Rikochan in Muscle Art by Mayumism!

Rikochan in Muscle Art by Mayumism

I don’t think anyone has ever made my legs look better than this!

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to share a few very different pictures of myself! I’m always so excited to be able to work with pros on their projects, according to their vision, and especially when I get to work with Mayumi of Mayumism, shooting a little muscle art!

These pictures are obviously very different from my usual hardcore/gonzo/amateur shots, and that’s a good thing! While I absolutely believe that porn is (or at least can be) an art form, there are all different kinds of art, and it’s nice to show up in a different sort of art–muscle art!  I know some of you will be disappointed that these shots don’t show the goods, but maybe some others will be excited, like I was, by the composition, the photographer’s eye, her and so on. I always feel that way when I shoot with Mayumi.

Rikochan's booty by Mayumi

I don’t usually like shots of my booty, but I approve of this one!

As an added bonus, I’m sure that at least a few of you will be happy because of the legs and feet in the triangular shot…drop me a comment if you liked this one, foot-fetish fans! I’m a little embarrassed by my somewhat jacked-up feet, but every time I post a foot shot, leg art shot, or a booty shot, there are definitely more people than I would expect out there loving them, which always makes me very happy.

Anyhow, I’ve shot several times in the past for Mayumism, and I’ve always had an amazing experience. Mayumi is fun, respectful, funny, and smart person to work with, and she keeps the comfort of the woman she’s shooting (I think she mostly shoots women lately) at the center of everything. Being a model is hard work, but I always feel like she’s pampering me somehow, always conscious of the time, the temperature, how long it’s been since our last break.

If you’re looking to do a shoot and you’re a little bit nervous about it, Mayumi is definitely a good choice! And, if you’re looking to shoot a little muscle art, don’t worry, she definitely likes hardbodies!

Note that except for the first shot, which goes to Mayumism.com, the rest of the links in this post all go to posts that include at least one shot of me by Mayumi!



  1. Nice pins. Your legs are very nice.

  2. OMG Riko, looking at you photo gave me an instant hard on, and I have had many Hard on looking at your beautiful body
    But this was different, I can’t put in words.
    She is a fantastic photographer!!!!
    And your a beautiful model
    Please don’t be upset for my to say
    I LOVE YOU!!!

    • rikochan

      May 5, 2018 at 1:49 pm

      Thanks so much! It’s amazing what a real, talented photographer can do…

  3. Nice legs, hun, definitely your prettiest feature. Yeah, I know, you’re best known for clitoral erotica, but nothing beats a great pair of legs!

    • rikochan

      May 5, 2018 at 1:50 pm

      I’m always happy that there’s more than just one thing people like about me!

  4. Rikochan, I totally adore these shots. They are great pics of Your absolutely Beautiful Body. Thank You so much for sharing them. I hope You do more shoots with this Lady…..A Lovely model and such a talented photographer….What a combination!!

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