Big Clits Return to Rikochanpornstar

Big swollen clits return to!

My big, swollen clit returns to!

A special friend pointed out in a comment a while ago that, while she liked my recent pictures, they have been kind of tame. I looked back over what I have posted lately and realized she was right, and that it was a problem that needed to be fixed immediately. I thought this close-up of my big clit might satisfy her. I kind of love this picture, even though the color is a bit off. It makes my clit look enormous, and I like the way the focus is really sharply on the clit but falls off really fast. What do you think of my latest clitty closeup. Is it hardcore enough for you?

When you see a picture of a clit that big, what do you think? Do you want to suck it? If you are a guy, does it look so much like a little cock that when it makes you hard, you wonder just a little bit if you might be gay? (You aren’t unless you already were, in my opinion, and that would be fine by me, too.) Do you want to rub the head of your cock against it? Do you want to feel it slide up and down your shaft as you fuck me? Do you want to feel it grind against your pelvis crushing it as you thrust as far into me as you can?

If you’re a girl do you want to suck it? Do you wonder what it might be like to rub that swollen clit up against your little clitty—or your big clit, if you have one? Do you wonder what it might be like for me to squirt all over you when our clits start rubbing against each other (that’s what happened the last time I tried clit-on-clit rubbing).

Denise Masino gets ready to fuck her Fleshlight with her big clit (used by kind permission)

                   Denise Masino gets ready to fuck her Fleshlight with her big clit                              (used by kind permission)

Do you wonder what it would be like if I fucked your pussy with my fat clit? Do you wonder what it would be like to see me fuck a Fleshlight? I saw Denise Masino fuck a Fleshlight on her site, and it was one of the sexiest things I ever saw. Her gorgeous clit is already enormous, and when she fucked the Fleshlight she got so excited that it swelled up to the biggest I’ve ever seen it—easily the size of my whole thumb. If you aren’t a member of her site, it’s worth joining up to see that clip. My friend Garibaldi sent her the Fleshlight, and Kraka tells me Gary’s thinking about getting me one for me to shoot with, too! It would be my tribute to Denise, who is my big-clit porn and bodybuilding hero! Would you like to see that?

What does seeing a bit clit like mine do to you? Let me know—I’d love to hear from you.


PS: No, I didn’t make my three-days-in-a-row posting goal, but that’s because I had to get get Denise’s permission to use her picture, which she quickly and kindly granted. Thanks, Denise! 🙂


  1. As I am already a bisexual male, you could imagine what your big clit does for me, miss Rikochan. It’s the best of both worlds in a perfect package and, honestly, just amazing to look at! You could understand, then, why I’m trying so hard to get Aya pumping her little clit everyday, watching it fill the tube and fantasizing that one day, it just might stay that way (we know that’s not possible, well, not to get to your size anyway, but still, as you said before, it’s fine to just go with a fantasy). As for me, seeing as I’m an oral addict, I know I would certainly spend all day sucking and licking and tasting that perfect clit until you’ve cum several times and made a right mess, then proceed with a little more teasing, feeling that incredible clit against my own shaft…

    Hmm…well, that seems to have been the most graphic comment I’ve ever left, and there’s always more (so much more!) to say, but hey, you wanted to know! I’ll point this post out to Aya as well, and I’ll have her leave a little comment/fantasy for you to read too. I’m sure you’re more than interested to hear what she has to say. Thank you, once more, for the amazing picture and I can only hope to see more soon!

    • Thanks so much for your long, sexy comment! Just thinking about a nice long oral session gets me all excited! I have to say, the idea of Aya pumping away at her little clit is very exciting. Do you think she’d ever be willing to share a picture? I’d love to see her!

  2. looks great. tell that beautiful clitty i said hello.

  3. Makes me want to plaster-cast her, Riko.

    I’d make her exhibit one in the Clitoris Hall of Fame.

    Occasionally she’d tour the country. Susie Bright would write something funny and apt about her. Eve Ensler would ride her fleshy coattails toward some kind of postnerd’s satori. Oprah would sanitize her for spunky middle-age ladies. Esquire magazine would try to neutralize her with irony and smarm.

    But Plaster-Cast Clit would be out in the world, on the tips of people’s tongues, stirring up pride in the formerly clit-shy and shamed. Gaga would cement her forever in her moment in modern weirdness by costuming herself as Clitoris Maximus somewhere, grotesque and sublime.

    I would be there to welcome Plaster-Cast Clit home. I’d lead her back to her velvet bed and fret her with tender kisses. It’s hard being first at anything, and P-C Clit would undoubtedly be a bundle of nerves, exhilarated but exhausted, ready to get back to being just regular folks for a while and attended with little kindnesses — a little extra velvet, shooing reporters away from the door, watching that indie film with her for the fifth time.

    Sometimes she gets tired of being Big Clit in a Small Pond. She just wants to kick back and get away from it from time to time. Maybe get some Indian food and get drunk.
    Mostly, she needs someone to be real with her.
    That’s what she makes me want to do. Crouch way down, give her a smile, lean in and lay one long kiss on the top of her dazzled head.

  4. Riko,
    Watching a woman with a well endowed clitoris use a fleshlight to masturbate with might be the hottest thing I’ve either seen or thought about. When I saw Denise’s camshow of her unveiling her fleshlight and then watching her feminine erection slide in and out of the toy’s soft and luscious pussy, I couldn’t contain myself! More so, I use one myself and knowing what it feels like intimately made seeing it happen all the more hotter! The instant realization that Denise, or a woman who has length, girth, and the ability to attain an erection like her, can fuck a real vagina is so real now! Riko, u MUST get one and fuck it for us and you!! Its so hot I can’t get over it! Please allow is to witness this amazing female phenomenon,

    • I’ll take that as a thumbs up! 🙂 Yes, everytime I watch Denise Fleshlight videos I also get super excited. It never gets old! I will try and get a video of this up soon!

  5. EnglishStudent

    July 2, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Rrriko rrriko, I will tell you what goes through my head a little, if I can get the words typed out before I lose my self-control and have to cum.

    Firstly, I suppose I should say that a major thing that really excites me is knowing how turned on someone is – even if that someone is me. It’s enough to make me cum just thinking that I’m playing with my own pussy and that I’ve made myself wet; that my clit is hard because I’m so horny… So knowing that I turned someone else on is fantastic; I don’t think I’ll ever get over how good it makes me feel or how wet it makes my cunt.

    So stage two, big clits: it is so easy to see how excited they are, how much they swell up, how hard, the way they stand up… Of course smaller ones do all the same stuff, but you can’t really see it on camera! I also think that it’s hard to tell how wet a girl is on film. So a big clit like yours really is fantastic for me because I can tell straight away how horny you are… and the thought of watching it grow when you pump it, throb when you run electricity through it… Fuck, it’s so sexy just thinking I’d be able to SEE the effect of everthing on you.

    I’m already pretty wet, so, next paragraph…

    I think about all of those things. Seeing if you taste different from me, pushing my tongue inside you, spreading you open with my fingers, flicking that clit with my tongue, circling round it, one way and then the other… seeing how long I can ignore my own poor throbbing cunt for as I suck on your clit. I think about rubbing out clits together… the sound our bodies and wet pussies would make against each other, and how big and hard your clit would feel sliding over mine. Whether I’d make you squirt. I’d like to know how full it could make me feel if you fucked me with it.

    God my clit is hard!

    I would be so excited to see you with a fleshlight. I like Denise Masino, so I wish I could afford to watch her as well! I love how she talks to the camera. What you said about her clit swelling up huge really turned me on. I’d love to see you that excited as well.

    And finally I think about how it would feel to have a clit that big myself… I’d like to swap for a day, try it out! I love the idea of it rubbing against your knickers… or against a cock when you get fucked. How it must feel to squirt.

    OK. I really really have to cum. My cunt is wet and I can hardly keep my hands off my clit.

    • Mmm, this is one of the hottest comments I’ve gotten in ages, and I get some very hot ones! I also love the idea of tasting other women’s pussies to see if they taste like me. One of the the things I also love about big clits is that there is no misunderstanding when their owners are excited. That’s one of my favorite things about Denise’s cam shows–you know she is really really into it!

      I am certain rubbing my clit against yours and slipping my clit the little distance it could go into your wet, wet pussy would totally make me squirt! I’m sure you could make me squirt just by touching me a little, so a lovely English pussy–no doubt!

      If you join Denise’s site there are a couple videos you can see of her doing her Fleshlight. Or you can wait and maybe I’ll have one someday! 🙂


  6. Hello Riko,

    I would definately like to see your big clit inside a fleshlight. Just thinking about it make me excited, and i’m a straight male !

    Keep it up

  7. Ha, that’s great! I plan to try and get a little Onnapet this weekend to test out this idea! 🙂

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