My First Fetish Swimsuit


Hi guys! I was going to save these pics until the video was ready, but, in the interest of keeping my promise to post every day, I thought I’d share these pictures of my sexy swimsuit shoot ahead of time, as a teaser.

This is a sheer white fetishy swimsuit I bought at Ms Life in Tokyo, which is an amazing multistory sex shop with tons of lingerie, costumes, toys, lubes, videos, and more. I loved that store, but the only problem is that almost everything in it except for the super large sizes are just way too small for me. The time before last that I visited Japan, almost everything I bought was so small I couldn’t even get into it, let alone wear it, despite the fact that I bought what I thought was my size.


This last time I went back, I bought the biggest sizes I could find, and at least some of them fit me. Even a lot of the sizes for bigger people didn’t really fit, because they just didn’t allow for my shoulders and back—just bigger belly sizes. I’m just really way to big to live in Japan any more. If I moved back, I would have to travel abroad to get my clothes, or at least have them shipped from abroad.


That was a bit demoralizing, but I at least was able to get one sexy lingerie-style swimsuit, which is really exciting to me, given how much I love the model Swimsuit Succubus, who I patronize on Patreon. I’m so excited to do a shoot inspired by her, even if I don’t have anything like her amazing body!

Anyhow, I shot about 30 or 40 minutes of some seriously sexy masturbation in my new suit, including jerking my clitty through the mesh, playing with a mini vibe, squirting, pumping my clit, and using my Hitachi and a special dildo attachment to come so hard muscles in my back hurt the next day!

I’ll be posting more about this shoot (with more images I shot at the same time) soon, and then, when I can finish the editing, 2 or 3 clips from the shoot!


  1. I like the whole body photos. You have a good one.

  2. Sorry for not leaving a reply for so long have love them all just very busy 🙁
    But can i tell you I just love seeing your BIG SHE COCK in the last two posts
    I would also love to tell you about an encounter I have with a women with a huge She Cock
    if you interested

    • rikochan

      September 14, 2016 at 10:55 am

      Yessss! Please post it here so everyone can read it!

    • Well the Person I had such a great time with is a FTM He Has had an OP on the Breasts but still has a pussy an a Beautiful big She cock.
      I could not stop Sucking it it felt like my whole mouth was full with he throbbing she Cock, pulling back with my fingers to reveal her Glan so as to lick and to lick under all the way up to the Head of such a Big and beautiful she cock.
      we will have many great times together
      Thank you Riko It because of you that I have found my true sexual ID

  3. Dam Riko u are the best I love your work keep me UP

  4. Delicious!!!!

  5. Riko love you
    You continue to cause me to continually have huge errctions

  6. You could never do not wrong in my eyes babe

  7. Fantastic stuff Riko. Your clit is looking bigger and bigger. Id love to see pictures and a video showing you going from soft to fully erect.

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