FBB Rikochan: Progress Picture March 23 2011

FBB Rikochan Before and After Back Bodybuilding

6 months worth of progress--what do you think?

So I’ve been working out more seriously for about six months now, and I thought it would be cool to take a few pics to see if I’ve made any noteworthy progress, and I guess the answer is: some. I think this back view shows the most change.

I should be honest too, though, and say that I was also looking at these pictures this weekend because I was feeling very out of shape after my porn shoot with serious bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda. I’d blown my diet after a couple weeks of stress eating worrying about my family in Japan, and then I just finished my period right before and was still bloated. How do porn stars deal with having periods? Or are they mostly so thin that they aren’t menstruating anyhow? Little danger of that happening for me lately.

Anyhow, that probably isn’t the sexy talk you came here for, ha! Anyhow, I was very curious to see how my shoulders looked after seeing Milinda’s massive delts. So incredible, so powerful. I loved how hard and sexy her shoulders and Ashlee’s felt in the muscle-worship part of the scenes I did with them.

When I told Kraka I was jealous, he pointed out to me that I had actually made a lot of progress, and that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself in comparison to these two super-women. Maybe I ought to compare myself now to myself of six months ago, maybe that would make me feel better.

So I did, and, he was right! Discounting the fact that the second picture is taken at a more flattering angle, I still was surprised and pleased at how different my shoulders and arms look. I mean, there aren’t any bulging muscles, especially where the biceps are concerned, but I am so happy at how much better I look. I mean, I kind of look like an old woman in the pics on the left, and I kind of don’t on the right. That’s enough to make me happy! Comments, concerns, critiques, horror, whatever–I’d love to hear what all my readers think!

As always, click to enlarge the picture if you want to see my giant muscles in all their glory. 😉


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  1. I’m seeing a lot more definition along your shoulders and your back, that’s for sure. Also, maybe it’s the angle, but your hips look a bit slimmer as well, giving you that overall beautiful female figure that I know, in time, will blossom even more with all the work you put into it, RikoChan! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Wow Riko your progress is really obvious. You are getting there. So jealous that you and Kraka got to be so close to those hot super-heroes. And YOU getting “spit-roasted”? Can’t wait to see all this action. Hot hot hot! Hopefully this first shoot inspired you even more to continue your training. Mistress K and I are following your blossoming porn career with great enthusiasm and consider ourselves lucky to have known you before you get super famous. 😉 Keep it up and maybe someday you will be the one abusing a poor little nervous newbie.

    Go Rikochanpornstar!

  3. Hi Ponygurl! Always happy to hear from a hard-bodied hottie like you! Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, that shoot really inspired me to hit the gym harder. Those two women were fabulous, and I want to get closer to how they look. I seriously doubt I will ever be super famous, but you never know! The idea of abusing a nervous newbie does sound like fun… 😉

  4. Riko, you look great. Most bodybuilding gains come in the first 12 months, so if you want serious muscle, train hard — go heavy — for the next 6 months.

    I love your site. You’re a fine writer.

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