Rikochanpornstar.com on Jiz Lee's sexy flat belly

How did I end up on Jiz Lee’s sexy belly? You’ll have to read the post!

Hi everyone: I’m sure you’re wondering what genderqueer pornstar Jiz Lee is doing on Rikochanpornstar.com? And, equally confusing, what is Rikochanpornstar.com doing on Jiz Lee? No, it’s not an endorsement of my site. I don’t even know if Jiz Lee has ever even seen my site, though I have to admit, in my fantasies, they have…and they really, really liked it! In reality, it’s a reward I got for Indiegogo-backing an amazingly cool movie, Shine Louise Houston’s Snapshot, of which Jiz Lee is an associate producer and the very effective marketing director! More on the picture later…

Coming Out: Not Just for Kids

This just sounds like such a cool movie. In addition to the fact that it’s so great to hear about an independently funded actual movie that shows queer women of color, it just sounds like a good movie–and a sexy one. You can read the plot description by director Shine Louise Houston (creator of the CrashPad Series) on the site I linked to above, but here it is in her words:

The story is set in San Francisco, where our young lead, Charlie, discovers that she may have accidentally photographed a murderer. Her pursuit of the mysterious figure in her photo causes her to meet Danny, an older Butch, setting into motion an odd romance. Though it may sound like a murder mystery, SNAPSHOT is really a coming out story — but not the kind you’d think. The traditional narrative usually involves a younger protagonist coming into maturity or sexual revelation, however it is our older character, Danny, who embraces a new way of being as a result of meeting Charlie and being exposed to her unfamiliar desires.

I love everything about that. For one, I love that it’s Houston’s older character who’s on the journey of discovery. That means a lot to me, who didn’t come into the biggest part of my own sexuality until I was, well…mature. And, in fact…I’m still discovering it. I love the idea that we can all be finding out new things about ourselves no matter how old we are. There’s always hope for more, always more we can learn. Furthermore, I’m really excited that it’s queer women. Although I am more or less a cisgirl, I am feeling ever more sexually fluid, and the idea that there are movies out there, actual movies, that show other ways of being a sexual, that’s incredibly liberating and incredibly sexy. In fact, it was porn that first helped me find my own sexuality. But that’s another story.

Shine Louise Houston's Snapshot

I’ve donated to many crowdfunding projects before, but never one this…exciting!

Color vs. Invisibility

I also love the fact that Snapshot stars women of color. As a nonwhite person who has adopted the U.S., it’s very easy to feel like you’ve suddenly become invisible when you don’t see anyone like you on TV, or in the movies, in magazines…I can only imagine how hard growing up that way must be. I love it here, but, damn, it’s white. I grew up in Japan, where everybody in the media looks like me (it’s even more monochromatic than the U.S., in many ways), so I never really had to experience the invisibility growing up. The contrast I found in coming here is shocking, and it’s educational. Living here has actually helped me to understand why Japan can be so casually racist, too. I won’t get into the whole privilege thing, apart from saying that if you lose a bit of your privilege, it can really open your eyes. So movies like this are really important, I think. Houston says:

We regularly receive feedback from viewers who tell us that our films help them to better understand themselves and to appreciate their bodies — especially brown bodies — as being worthy of healthy and happy sexuality. Through intimate portrayals, the films become a mirror for queer people with diverse bodies and desires. It’s rare enough to see stories of gay, lesbian, or trans sexuality that include people of color, let alone ones which casts them center-stage.

That kind of makes me want to cry!

Shine Louise Houston

Shine Louise Houston calls herself “A voyeur with a production company.” How cool is that?

A Sex-Positive, Queer Porn Production!

But, I’ll be honest; it’s the sex-positive queer porn part that really caught my attention. As Houston says, “As a queer love story, SNAPSHOT doesn’t shy away from portraying explicit sexuality, which gives context to the characters’ intimacy and exists as a key element of my storytelling…Pink & White Productions films show the mechanics of intimate sexuality, and uncensored portrayals of genuine pleasure, which is what our company is best known for.”

Powerful, authentic women can be sexy, they can have sex, they can like sex, and they can make sex-art, too. Or they can just make plain old porn. None of those things disqualify them from being powerful or authentic women. This movie seems to be down with all of those things, and for that alone I’d give it my money. Too many people in this world are way too excited to say that women who do any of these those things are bad people or victims. Well, I for one do all those things, and I am neither. I have to believe that if you are on my site and actually reading the things I write, you must not be either. I hope you’ll want to support the movie. I know all of this made me want to!

You Had Me at Jiz Lee

Throw in the fact that the campaign is offering some very cool rewards, and, well, they got me. The Jiz Lee picture at the top of the post is what you get in exchange for a $50 donation, for example. I mean, for the price of 10 lattes, I now have a picture of one of the sexiest, smartest (seriously, go read Jiz Lee’s site: I wish I could write that well!) adult performers in the world on my site, with my URL on their flat, sexy belly! I have such a crush on Jiz, and that alone is worth the money…

But really, although Jiz’s picure is the part I am enjoying most right now, for $50 what I am really doing is supporting a project that I believe in, a movie that I want to see, and, most importantly, a video that I will want to watch as foreplay for a fun night with my partner. I spent way too much money in search of a porn that will turn me on (yes, I pay for my porn, and so should you). At $50, a sure thing is cheap! Check out the campaign video below and then go to contribute to the movie yourself, if these things sound good to you. There are all sorts of great rewards (in addition to helping the movie) at pretty much any level you want to donate. But if it was me, I’d spend $50 to get my name on Jiz’s belly. I might even do it again!

Donate to Snapshot here!