FBB Rikochan: Progress Pics Jan 30, 2010

female bodybuilder Rikochan

I need to work on my posing, ha!

Okay, yes, I know, I don’t really qualify as an FBB–yet! But I am working on it. I do qualify as a female bodybuilder in the sense that I am a female who is also a bodybuilder, though, right? I’m in the gym lifting a minimum of 5 days a week, after all. I’ve been posting my results over at my bodyspace page, but I get the sense that most of my Rikochanpornstar visitors don’t actually visit me there-boo!

For those readers who’ve been asking about my progress (thanks for asking, guys and girls) I’m going to play a little catch up here over the next few days with some posts of my recent progress pictures so that you guys can see how I’ve been making out. I’d love any feedback you care to give: critiques, advice, fantasies related to my big sexy muscular calves (or any other bodypart, of course), you name it!

Note that these pics are four weeks old, and that they’ve been up in my bodyspace for a while. There are newer pics there, and I’ll keep posting there first. But, for those people who just want to visit me here, I’ll eventually put them all up here, too!

FBB Rikochan in high heels

Do you like big muscular calves in high heels?

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan's chest

I could actually see my pecs! Maybe no that big a deal bit I was so excited!

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan's back and ass

I think you can see some muscle in my back and shoulders, no?

Click the more tab for a bunch more of Rikochan’s amateur female bodybuilder pictures, including quite of few of my calves, which apparently some of you like!  😉


Female Bodybuilder Rikochan full body shot

Yes, I have short legs! 🙁 But I’m getting tighter, and I think my ass isn’t as flat as it used to be! 🙂

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan Back Double Bi

My back has some muscle, but my arms are feeble. But it’s mostly that I’m really bad at flexing/posing! 

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan's Biceps

I think there’s actually some muscle under there…

Female bodybuilder Rikochan torso

Stomach starting to look a little better, and I have little traps, too, I guess.

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan Legs

I kind of don’t hate this picture, so I must be making progress on my midsection.

Female bodybuilder Rikochan's Huge Calves

I’m kind of proud of my calves, and they kind of freak me out a little, too! :0

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan Ginormous Calves

I love my calves here…just wish the rest of my body would hurry up and catch up!

Female Bodybuilder Rikochan thick calves, side view

What are my crazy muscular calves going to look like when I get ripped? Ha!

Female bodybuilder Rikochan's Thick Calves

Ok, that’s it for now–hope you liked these!


  1. Rikochan, my wife is Japanese American, a fitness instructor for 30 years. She has a very defined and sleek but muscular physique. Since you published progress photos and express a desire to see ore muscle, I thought you may not realize what may be missing from your workouts. I can see by your pics that all you really need to see more is some regular cardio to reduce body fat. It’s in there, just padded. I hope you forgive my presumption, as I do respect your methods, it’s just that i see a clear way to improvement for you, as you said you desire for yourself.

    • Hi Latexual, thanks for writing. You’re absolutely right. My problem is mostly that I want to lift and eat more for bigger muscles instead of spending time on cardio and dieting that will stop me from growing. But it’s time to lean out for a while and see what I’ve got under this padding, for sure. So I’m switching out some lifting days and adding in some HIIT days. Thanks for the advice, and lucky you, with a Japanese fitness instructor for a wife! 🙂

  2. i love your calves! make some sexy videos with them. jerk off some guys with them! 🙂

  3. Nice work. Keep on improving that great physique. Good job.

  4. wow, i LOVE yr body. would rlly like to see from behind/ass shots of you someday.

  5. ah, somehow i missed yr sweet little bare ass! stick that tight, tiny butt out wide for our admiration, it’s lickable.

  6. musclegirlfetish

    February 25, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Hi Riko-chan,

    I find it amazing that someone like you can exist.

    You may be humble about how you look, but you are well on the way to achieving what you want, which is a sexy muscular female figure. And for me, any female figure at any stage of muscular development, as long as the female in question is working at it, is sexy! That is to say, I don’t look at you and say, bah, not muscular enough = not sexy. That would be insane! As long as you are showing muscle proudly, you can be proud of being sexy.

    There are many fantasies involving the female muscular form, that are still not explored by even most of the sites out there right now. Maybe if you’re interested, we can have a discussion about things you may be willing to explore.

    In the meantime, I would say spend maybe 4 days per week in the gym rather than 5-6, and just set 1 or 2 days maximum to have cardio outdoors (rather than using the treadmill). You may have heard fitness and BB enthusiasts say that muscle is not really built in the gym, but in the kitchen and at rest. Hope your regimen, whatever it is, works well for you.

    all the best with your training! and yes… you have AWESOME calf genetics, would be a real shame to let it go to waste!

    • Hi, MGF! Thanks so much for such nice words and for the training advice, too. Yes, I’m definitely working my calves thanks to comments like yours I was originally convinced they were big enough and I was going to not train them any more, but you guys have definitely convinced me to see how far I can take them. In fact, I’m going to try and make some little calf flexing movies for my site this weekend!

      Yes, I’d love to discuss further! You can post here or email, if you like. My email address is rikochanpornstar [at] gmail.com. I’m always happy to receive emails from my friends!


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