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Yuka Ozaki is going to make porn with Rikochan!

Isn’t Yuka pretty? What a cute bum, and I think I have to try some ruffled panties like these, too!

Hey everyone! I said I would do better at keeping you all up to date on what’s going on with me, so I’m writing you a really short post about something very cool that happened to me today (Saturday, as I write this). I made a new friend: Yuka Ozaki! Yes, she’s Japanese. I got to talk about porn in Japanese today, with a Japanese girl! Why were we talking abOUT porn? Because we’re going to make some together! I’m so excited!

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to arrange some new shoots for a while now, and most of the people I want to shoot with have either disappeared or are in LA (like Kinky Gaga) or in the South (like Mohagany Muscles), and have no solid plans to come to NY now, and I’m not going anywhere else for at least the rest of the year, unless there is some kind of emergency. I’ve been too busy! There are lots of other amazing people I’m talking to about shooting with, but Gaga and Mo are the girls I’ve been talking to the most in the past couple weeks…

Anyhow, a very good friend of mine knows I’m looking for a nice girl to shoot for and she worked with Yuka and thought we might be a good match, so I went into the city and met her. I have to say, I hope she didn’t think I was too much of a zombie, because I was out pretty much all night the night (a party for a friend who had been sick but got better) before and then got home, went straight to the gym and from there to lunch and then got my hair cut and then ran down to meet her.

Yuka Ozaki is gorgeous

Yuka gives good face…I’m hoping she also gives good oral, because I’m really looking forward to my first girl/girl oral scene…

The Beautiful Yuka Ozaki

I hope she didn’t think I was too burned out, because I really like Yuka! I think maybe she’s a little shy, but she seems very kind and sweet, and she has a gorgeous big smile! Also, she’s tiny! So cute and little but also sexy at the same time. I’m going to feel like the She-Hulk next to her, which is weird for me. The other times I’ve worked with girls, I was always the small one! When I shot for SheMuscle, Ashlee (who I would love to shoot with again!) and Milinda used me as a weight to squat! I bet I could squat Yuka. I know I could deadlift her, that’s for sure. I bet she’s not even five feet tall!

It’s going to be so much fun to shoot with her! It’s going to be my first real vanilla girl/girl shoot. I’m hoping we shoot together a lot, if we both have fun, but we’re going to start simple, I think. Although she has more “real” porn experience than I do, in some ways, she mostly did some b/g stuff that is a little rougher than I like. On the other hand, I don’t even do b/g porn! So maybe she’s a little less shy and innocent than she seems…which is just fine with me.

Girl/Girl, Japanese Style

Still, this will be her first time working with girls at all, and her first time getting to play with a big clit, too! She said she was looking forward to that, which made me really happy. And I’m pretty sure her first time working with a female bodybuilder, though that didn’t come up. I think Icould see her checking out my muscles, though. That made me feel really good.

We have tentatively scheduled a shoot for about two weeks from now. I’m so excited! Time to really crack down on my diet for a while, though… I want to look as sexy as I can for Yuka! She’s got the tiny/cute thing going on that I just don’t, so I will want to be in the best possible shape I can be. That’s *my* sexy!

I can’t wait to share more about Yuka Ozaki over the next couple weeks, including an interview I’m planning, and more pictures, of course! In the meanwhile, I’ll be hitting the gym extra hard and imagining Yuka kissing her way up my thigh toward my impatiently throbbing clit!

What Should I Do With Yuka?

My request to everyone who’s reading this is: let me know what you want to see in an all-Japanese girl/girl big-clit FBB video! I can’t promise it’ll all make it into the first shoot, but I really, really want to know what you’d like to see me do to/with Yuka Ozaki! The more ideas I have to work with, the better. She tells me that she is very ticklish…

Okay I’m going to set this to publish on Sunday morning! Good night everyone!


  1. I’d like to see you rim each other. Lookin forward to the photos.

  2. Whatever you choose will be hot. You’re both beautiful women. I will say this: you both have great asses. Wouldn’t mind if you did something showcasing them.

  3. and this I want to see: 1. clit to clit grinding, 2. Riko your big clit penetrates and fuck her pussy, 3. both clits in one pump, 4. show us, how the both clits are growing/swelling, when they get aroused

  4. Oh my goodness! Yuka sure is beautiful. I’d like – no, make that love more than anything – to see 1. First you two kiss for quite a while. If you want to hide your face, that’s OK, I understand; 2. Then she gives you a blow job. She goes down on your wonderful and sexy clit until you come. 3. Then you mount her and penetrate her. You fuck her in the missionary position. With you first asking her whether she’d like to be fucked by a woman, by clit, and her answering “yes”, with her then telling you how she can feel you inside of her, how amazing it is that a sexy woman like you can fuck her with your clit, how she can feel your clit fucking her; 4. Then (I recognize that the following is my fantasy, not necessarily the fantasy shared by all of your fans) to have Yuka say that being fucked by you was much better than being fucked by any man, and from now on she prefers women as sex partners. I’d then have her tell you that she loves you, and then you would tell her that you love her. And then you’d ask her to become your wife and she would accept. Love, Linda

  5. Love urwirk

  6. So excited. Ricko. She so cute would love to see her in your arms with her bottom exposed. Holding like a child. With your throbbing pumped clit
    See her open up her pussy lips so that you can grind your she cock in her and all that beautiful female cum from both of you all over each other. And given you head with her mouth but what ever will be hot hope many video and photos with you both
    Tell her we love her at rikochanpornstar. Com

  7. Using a strap on would be sexy.

  8. Hopefully our clit penetration dreams will finally come true… I believe that was one of your goals last year lol. Perhaps you can do similar angles like one of your competitors online 🙂 http://www.xvideos.com/video15523171/ebony_huge_clit_rider

  9. Jess aka Lovelyhose

    November 3, 2015 at 4:52 am

    Would love to see you doing anything with this beautiful girl. You will be amazing together !!

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