Enjoy Squirt!

Enjoy Squirt sounds like female ejaculation, to me.

This sign totally made me laugh. I wonder it passersby knew why I was taking a picture of it?

I had to laugh when I saw this sign in the city. Enjoy squirt! I love the picture of the little cartoon girl blasting off from the force of her squirting. At least, that’s how I see the picture; if you see it some other way, don’t ruin it for me!

Enjoy Squirt? I do. Squirting, female ejaculation, gushing, whatever you want to call it, is the next best thing in the world after an orgasm. After an orgasm, you ask? Doesn’t it happen during a squirter’s orgasm? Well, I can only speak for myself, since I’m the only squirter I know to talk to (I have a deep, personal relationship with some squirting performers, but only in the sense that I am obsessed with watching their movies over and over).

For me, squirting doesn’t usually coincide with an orgasm. It usually happens when I get stimulated enough, feel relaxed enough, and usually (but not always) when I’ve had some quality g-spot stimulation. There’s usually a great pleasure peak and a feeling of release and loss of control, but it’s not the same as the whole-body feeling of release and loss of control that comes with an orgasm. It’s more localized, and the peak isn’t quite as high, I think.

But with squirting, I can keep doing it over and over, as long as I’m hydrated. I could squirt on and off for what seems like hours. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to it that now I would have to really concentrate to NOT squirt. If I was going to be with someone who would freak out to exchange fluids that way or if I couldn’t make a mess…I honestly don’t know what would happen. At the very least my juices would be running down my legs, and I would leave a big wet spot. That seems to be the least I can do these days.

Sometimes Kraka makes me squirt dozens of times in a session—sometimes it’s just a lot of little dribbles, but sometimes it’s full-on massive, messy gushing geysers that spray across the room.  We’ve soaked just about every towel in the house before, changed sheets, mattress pads, you name it. I’ve actually ruined a point and shoot camera by soaking it, but Kraka used it to video the squirt that killed it, so we felt like that was a good way for it to go…

Sometimes, rarely, squirting and orgasm come together, but it’s rare. In fact, squirting distracts me from the complete release of orgasm, usually delays it. Sometimes when I’ve squirted a lot in a session, I get so exhausted from the squirting that I’m actually too tired to come. That can be frustrating, but generally I fall asleep instantly after giving up in those cases, so it’s not like the frustration lasts long.

How about you? Can you squirt? Have you ever been with a squirter? Do you know how to make a girl squirt? I’d love to hear your squirting related stories!


  1. I have been with a squirter, and the squirts seem to come at the same time as the orgasm. She was a bodybuilder, and she clenched her powerful legs around my head as she squirted over my face and into my mouth. She squirted mainly in response to cunnilingus, but also with other hetereosexual love making 🙂

  2. Oh, nice! Kraka only lets me wrap my legs around his head once in a while–I squeeze to hard. Once he was fingering me and crushed his hand so bad he got bone bruises or something and his hand was sore for more than a month!

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