Happy 2012 From Rikochanpornstar!

Kraka licks Rikochan's big clit in this sexy POV shot

How do you like my POV shot? Watching Kraka lick my fat clit through the rangefinder makes me absolutely crazy horny! Click for the full-size version, as always!

Yes, I’m late on this, I know. But I figure that the latest in my Big Clit, Black Panty Peek series should make up for that a little. Besides, if you followed me on facebook or twitter, you’d already have heard me say Happy New Year. So, why don’t you? I hope you have a sexy time pretending that’s you licking my long, hard clitty, about to receive my squirt; it’ll come gushing out all over your face until you manage to frantically maneuver yourself so that you can catch all the hot steamy liquid in your mouth. But, even then it’s gushing out in such copious streams that there no way you’ll be able to swallow it all. And you know what happens to a bad slave who doesn’t catch all of Rikochan’s squirt don’t you. No? Well, then you will soon find out. And believe me, it will be the sweetest suffering you can imagine…

OK, wow. I don’t know where that came from. Clearly, I am horny. I will have to write more of that story another time. For now, I just wanted to say thanks; it was a great year for my blog last year. Almost every month I had more visitors than the month before; sometimes by pretty big numbers. I got a lot of new subscribers, and I got tons of really great comments, for which I am always grateful, believe me! I try to answer each and every one–though it may take me a few days at times!

My clips4sale studio didn’t grow by as much, but that’s mostly my fault. I really didn’t post enough new videos, frequently enough to keep up with demand, which is terrible! But things are changing. I bought a new HD camera last year, and now I finally have an iMac powerful enough to edit the video (the few HD clips I posted took ages to edit on my very old PC laptop.) I’ve got a ton of video shot, and soon will have my home studio set up for editing.

A home studio is not ideal for various reasons, but it’s what’s available right now. I was this close to renting some desk space in NYC that would have made things way easier, but that fell through—oh well! It was at a very cool adult studio, but they found someone who could rent all their space at once, whereas I just wanted one desk, which I can understand would less convenient for them, so, no hard feelings. But now it’s back to looking! If anybody knows a kink-friendly office space in the Chelsea area that wouldn’t mind having Rikochanpornstar’s editing going on there, let me know!

Anyhow, I’ve got some cool projects lined up.Got a tentative video shoot lined up with a pro domme. Got a shibari shoot I’m working to arrange. Got a bunch of possible shoots lined up with serious FBBs, too. I might even do my first real session with a pro FBB. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Got a ton of other things going on too. I’m getting much more serious about the site. I hope to set up a members’ site this year. I’m going to be seriously expanding my gear for photo and video. I might set up a kickstarter project or two for this; I invested way more than I made last year in the site, and while it was money I don’t regret spending…well, you know: I’d like to at least break even this year! Regardless of what happens with that, however, I think there’s going to a lot of fun stuff going on here, because you guys (and girls) make it so much fun for me!

I can’t wait for this year to really get going.

I hope your 2012 is as great is shaping up to be! Got any sexy plans, dreams, or wishes? Got sexy ideas for Rikochanpornstar for 2012? Tell me all about them in the comments!



  1. Yes this looks really perfect. I think the front.side is more interesting than the side from blow, because the front.side are without inner.lips. They disturb a little bit, because only the clit should be the eye.catcher and nothing else.

  2. what I wouldn’t give for a mouthful of your clit

  3. Happy New Year R!

    Wow–I love all of your ambitious plans for the year! I can’t wait to see how the site evolves. Pet and I will be there to support you in any way that we can.

    Thank you for being such a fun, kinky friend (online and offline) and for making our lives so much more sexy in the past year. We hope 2012 will be a good one for you and Kraka.

  4. Thanks, K! I am so happy to be friends with you guys! Thanks so much to both of you for your friendship, your kink, your patience and your sexiness! 🙂

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