FBB Friday: MuscleTube.com

Nude Muscle Posing

Do you like my nude FBB posing?

Okay, FBB Friday may not be a real Internet meme, but I like the sound of it, and it gives me an excuse to write about something that I love: strong sexy women. I hope someday I really qualify as a female bodybuilder myself; meanwhile I’ll keep pretending I already am—you know, the way I pretend that I am a pornstar (I’m not, really—it’s just a silly site name. I hope it doesn’t offend real pornstars, for whom I have nothing but respect.). “FBB” is title I’m more serious about. Because I really am a female bodybuilder in some ways. I lift weights, hard and heavy, 6 days a week. And I am getting bigger and stronger, and I love it! I may not look like a competitor like my friend Darkside Milinda, or a muscle model like my idols Denise Masino and Ashlee Chambers, but I am on the journey, I am building my body, so I think I qualify. Sort of. Maybe. What do you think? My calves probably already qualify! My upper body still needs work, but I am having a lot of fun working on it. What do you think of my latest attempt at posing, above?

Anyhow, I think FBB Friday is going to be a semi-regular thing (everything here is semi-regular at best, sadly) where I write about female bodybuilding, FBBs, FBB sites, FBB porn, etc. There are lots great sites by and about FBBs that are either dead sexy or advance the sport (art?) of female bodybuilding that I could post about, and all kinds of inspirational women I could write about, too. But I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to post about another very cool site, for the simple and selfish reason that I am on it. Oh, and because it’s very cool, and some of my friends are on it, too.

The site is MuscleTube.com, and it’s like some of those other porn-y tube sites you might know, with a couple exceptions. The most obvious one is that it’s all about Muscle—it’s all about female bodybuilders! There are already videos there from the sites of my friends Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda, and my friends at SheMuscle have posted some stuff, too, and there’s even some stuff from bodybuildersinheat.com! In fact, it’s not just about girls: there are a few videos of guys on there, too, from str8men.com and powermen.com.

There’s some very sexy stuff on there: Brandi Mae Akers, Lisa Cross, Nikki Jackson, Exotica, Mistress Treasure, and Carmella Cureton, to name a few. And there’s a very cool cross-section of stuff on there, from just plain old training, lift and carry, muscle worship, wrestling and posing to girl-on-girl, hardcore, and even a little clip of me squirting. Yes, there is a whole section just devoted to big clits, and I’m in it! (I’m in the Asian and squirting sections, too) Before you get too excited, yes, it’s the sample I’ve had on my site for a while—I need to get another video together for the MuscleTube people.

And that leads me to the second point: my stuff that’s on there is there because they asked me and I sent it to them; it’s not stolen! I love that. I’ve shown up on other sites here and there, but it was stuff that people had stolen and posted. Which I don’t love so much.
Anyhow, it’s a very cool site. It’s just getting started, so there aren’t a million videos on it, but I think they are adding stuff at a good rate. It’s definitely a site I will bookmark and check back at every day! I’m adding it to my blogroll, too. Stop by and check it out. Watch my big clit squirting video, too, and vote for it! I want to be the most popular!

Check out MuscleTube and let me know what you think! Oh, and be sure to comment with any suggestions you have for other FBB Friday posts!



  1. I love it! I love it! I love it!!! Thanks for showing this after a rough week I had.

  2. thanks for sharing! looking good in the new pic. i like the definition on your shoulder. btw, how does it feel knowing guys and girls are getting off to your pics and video(s). it must be a rush.

    • My pleasure! I love hearing what people think about my progress–it really helps to get feedback (negative or positive) because it’s hard to spot for yourself, even in pictures.

      It feels GREAT knowing that guys and girls are “enjoying” my pictures. 🙂

  3. You look great, Riko. You’re a classic mesomorph: excellent proportions, compact limbs with full muscle bellies. And dedicated as hell.

    Do you have a training partner? I always gained more faster in 4 weeks than in 6 months of my own. And that’s six months of training heavy.

    Nobody starts out looking like Denise or Ashlee or Milinda. Even they didn’t. You’re going to be your own kind of bodybuilder, whether you look like your idols or not. Which is another yay.

    • Thanks so much! I don’t currently have a training partner (I used to train with Kraka, but our schedules don’t match anymore), but I do have a trainer once a week, which definitely helps!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mike!

  4. Just bookmarked your muscletube page! Thank you for sharing these wonderful little videos. Such a tease. Kraka must have had way too much fun filming that squirt scene.

    BTW, I am certainly one of the girls who gets off to your pics and videos (from Fox’s comment above)!!!

    xo, Mistress

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