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Rikochanpornstar black and white erotica, Irving Klaw style!

I had a few very nice requests for some black and white erotica, in an Irving Klaw style. I don’t know if this qualifies, but I tried, anyhow!

Hi everyone! I know, it’s crazy to get two posts so close together from me lately, but I got a couple complaints after my last post! Complaints, really? Well, they weren’t exactly complaints. I got a couple emails and Twitter and Facebook DMs (Follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook! If your FB posts aren’t super full of hate, I’ll accept! If not, well, you can follow me) from people who were super excited to hear via my tweets and FB posts that I had a new post up with a bunch of new pictures, only to find that some of the pics had already appeared on my social networks.

Well, sorry! Usually I post pictures I social networks to tell people about a new post. But sometimes when things are too crazy for me to be able to post, I still want to be able to post pictures to stay in touch and keep my friends and fans happy while I’m taking care of other stuff. So in that case I do it the other way. So. Yeah. Sorry, but, know, only a little. I’m really more sorry for the fact that I didn’t post here for 5 weeks!


Anyhow, I am happy to do whatever makes my fans and friends happy, and that means new pictures, in this case. I’m even happier, however, when people tell they want to see more of something instead of complaining about what I do post! And I got some nice requests for some more classic erotica, in a more black and white Irving Klaw style. Well, I don’t know if this really qualifies, but it’s what I have. I hope you like it!

I don’t really have anything else to say, so I will stop writing and go back to editing porn for you all! Just a quick note for the people who actually bother to read all the way to the end of the page: I put up a new video on my clips4sale this weekend! I’ll write more about it later, but if you want, you can click that link to see the sample…

Any requests? I’m not doing b/g right now, but I’d love to at least hear about any g/g or solo stuff whether vanilla or BDSM and either photo or video!



  1. Good photo. You look great in it.

  2. As for a request – how about some photos with dildos? I’d love to see some insertion photos with your big clit.

    • rikochan

      August 17, 2015 at 6:41 pm

      Oh, good idea…I really don’t have any shots like that…just video! I’ll try and remember to take some pictures next time I am playing with toys! 🙂

  3. My Gosh, you look so sexy! So sexy, feminine, and girly. Also – I hope I can say his without it being taken the wrong way, because I mean it as a compliment. In this photo you look like a sexy, feminine girl, period. Fit and feminine. But not a bodybuilder. But in other photos you look like a powerful bodybuilder girl. And still other photos of parts of you look masculine – like a powerful man, or even like a powerful bodybuilder man, or at least parts of a powerful bodybuilder man (arms, even your rear from certain angles, etc). So, depending upon the angle, the pose, the body parts in the photo, you go from looking like a sexy feminine girl, to a powerful bodybuilder man! Which I think it way cool and way erotic! Linda

    • rikochan

      August 17, 2015 at 6:40 pm

      I’m not offended at all! I love that I can look different ways at different times in different shots. Thanks so much for the nice comment!

      • I’d love to at least hear about any g/g or solo stuff……

        Dear Rikochan – please take a look at this story. Its a true story about a girl with a 2.6 incl clit having missionary position sex
        with another girl – in other words, she’s penetrating the other girl, face to face, just like she would do if she had a cock. Why
        don’t you make a video doing this? See Love, Linda

        • rikochan

          August 18, 2015 at 3:53 pm

          Thanks for the g/g solo feedback! Also, wow, thanks for that very sexy story! 🙂 I definitely hope to be able to do this in a video soon! 🙂

          • Do you have any interest in co-authoring a big clit erotic fiction story together? I have an idea for what I think could be a neat erotic story – fun to write and fun to read! Love, Linda

  4. As always, You are absolutely Beautiful!

  5. Any girl girl stuff. Pinup is hot.

    • rikochan

      August 18, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      Yay, pinup! It’s so hard though…I’m really bad at that kind of posing, and it’s really hard to shoot me in a way that makes it look right. But, yes, I’m definitely going to try to do more! 🙂

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