Big Clitoris Squirting Video Coming Soon!

Rikochan's monster clit in a squirting video

Rikochan’s new big clit squirting clip’s opening credits!

Worked hard until late, so tonight’s entry is just a quickie to let you know my next clitoris-worship video is almost done.

Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt! is a sexy squirting video of me jerking off my big clit, getting fucked with a black vibrator, and squirting over and over–for 13 minutes! I haven’t counted the squirts in it, but it must be more than 20. Hot! Kraka and I have gotten excited just editing it. If you like big japanese clits and squirting, you’ll love Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt!

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With this clip I’ll have 56 minutes of big clit video available. Once I break an hour, I’m going to put out my first DVD! I bet it won’t be a million seller, but if even a couple people want it, I’ll be thrilled. That’s the nice thing about having pornstar as a your hobby and not a job, I guess! 😉

My new clip should be available on my clips4sale studio Rikochan’s Big Clit by Thursday night, or Friday night at the latest.

Click on the pic above to see the opening credit screen grab at full 1280X720 resolution. Not bad, right? I think our movies are getting better. What do you think?


PS: The tiny black dots that look like hair in the picture aren’t: that’s where I got scorched by my hair-removal laser earlier that day! Pornstars suffer for our art! 😉


  1. Now that is a juicy clit…..

  2. how do we see more pictures?

  3. WOW this is one hot pic, I could have a lot of fun with that. Sure would love to taste that sweet pussy and have you squirt all over me

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