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Finally, my clips4sale site Rikochan’s Big Clit can finally accept regular old credit cards! That’s because I’ve been posting clit clips, and am now about the minimum of five required for credit card sales. I hope you’ll all stop by and take a look. Sadly, my images4sale story only takes the site’s stupid proprietary gizmo card. I hope to change that soon!

I’ve got three videos posted now, each at three different sizes, with three different prices. I’ll be posting new sample images from my video starting later today and going through the weekend, so stay tuned.

Check out my site–I’m in the process of enabling little sample clips, too! I’ll try to figure out a way to post those here, too…

I’m excited: big things are coming, and I don’t just mean my big clit! 😉



  1. i’m so buying everything now, thanks so much, i can’t wait to see the new riko!!

    • Wow, thanks so much! You were officially my first customer, and suddenly after you a bunch of other people came too!

      You broke my pornstar cherry! When we post how to get a personalized pic, we’ll make sure you get first one. We’ll have to think of some special way to thank you, too, though! Maybe a special video? 😉


  2. Not sure where you’re located, but if I were close enough, I’d certainly offer you a paid shoot. Best of luck with your C4S store!

  3. Well thanks for letting credit cards be accepted… but still that is impossible for me to get your videos. Unless debit cards are accepted.

    And not sure where to get those cards mentioned.

    If the site accepts debit cards, money orders, checks or deposit/transfers, it can be possible for me.

    • Are debit cards not accepted? I thought they were–have you tried? Let me know!

      • Well sadly not my Visa Electron card, as it does not have the extra 3 digits. Weird as other people I know that have Electron have the 3 numbers.

        I plan to get a Visa Electron from other bank with the 3 numbers just to use in online things.

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