Electrostimming Rikochan's Big Clit

Electrostim makes Rikochan’s big clit even more swollen and sensitive than usual.



ところで皆さん、エレクトロ・スティム(Electro Stimulation またはElectro-Stim、日本語だと、電気刺激というのでしょうかね)って知ってますか?






Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote, but I’ve been very busy! I’ve been working out almost every day for a over month getting ready for my possible photo shoot with Brian Moss, and my hard work is finally starting to bring results. My body is getting firm and muscular, especially my upper body (I hurt my knee, so I’ve been laying off legs lately). I feel like a strong woman! I feel good! Eventually I’m going to have to start losing fat, too, but for I’m concentrating more on building muscle. My goal is to have great shoulders and a six-pack when we shoot. It will take a while, but I’m getting there.

Do you like the picture above? Wondering what’s going on there? Ever heard of electrostim? Most people who know of the TENS units that are the most basic kind of electrostim know it as a way toautomatically massage tense muscles. The electronic devices used give low-frequency pulses that travel between sets of pads through the tense muscle, causing it to contract and relax and eventually feel better. There are a lot of different units specifically for physical therapy, but you can also get the machines at sex-toy stores. Electrostim is often categorized in S&M, but I don’t think this is S&M, at least not the way we do it. It feels good! I first learned about it at Smart Stim, an excellent stimming forum.

We usually use 2 sets of pads on my legs, starting with my Slightest Touch system, which runs a very mild current from one calf to the other, making the clit, which is right at the apex, very sensitive. It gets bigger and redder, too. My natural lubrication goes into overdrive. My ability to squirt increases, too–it gets easier and I can squirt more and further. My squirt turns into a gush!

When have a nice long night of stimming, the next step is to attach pads on either side of my pussy and run a much stronger pulse directly through it. This makes my big clit incredibly sensitive and bigger still. I get a clit erection every time–it gets hard, almost like a little cock. I can feel the throbbing pulse travel down the shaft of my clit, and the blood seems to flow in with the pulse, engorging my clit. After a while, my big erect clit begins to automatically pulsate in time with the device. My vagina contracts in the same rhythm. It becomes so sensitive just touching it akes me moan. I’ve never come because of electrostim alone, but with just a little masturbation, I have orgasms that leave me limp.

We don’t use electrostim every time, because sometimes you don’t want all the gear and setup; you just want to fuck. But when the mood is right, nothing is better than electrostim.

Boys, girls, if you want to add a quality new fetish to your sex life, you have to try this with your partner! Start out at low settings and be conservative increasing the current. Just like pumping, it’s more important not to scare off your partner by overdoing it at first. And you can overdo it. Like I said, some people use it as an S&M toy. If you’re into that, cool. If not, slow and steady is the way to go. If you go slow, you’ll eventually reach MUCH higher settings than if you turn up the current too quickly and zap your partner.

Give it a try: I bet you’ll thank me.




  1. mmmmmm i wanna see that clit jump!!

  2. I love that beautiful Japanese clit.It’s so fat and nice. I want to see more! I’d like to see it get even bigger. Peter

  3. Wow. I never considered trying this but after reading that description I definitely want to. It makes me very wet thinking about being able to see that big clit throbbing.

    • It’s so much fun. I love to hear that maybe someone discovered electrostim because of me. If you’re thinking about it, definitely visit the smart stim site–they’re the real pros.

  4. While you say it is not BDSM, I do love electrostim! It works wonders on Ryoko Yoshida!

    • Well, at high voltage it might be bdsm. And, then again, I do like having my nipples pinched as hard as possible, so maybe what’s pleasurable to me might sadistic to other people!

      • Truth is, I’ve never done that on myself as sexual fetish, but as therapy with this machine: htemexico.com/electro_reflex.html

        But it seems that on Ryoko, they used it on high. Oh and please check what I wrote on your post on her.

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