Going on Vacation

Hi everyone: I’m going to be on the road until early next week. I’ve got a few posts set up to go in between now and when I get back, just in case I don’t have reliable Internet access while I’m travelling, so there will still be some stuff to see on here. But it means that I might or might not be able to read/moderate comments. I promise, I’ll answer all posts when I get back, if I can’t do them on the road. If I need to moderate them, that might need to happen then, too. (Anyone know how to set wordpress.com so that you don’t need to moderate comments?)

See you soon!


  1. Tried to buy several times…..would not go through. Says name is missing but isn’t.

    • Oh no! I wondered why I wasn’t getting any buyers! I’m so sorry this is happening!

      Which were you trying to buy, pics or vid?

      I will definitely look into this right away–I’ll have to call the . The only problem is, I’m on a bus that doesn’t let you use cell phones, and then I’ll be out to dinner with some friends who don’t know I’m a wanna-be porn star, so I can’t call in front of them.

      I will try to sort this out tonight, however, and I’ll post here and email you too and let you know when it’s working, ok?

      Thanks so much for letting me know! I’ll send you a little thank you present picture when I get it all sorted out.


      • looking forward to the video and pics. Was trying to buy both. Would prefer a monthly site but will take what you give me. 🙂

  2. OK, thanks for letting me. I just finally got home, and will try and get this sorted out tomorrow. I have to get some sleep now, though!

    Thanks for the suggestion about a monthly site. I’m definitely considering a membership site at some point, but I figure I’d better start small until I figure out what I’m doing! It’s a lot of work starting a company, getting a domain, taking the pics, etc. It’s fun, but it takes a lot of time! I’ll get there, though. Please be patient, and please keep telling me what works, what doesn’t, and what you want!


    • If you need guidance on starting a site, I can help. I used to run all of the b2b adult offerings for severalof the largest companies in the business, and my company has done a bulk of the video encoding for all of the major sites. We have been out of the business for several years (took everything mainstream), but would be happy to help. I am actually VERY good at this.

      I spoke with your husband about a year ago regarding this.

      • Oh, very cool!

        Kraka here: I remember! You contacted me at large-labia, right? I’m sorry I never really followed up with you on that. I guess we just weren’t ready to get started back then.

        Yes, I’m very interested–I’m at my day job right now so I can’t write a lot, but, yeah, cool! I obviously need all the help I can get. 😉

        Krak & Riko

      • Yes. Exactly. Let’s figure out a way to contact offline. If you still have my post from LLP it has my email on it.

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