dem delts!) I just wanted to say that I’m so glad so many of you were excited by the news that I’m going to be shooting with Yuka Ozaki, and even happier at all the comments and suggestions you left! You can can follow Yuka on Twitter, too, if you’re interested in learning more about her. Please, please, please go leave suggestions for our video! We’d love to hear what you want to see. If we can’t get everything into the first video, I’m really hoping we’ll be making more than one!

Dem Delts, Tho

But today you’re here for Muscle Monday! I did a ton of upper body work this weekend, and I’m actually starting to see some real changes in my delts, lately, to the point where it’s freaking me out a little. I kind of can’t stop flexing while I touch them, to feel how hard and round they are, to the point where I’ve had people catch me doing it at work! It’s mostly good, but it is frustrating that things are starting to not fit again, partly because my muscles are growing and my shape is changing, and partly because I’ve got such a thick layer of fat over everything. I’m sleek like a seal. Winter is coming!

Rikochan flexes dem delts as well as her lats. Or at least she tries...

A little more posing for delts. And I’m starting to get a tiny V taper, too, maybe. I’m terrible at getting everything flexed at once, though!

I am definitely still into building muscle, but I really need to get better control over my body fat situation; I don’t want to be doing the bulk and cut thing so much, at least not where bulking means fat, if you know what I mean. I want to just be on a slow but steady pace of growth.

In fact, my growth is very slow. I’m sure some of you are shaking your heads at my little shoulders and saying “what delts?” But you have to remember I come from a place where any little tiny muscle is considered manly. Even men in Japan mostly have smaller muscles than I do right now. Seriously, all of the Japanese men at my office have less muscle than I do, and all of them are on diets to get smaller. One little side note: that weird white stuff on my back is just lotion. Apparently it was pretty much invisible to the eye, but the flash made it appear.

That said, I am crazy excited at some of the changes I am seeing. My thighs are rock-hard to the touch, and I’m starting to get veins popping out the whole length of my arms despite how fluffy I am. If I ever manage to lean out I’m going to be super vascular, I think.

Dem delts are not really showing up so much here, but the boobs are!

I think you can see a little bit of muscle separation happening in my right delt (on the left side of the picture). Or maybe I’m imagining it. But I thought you all might enjoy the boobs, any case!

Two of the pictures today are from last night, and the other one, the one in the mask just above, is from a week ago. It doesn’t really show much in the way of muscle, but I think you can see just a slight hint of a separation in one of my delts. Maybe? Anyhow, I thought it was a fun picture. I think there’s at least a little pec thing going on, since that slight curve where the cleavage would be is definitely muscle and not boob…my boobs are shrinking!

Anyhow, just a quick post today, sorry…hope you liked the pictures, anyhow!


Welcome Yuka Ozaki to!

Yuka Ozaki is going to make porn with Rikochan!

Isn’t Yuka pretty? What a cute bum, and I think I have to try some ruffled panties like these, too!

Hey everyone! I said I would do better at keeping you all up to date on what’s going on with me, so I’m writing you a really short post about something very cool that happened to me today (Saturday, as I write this). I made a new friend: Yuka Ozaki! Yes, she’s Japanese. I got to talk about porn in Japanese today, with a Japanese girl! Why were we talking abOUT porn? Because we’re going to make some together! I’m so excited!

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to arrange some new shoots for a while now, and most of the people I want to shoot with have either disappeared or are in LA (like Kinky Gaga) or in the South (like Mohagany Muscles), and have no solid plans to come to NY now, and I’m not going anywhere else for at least the rest of the year, unless there is some kind of emergency. I’ve been too busy! There are lots of other amazing people I’m talking to about shooting with, but Gaga and Mo are the girls I’ve been talking to the most in the past couple weeks…

Anyhow, a very good friend of mine knows I’m looking for a nice girl to shoot for and she worked with Yuka and thought we might be a good match, so I went into the city and met her. I have to say, I hope she didn’t think I was too much of a zombie, because I was out pretty much all night the night (a party for a friend who had been sick but got better) before and then got home, went straight to the gym and from there to lunch and then got my hair cut and then ran down to meet her.

Yuka Ozaki is gorgeous

Yuka gives good face…I’m hoping she also gives good oral, because I’m really looking forward to my first girl/girl oral scene…

The Beautiful Yuka Ozaki

I hope she didn’t think I was too burned out, because I really like Yuka! I think maybe she’s a little shy, but she seems very kind and sweet, and she has a gorgeous big smile! Also, she’s tiny! So cute and little but also sexy at the same time. I’m going to feel like the She-Hulk next to her, which is weird for me. The other times I’ve worked with girls, I was always the small one! When I shot for SheMuscle, Ashlee (who I would love to shoot with again!) and Milinda used me as a weight to squat! I bet I could squat Yuka. I know I could deadlift her, that’s for sure. I bet she’s not even five feet tall!

It’s going to be so much fun to shoot with her! It’s going to be my first real vanilla girl/girl shoot. I’m hoping we shoot together a lot, if we both have fun, but we’re going to start simple, I think. Although she has more “real” porn experience than I do, in some ways, she mostly did some b/g stuff that is a little rougher than I like. On the other hand, I don’t even do b/g porn! So maybe she’s a little less shy and innocent than she seems…which is just fine with me.

Girl/Girl, Japanese Style

Still, this will be her first time working with girls at all, and her first time getting to play with a big clit, too! She said she was looking forward to that, which made me really happy. And I’m pretty sure her first time working with a female bodybuilder, though that didn’t come up. I think Icould see her checking out my muscles, though. That made me feel really good.

We have tentatively scheduled a shoot for about two weeks from now. I’m so excited! Time to really crack down on my diet for a while, though… I want to look as sexy as I can for Yuka! She’s got the tiny/cute thing going on that I just don’t, so I will want to be in the best possible shape I can be. That’s *my* sexy!

I can’t wait to share more about Yuka Ozaki over the next couple weeks, including an interview I’m planning, and more pictures, of course! In the meanwhile, I’ll be hitting the gym extra hard and imagining Yuka kissing her way up my thigh toward my impatiently throbbing clit!

What Should I Do With Yuka?

My request to everyone who’s reading this is: let me know what you want to see in an all-Japanese girl/girl big-clit FBB video! I can’t promise it’ll all make it into the first shoot, but I really, really want to know what you’d like to see me do to/with Yuka Ozaki! The more ideas I have to work with, the better. She tells me that she is very ticklish…

Okay I’m going to set this to publish on Sunday morning! Good night everyone!

FBB Friday: Rikochan in Briefs

Rikochan shows off her FBB Friday ass and legs in briefs

I’ve been practicing sexy posing a little. Apparently I stand and walk “like a dude,” so I’m working on showing off the booty a little more…

Hi everyone! Typing away frantically today on the train. I just finished my workout (HIIT cardio), doing my best to get in better shape for a future Muscle Monday, and for future porn shooting, of course! I was thinking of saving these pictures for next Monday, but, what the hell, maybe instead I’ll revive an old feature on Rikochanpornstar: FBB Friday!

I honestly didn’t think I would have time to post anything here today, but since I haven’t been able to post for the past couple of days, I was determined to at least get something published because I used my writing time on Wednesday to go to a meeting where I found out more about a girl I might shoot with soon! Thursday the only useful thing I did was go to the gym and lift like crazy. Still sore! But then I do that most days. Oh well, I promised to keep you guys updated a little better, and that seems worth mentioning on an FBB Friday. Oh, I also decided to re-sign with my trainer. He’s really been helping me. Money is super-tight, but I think it’s worth it. I really need to start selling more videos or finding some other way to support my fitness addiction. It’s expensive! I don’t know about using gofundme just for training, though. Tasteless? Pointless? I need a sponsor! But I so don’t deserve one, unfortunately. Well, these are the kinds of things you think about on FBB Friday!

Rikochan's FBB Friday Muscular calves

Finally, a new muscular calves close-up for the many, many, many of you who’ve been begging for one! I think they are a little smaller right now, though. 🙁

Anyhow, my meeting went very well, and I found a lot about her from my friend who is basically the producer and casting director. I shouldn’t post the girl’s name or pictures here until I ask her, but I can tell you I’ve seen pictures and video of her, and she is really sexy! She’s done some real porn, which is really, really exciting! Not super mainstream, but, still, very cool. Most of the people I have worked with don’t really do porn except for occasional shoots (like me) so the clips can be hard to film and a little awkward and sometimes people aren’t as into some of the things you’d hoped to shoot as you might like. This girl has done some crazy gonzo porn, though, so anything I am likely to ask her to do will probably seem like nothing much! If it seems like it will work out, I’ll get some pictures to post and some video to embed! I don’t want to jinx it though, so I’ll keep it secret for now. I’m supposed to meet her on Saturday, so I hope to have more to tell you this weekend, or by Monday at the latest!

FBB Friday from Facebook

Here’s a bonus picture for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook. Why Don’t you follow me on Facebook?

FBB Friday Reborn!

Another reason I’m not going to post her stuff is here I that I  want to keep this post sort of PG-13ish so I can share it on Facebook. I figure I might as well, since the today’s shots are, strangely, mostly safe for work. I hope you like them! I am branching out into different kinds of underwear and lingerie, and I kind of love these shorts or briefs or whatever they are that I got last time I was at Urban Outfitters. It’s weird how the most expensive, elaborate stuff sometimes doesn’t shoot well, and the simple, inexpensive pieces sometimes just look great. Anyhow, I worked on posing a lot the day I shot this picture, and I’m pretty happy with how my ass looks here. I’ve been told I pretty much walk and stand like a guy, so I’ve been trying to work on that a little. I’m not going to change my day-to-day walking and standing style, but I am trying to be more conscious about how I hold myself. I’m not at all one of those people who believes that “feminine” is a meaningful word, but I do understand that it’s fun to be able to embrace different kinds of sexiness, and sticking your ass ass out isn’t one I’ve been good at, so I thought I would practice it for FBB Friday. How did my first try go?

I’ve been working a lot harder on my upper body lately, and I think my calves have actually gotten smaller, maybe, partly as a result of losing fat (I think I get a lot of calf fat) and partly just because I am doing more balanced training. But maybe it’s time to start training them a little harder again, huh? Note that these pics are from August. Muscle Monday I’m hoping will only be progress pictures from the previous weekend. FBB Friday is going to be…whatever. It might not even be me!

Hope you like FBB Friday! I don’t know if I can keep up both this and Muscle Monday, but I’ll try! Any specific requests for either of these, please let me know!


PS: Check out the my friend Kinky Gaga‘s clips store! She’s not the woman I’m talking about in the post above, but, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve also been chatting about shooting together the next time she gets out to NYC! She’s a gorgeous, sexy, smart alt/indie porn actress and a squirter, too! Lots of possibilities for Rikochan videos these days…

Big Clit Shots Return To Rikochanpornstar

Rikochan's black and white big clit shot

Are big clits as nice in black and white or do you need to see the pink? (Click all the pics to see them at full size, as always!)

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I shared any big clit shots, so I thought I had better fix that right away. It’s been almost a month since the last one went up, one of my friends pointed out today! That’s just crazy. So here’s my latest big clit shot, which I took this past Sunday, the same day as the pics in my Muscle Monday post yesterday. Hope you like it!

I’m kind of on a black and white kick lately, but I obviously need better tools and skills for digital black and white photography. My friend Mayumism takes amazing b&w erotica shots; I need to get her to give me another Photoshop lesson! It’s amazing what you can learn from a real pro, even just from spending a little time with them.

Rikochan's gender-bending big clit shot

How much does my big clit look like a little cock? Does it make you feel strange to look at it, knowing that whichever you like better, clit or cock, it also looks a little bit like the other one?

While I’m typing, I thought I’d share a little good-news secret with you, too. I’m going to try to work on RCPS content every day for the rest of the year. While I’ll be posting a lot more, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be posting here every day, although I have enough images to post 20 a day here without running out. Sometimes it might mean editing videos or shooting or having meetings.

For example, I’m having another production meeting tomorrow, with a friend who’s going to introduce me to a new girl I might be able to shoot with (the non-bodybuilder I was planning to work with this coming weekend seems to be a no-go for some reason), so there might be an Ass Wednesday post this week. Sorry! I think you already got your Ass Wednesday picture on Monday!

In this big clit shot, Kraka pinches Rikochan's clitty til she screams

I love it when he pinches my big clit, harder and harder, until the pleasure is just starting to cross over into pain…

So I might not post every day, but I promise I’ll be doing *something*, at least, and I promise that I will do my very best to tell you about it all in blog posts. It’ll help me to be accountable here, and I hope it will be entertaining, too! And, I’ve been a lot more active on Facebook and Twitter lately, too, so if you’re really curious about what’s up with me, you can check me out there!

I know, I’m terrible at keeping resolutions, but things have turned around for me a bit lately, and there’s nothing planned for me for the rest of the year. If anything else does come up, I’m determined that that stuff will have to work itself around my schedule, instead of the other way around. I’ve been pretty good about keeping my gym prioritized during all the craziness, now I just have to get better about prioritizing my porn!

Muscle Monday

Rikochan's back on Muscle Monday

I think my back is getting a little bigger! I think if I can just lean out a little more there will be an xmas tree under there…

Hi everyone! I skipped the gym today because of a work emergency, but I’ve been working really hard lately, lifting heavy and often and trying to get more rest so that I can grow. I’m definitely still eating to grow, when I’m really meant to be eating to cut, which is a bit of a problem, but there are worse problems, I guess. I thought I would try to start a regular weekly (or at least occasional) feature here: Muscle Monday!

Rikochan's upper body for Muscle Monday

My upper body is finally beginning to catch up to my legs, I think. I’ve got some traps!

The idea is to post more progress pictures and to do it more regularly. I guess if I was really serious about progress pictures I’d be posting standard poses so I could compare change from week to week, and–who knows–maybe I’ll get there eventually. I hope you guys will not mind me posting more-random shots like these in the meanwhile. I think some of them are ok, anyhow, as pictures, if not really as progress pictures.

Rikochan's pecs on Muscle Monday

My shape is changing, but sooo sloooowly.

Muscle Monday Stats

I can at least add a little bit of information for at least a tiny bit of accountability, though. I’ll try to include at least a few numbers every time. These pictures were taken last night, October 18, 2015, and I weighed about 148 pounds. For now, my goal is to lose 10 pounds. Of course, I’ve been stuck here near this weight for a while, thanks to endless traveling and guests and so on. I can’t really blame anyone else for my failure to move my weight, of course, and, honestly, I’m pretty happy that I managed to maintain, even if I couldn’t lose. It’s been a very tough month or so.

Rikochan's butt and boots.

For the boot–and butt–fans out there.

The good news is that I think that weight actually includes a little more muscle! I’m really excited to see that maybe my upper body is finally starting to catch up to my lower body! I don’t know if it shows up in these pictures or not, but my shirts are getting tighter in the shoulder, and I can definitely see some traps once in a while. And I’ve gotten comments on my arms, too! Kraka got several “Your wife’s biceps are going to be bigger than yours,” comments recently, which I was afraid would annoy him, but actually, of course, made him very happy. He’s a huge fan of me getting huge, so that helps! And it’s not true anyhow, he asks me to say. 😉

Anyhow, hopefully this will be a regular or semi-regular thing. And I promise…more big clits soon!

Nipple Pumping Rikochan

Nipple Pumping is Rikochan's favorite sex play!

I love to pump my nipples until they swollen like udders. If only milk would come!

I know, I know, most of you are here for my big clit, and the last post was of how happy I am that my ass is getting thicker, and now here’s a post that’s all nipples and nipple pumping! Sorry, but, you know, not sorry, too! 😉

Nipple Pumping: Best Thing Ever

Nipple pumping is one of the best things in the world. It might be as cool looking or as outrageous and outre as my big clit and big clit pumping, but, honestly, it’s at least as important to me in real life as pumping my big bean. Part of it is that it just feels so. damn. good. In fact, nipple pumping often feels better than clit pumping. I mean, if I had to pick. They are both so good that it’s kind of an academic point, of course…sort of like a how one infinity can be bigger than another infinity. (Yes, I am a math nerd.)

If you don’t have a big clit that you can pump, I don’t know if you can ever know exactly what that pressure near to bursting, that storm of nerves firing without end, that fierce caress of suction. I don’t think you can ever really understand it. But there is a different pleasure to pumping nipples, and one that I suspect many more women (and maybe men, I don’t know) can experience. It may be a little bit less toe curlingly, tooth grindingly intense, but it’s not the least bit less strong…just different.

Rikochan's pumped nipple

Close up on my fat, stretched, sensitive nipple!

There seems to be a more-direct pathway to the arousal parts of the brain. If I’m only a little bit excited and you touch my clit, it feels like nothing. If I’m even the tiniest bit aroused and you touch my nipples, on the other hand, it’s sort of like you zapped me with the cattle-prod of pleasure. I’m likely to jump, buck, moan, gasp, and otherwise react completely involuntarily. And that’s the best kind of use of the word “involuntary.” If you skip my nipples and head straight for my clit, there’s a decent chance I won’t even ever get aroused. I’ll just get annoyed and uncomfortable and stuck in my head, which is the place that I have to escape to enjoy sex.

My nipples, on the other hand…Well.

The Key to Me

My nipples are the key to everything. Of course, this assumes that I’m happy and excited and into you in some way or other, whether it’s on a comfortable level or on a good-nervous type of anticipation and terror as I try something new. That’s a given. But, if I am into this happening, there’s nothing better that you can do. Kissing is just okay, honestly, and I do like it when you run my fingers through my hair and grab my ass and run your fingers up and and down my thighs and belly, but the real switch that you’ll want to flip eventually is touching my nipples, brushing them gently, almost as if by accident. And then more assertively. And then tweaking them. And then pinching them. And then harder. And the sucking and biting and pinching and pulling and stretching and pinching, again, but HARDER. Honestly, they are so sensitive sometimes that I suspect I’d have this response even if I wasn’t into it, which is something that I’ve had fantasies about, too. (And that’s only for fantasies.)

Rikochanpornstar's pumped nipples

This is how my nipples look after a little pumping!

The thing about nipples is that once they are truly stimulated, it’s almost impossible to pinch them too hard. Yes, clamps can be too hard, but a good pinch, if you work up to it, you can do it as hard as you like, and it’s just going to make me start shaking and groaning.

The same is true, only more so, with nipple pumping. While you have to be very careful not to get blisters while pumping your clit (I’ve done it a couple of times), nipples are obviously for sucking. I’ve never really been able to over-suck mine. The pleasure just keeps increasing as you apply more and more suction and they stretch and grow.  I think the extreme sensitivity to pleasure and the fact that nipples are the gateway to arousal maybe has something to do with the fact that biologically they are made to be sucked, maybe we’ve actually evolved to find being sucked and nursing pleasurable. I don’t know, but I suspect. It would explain that incredibly primitive, instinctive response I get to nipple pumping, anyhow.

The Lacation Expectation

To answer the question I know I’ll get: No, I’ve never been able to bring on the milk. Just a few drops or even, a few times a teaspoon or so of clear fluid over the course of several hours of nipple pumping. I’ve tried the herbs, too. And yes, I know about domperidone/motillium. I’ve seriously considering taking the meds, but I think the side effects are too worrying. But, you never know. If nipple pumping is already this exciting, how much more so would it be with lactation? I dream about it all the time. Any of my fans and friends who’ve ever experienced lactation and made it part of their sex play, I’d love, love, love to hear from you!


PS: More big clits soon!

Rikochan’s Thick Ass In Progress

Rikochan's asstastic by Mayumism

I want a thick ass and legs so bad…

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to tell you how excited I am to post this picture of me by Mayumism! It’s not so often that I feel like a work of art, but when I see Mayumi’s pictures of me, I do! This was supposed to be an Ass Wednesday post, but I’m so incredibly slow and lame, that here I am a week and a half later posting it on a Sunday, but I guess no one will really mind, right?

Thick ass of Rikochan

My thick ass and legs! Well, getting thick, anyhow…

There’s a special reason why this picture makes me so happy. Unless you grew up as a flat-butt Asian girl who desperately wanted to have an ass, you probably can’t imagine how exciting it is to see a picture of yourself where you have, if not a badonkadonk, then at least a booty! And a picture like the one at the top, that positively objectifies my bum? Pure heaven!

Rikochan works her FBB glutes

Working my muscular glutes

I mean, it may not be a juicy double, but I think it might qualify as a juicy single, at least. For me, it represents literally hundreds of hours and thousands of sets of squats, deadlifts, thrusts and more, working day after day after day at the gym to build up my rump!

Rikochan contracting her glutes

Squeeze your ass as hard as you can if you want it to get tighter and bigger…

If I could get my fat to go to my booty and not my belly, I’d be eating twice as much as I do now, but I am not genetically gifted in that way. My (relatively) “easy” muscle tends to be more in my calves, which I used to actually cry about when I was much younger.

Rikochan lifting weights!

RDL and rows working the whole back side of my body

Eating more just gives me an old-lady pooch. I don’t even get muffin top, really, which would be a step up. Nope, straight to that old lady does-she-not-do-sit-ups-or-is-she-pregnant-but-no-it’s-the-wrong-shape pooch. I mean, if I had it because I’d destroyed my abs carrying twins or something, but, no, it’s just bad genes.

Rikochan ass up head down

Head down ass up is a good kind of workout, too. Here I’m down

So I can only come by an ass through lots of hard work. And only a specific kind of hard work: weights! When I was a cardio bunny, my butt got even flatter, I went from the dread Asian flat butt to the even flatter distance-runner’s butt.

Squeeze those glutes!

Here I’m up

Butt, no more! These days I still have a long before I reach the coveted high-round-shelf-butt-you-could-rest-a-glass-on ass. Butt I’m a lot closer than I ever have been. I hope you enjoy my bum and I’d love to hear what you think!

Big Clit Erection, Pink Panty Stretchin’

FBB Rikochan's big clit erection

Judging by the messages, comments, and email I get, there are a lot people out there fantasizing about big clit erections making tents in panties. Here’s a little something to help!

Since it seems like yesterday’s throwback Thursday post was so popular, I thought you guys my like this clit erection shot as an extra bonus throwback!

Big Clit Erection Curiosity

I get a lot of people writing in to ask if my big clit gets in the way when I am just living my normal life and I usually say no, because that’s usually true. But. It’s not the whole truth.

Usually I am a compartmentalized, locked-down person. When I am at work, I’m working, not thinking about sex. When I am at the gym, I’m thinking about working out. When I’m having sex or shoot video or photos, then I am thinking about sex and fucking and how much my clit aches with the need to be touched.

But there are times, very rare times, when I do suddenly feel myself getting a bit…excited in a non-sexy situation. It’s almost always something that sneaks up on me, something that somehow sneaks it way through my ability to compartmentalize my life.

Training Trouble

For instance, although I had a very hot woman trainer once, with killer legs and ass sculpted by lifting, I never had any trouble around her, even though she was a very touchy, hands-on kind of trainer. But this one time, at band camp…No, but seriously, one time I was benching and she was spotting me, and she leaned down to adjust my form, and her amazing big boobs were right in my face, and even though they were, as always, contained by a powerful sports bra, I could see just a hint of nipple. At the same time, I was breathing very hard, through the nose, out through the mouth, and I could smell not only her very faint perfume, but also her own natural smell. And that was all it took.

I don’t know if she was excited, or ovulating, or what, but that one deep hit of her and I was suddenly powerfully and embarrassingly horny. Like, my heart started hammering and my face got all red, to the point that she asked me if I was ok, which of course just made it worse. I could feel my clitty getting hard, and the particular pair of yoga pants I was wearing had a tendency to ride up and give me a cameltoe! The more I thought about it, and her, the bigger and harder my big clit erection got. This was made all the worse by the fact that I had pumped it like crazy the night before.  I spent the rest of the session holding a towel in front of my crotch like a teenage boy! I eventually took a pee break and went and pinched it to make it go down! I wanted so badly to jerk off right there in the bathroom, but I was afraid my face would get so red she’d be worried I was going to have a stroke!

Office Romance

I guess it’s not too surprising or inappropriate to have sexy thoughts when you’re working your body and everyone is all beautiful and dressed in body-conscious gym clothes. But that’s not at all the situation I was in yesterday when I was chatting with gorgeous FBB MohaganyMusclez yesterday about a shoot we’re trying to schedule for SheMuscle. (Yay, fingers crossed!). Oh, my…sitting right there at my desk, we got into a Twitter DM session talking about what our video might be like, and what our limits were, and what kinds of things we liked…well, I had basically the same reaction I had with my trainer, although luckily I wasn’t wearing yoga pants! I felt my face getting red, and my clit, it was literally throbbing. I kept crossing my legs and squeezing it, over and over again. I seriously was working myself up to come right there at my desk. I didn’t tll Mo I was that excited, because we just “met” and I was trying to keep it a little bit cool. I guess the secret is out now, though!

It wasn’t even like we were exactly sexting (although we did exchange some pictures to illustrate a few points), but MM is so sweet and sexy and flat-out gorgeous, and I was just imagining so hard what it would be like to maybe shoot a D/s video with her that it just sort of got out of hand in my head! I was so lucky half the office is out because of Japanese holidays and Pope-related travel problems. The only bad thing was that right in the middle of the chat, I had to go to a big, boring staff meeting. And, I have Twitter on my phone. And we kept chatting during the meeting. And someone called on me during the meeting, and I was totally busted not paying attention, and let’s just say my face wasn’t red from embarrassment. And my big clit erection certainly didn’t have anything to do with the meeting, either!

That second one is a much-bigger deal for me, because it made me realize just how exited I am to be getting back to shooting again! Anything that makes me have a big clit erection right in the middle of my day job…that’s got to be a good thing, right, even if it is a little bit inconvenient and embarrassing?

By the way, if you want to see the beautiful MohaganyMusclez in action, you can catch her camming over at MuscleGirlzLive!


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