FBB Rikochan: Progress for July 11, 2011

Rikochan FBB Flexing - back double biceps

Not bad muscles for a Japanese girl, right?

I’m still working hard on my muscles at the gym, especially on my upper body. I mean, I work hard on legs all the time, too, and ass especially (Asians are prone to flat ass, or asslessness) but I feel like my more muscular lower body and especially my huge Japanese calves, are sort of out of balance with my upper body, so I’m most concerned right now with making progress from the waist up. I’ve been doing a lot of core stuff and also doing a ton of stuff for back, arms, and shoulders. My core…well, you can’t see much progress in pics yet, because I am too fat! 🙁 But I feel like I am finally starting to see progress again in my arms and shoulders. What do you think? I can actually see real changes in my biceps—in that I can see them—now, although I haven’t seen a picture that shows that better than this one. My shoulders actually seem to be making slight but visible progress, though, I think!

As far as my midsection goes, I think I’m going to start a once a week “keep me honest” shot so that I can track my progress (if any). I really need to start focusing more on losing fat. I keep saying that, but I just keep bulking up more and more. Not that I mind the muscle, but I really need to start getting rid of the fat. I want to be cut enough that I can show up on MuscleTube for my physique instead of just my big clit and my super gushy squirting! Not that I mind being there for my clitty and squirting—not at all!

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  1. Good looking arms. And a good looking hair cut. 😉

    Progress is progress…and it’s impressive since I know you also work all day, spend time fucking Kraka and live your normal, public life. It’s amazing that you even have the time to train. I am trying to go to the gym more and can barely fit in 3 times a week. (Then again I admit I can be pretty lazy.)

    Have you spoken to any fitness trainers or other female body builders about their strategies on losing fat? Everyone who’s now a muscle goddess had to start somewhere and probably overcome similar challenges. Regardless, I definitely see a difference in your body. Every update on your training, the photos just get better and better. Even though some parts may still be “fat”, I’m confident you will find a solution around it. Gambatte!

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