New Video: Black Boots, Big Clitoris, Black Corset

big clitoris of rikochan

It’s been a while since I shared new pictures of my clitty! I hope you like them! Click on all the pics in this post to see full-sized versions of my full size clit!

Hey everyone!I have a good excuse to share a bunch of pictures today–I have a newish video, called Black Boots, Big Clit, Black Corset, Part I, and I took even more screen grabs than normal. I couldn’t narrow them down enough, so I decided to just post a ton of them. All the big clitoris and pumping and boob play screens in this post are pulled directly from that clip, which seems to be getting popular among my fans.

Rikochan Japanese amateur nipples

There’s plenty of boob play in this video, and my nipples are rock hard the whole time.

Also, I have to admit, I know that I’ve I’ve been terrible about getting new pictures out there, and I’m worried that some of you may have forgotten about me, or lost interest, or moved on to other women with a big clitoris…Yes there are more of us out there! Actually, more all the time, which is great. While I sometimes worry that I won’t seem as special any more (yes, I am only human), I am mostly very, very happy to see them all.

Rikochan nipples

I got such a nice response in my last post, which was (mostly) all boobs that I’m posting more!

Big Clitoris Pride

I think that lately women who are naturally well endowed aren’t so ashamed to share their anatomy, which, I have done even a little bit to encourage, makes me super crazy proud and happy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong–and so much that’s right–with a big clitoris, and I’m very proud of even the very small amount I have done to spread the word about the beauty of big clits.

Rikochan's great big clit

I can only play with my nipples for so long before I have to reach for my clit, though!

Big Clitorises and FBBs

I think there’s also a nice upswelling of people–men and women–who are interested in strong women, and bodybuilders in particular. Ryan Takahashi has a great blog about having a female muscle fetish, if you’re interested in looking into  that world a bit. As many of you know, one of the side effects of bodybuilding and the steroids that some women take to do it can be to cause enlargement of the clitoris. I don’t think I’m revealing a big secret to say that that can be the case.

Big clit squirting

It really doesn’t take much for me to squirt anymore. In fact, it’s hard *not* to squirt. It’s not the best shot, but you can see that I’m gushing here!

That said, don’t assume that every FBB who has a big clitoris took steroids, nor that every bodybuilder takes them (many do not) and that even those who do take steroids have big clits. It’s wrong and offensive to act like and assume that you you know what people have done, or that you understand their bodies. Even if you think you know, to talk about something they want to leave private can be really shitty. Try not to be shitty! Personally, I myself am super into female bodybuilders both with and without large clits, and it doesn’t matter one bit to me whether they are naturally occurring or grown with help.

Big clit gushing pussy

Gush aftermath!

Of course, for me, with big clits is the holy grail, regardless of how they got there. I got into this whole fetish and started loving my own big clitoris largely because of the magazines and websites of the fabulous bodybuilder Denise Masino and the excellent photographer and trainer Robert Masino of Muscle Pinups. I can’t give them enough credit for where I have come to today. Both are really trailblazers, and I owe them so much.

Pinching nipples

Mmm, boobs again! I’m pinching my nipples so hard there are almost tears, and it feels…so…good!

Clitoris Enlargement

I also know that there are a lot of women who are actively working on enlarging their clits, through pumping, stretch, and most effectively, through hormone treatments. I can’t tell you how exciting that is to me. Body modification, whether it’s to ornament yourself, to sculpt yourself into a new shape, to make your body’s physical appearance match your inherent gender, or to just plain change yourself into someone or something else, is, to me, the sexiest thing there is.

Nipple pumping

I’m changing my body in big ways and small, and one of my favorite ways is pumping!

Body Modification

The idea that someone can, on a big or small scale, choose to make themselves someone else or to make themselves more in line with how they have always seen themselves, the idea that we don’t have to simple accept the way we are, right now, at this moment, but that we have the power to change it, to me that is a power verging on the magical.

I think that’s why I’ve always loved tattoos (even though they were very taboo when I was a kid in Tokyo), piercings, implants, bodybuilders, plastic surgery shows, and even bimbo-ification. That last one is more to look at than to emulate, for me, but the dedication to it that some people have is crazy hot.

Big clitoris pumping

Even if it’s mostly a temporary modification, there’s nothing more satisfying than pumping my clit!

Trans Beauty, Trans Love

Along the same lines, I also have a huge weakness for transwomen and transguys, at every stage of their journeys, and a lot of that is because I think that taking control of your biological self is fucking amazingly sexy. I’ll be honest, there’s definitely some physical objectification there, but, fuck it, you fiend what you fiend, right? My respect for my trans friends as people is way more important, to me, though the sexual part is very real thing, too. I’m forever checking out Delia DeLions and Jessica Fappit and Natalie Mars online—I admire them all so much, and I lust after them, too! I regularly have people insist I’m a trans woman, and I couldn’t be more flattered than to be in the company of these amazing women.

Growing your clitoris to make it big

Ugh, I love how powerful the suction of my clit pump is!

It’s All About Me

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve gotten off the point here. And the point is: big clitorises! I love them, and I have one, and I love sharing it with you. The idea that you’re looking at it right now, and you’ve got your hand on your cock as it gets hard, or maybe you’re crossing your legs *hard* enough to squeeze your puss and your own clitty, or maybe you’re pinching your nipple with the hand that isn’t working your mouse or holding your phone–that is everything to me.

Long clitoritis

I think my clit is getting longer!

It’s so much more important than I can ever really explain. It’s a huge part of why I write this blog, why I post pictures, and why I make porn. I want people like you to see me, and people like me–the nerdy Japanese girl who thinks too much and loves her strange and amazing body and wants to share it–and I want you to think that me and people like me are so fucking hot that you just can’t help banging one out when you think of us.

Real-life Futanari Clit Cock

I mean…look at how long my futanari clit-cock is!

My Latest Big Clitoris Video!

So, this video. If you like my big clitoris, I think you’re going to like this video, because it has a starring role! I’m wearing my knee-high Docs for the whole thing, and I’m pumping, rubbing and jerking the fuck out of my clit and pussy throughout the video. Oh, and yes, there’s even a little squirting too, though not a huge amount. It’s not my wettest video, but there’s definitely a little gushing…

Fat clitoris glans

My clitoral glans, nice and pumped and fat

There’s also some pretty hot nipple play, including some nice pinching and pumping. I got so much real great feedback and comments and compliments on my recent post about boobs that I decided to try to focus more on my tits, too!

Prominent clitoris

My poor clitty, so sensitive after all this delicious torture that I can hardly stand to touch her!

I hope you liked the pics and I hope you’ll check out the video and post a review on here, or on Twitter or wherever, too, if you’re the type of person who writes!

~Love, Riko



  1. The pumping shots are very sexy. Thanks.

  2. Richard Fraysier

    March 15, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    I love all your big clit and boob pictures, and those showing you with other woman. Your clit has a head very similar to the glans of a penis, and I’ll bet your clit and it’s shaft are bigger than some mens’ penises. I would love to make comparison pictures showing our heads rubbing together. But the photographer would have to be quick on the shutter release, as your uber-sexiness would have me cumming in or on you very quickly.

    • rikochan

      March 15, 2017 at 2:30 pm

      My clit glans is definitely very cock-head like, for sure! I think all clits are, though…it’s just that mine is bigger! I have definitely made some guys come really really fast the first few times we were together! I guess that clit really makes them excited. 🙂

  3. That is really an very good and informative text and of course very hot too ! I have a wish, can you make a video, where we can see, how your clit is swelling. It would be a great thrill to see, how it is growing and yeah in which speed it will happen !! And yes a tiny cock beside your big clit would be a sensation too and you should be the winner !!

    • rikochan

      March 15, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      I really do need to make a start to finish video, or a time-lapse video or something like that! Also, yes, someday I hope to make a video with a micropenis!

  4. Dear Riko,

    I would like to play with ur big flesh ball but i know its impossible so ur amazing clit will make me hard when i will be masturbating !

    • rikochan

      March 15, 2017 at 3:10 pm

      Yes, no sessions for now! Would you watch me if I did cam work, though?

      • Yes I would for sure like to cam Riko I have just read the posts only.yet to look at this post and already hard

  5. Riko every your clitoris and your di vagina are more beautiful and succulent makes me full of hot.

  6. Absolutely amazing, you are a very brave woman. Well done lady

    • rikochan

      March 16, 2017 at 1:17 pm

      Hey, I’m glad you think so! I’m not so brave, though…most of my friends in this business are much braver!

  7. Well done Riko with this post and the topics in it. Couple of good ideas in the comments such as the growing video and micro penis comparison. Keep growing please.

    • rikochan

      March 16, 2017 at 5:39 am

      Yes, and always get interesting ideas from my friends and fans, for sure. I really need to step up my shooting and editing schedule….

  8. O my god Riko this post f#%k rocks I have been following you for years and will never tier of you amazing body YES your body it’s so f#%k hot your back is so beautiful love the muscle there your shoulders and arms and let’s not forget your LEGS HOT HOT HOT, and your booby,s can I say and I know you like big one and that cool when I was young I too liked big boobs but as I get older I really get off on small fit chests and your fits that dam fine,and now for your CLIT OR FUTANARI COCK we all found you for your clit but we stay coz your SUPER COOL
    love your blog and hope we are still chatting in 20 year. I would love to meet you and chat with you clothes on I don’t care just to meet you would be an honour
    Can’t wait for the clip

    • rikochan

      March 16, 2017 at 1:18 pm

      I always love to hear from long-time fans and friends! I love that you love my whole package, as well as my special “package.”



  9. I think your clit cock is getting bigger and, as it grows, you become even sexier !

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