Best Month Ever/Legshow

Rikchan for the foot and muscular calf lovers out there...

Rikchan for the foot and muscular calf lovers out there...

Thanks so much to everyone who reads my blog, follows me on twitter, checks in on bodyspace. And thanks too to everyone who tweets about me, posts about me, reviews me, talks me up on the web, or buys my big clit clips! All of you made this the best month ever for me in so many ways! I had my best single traffic day ever, my best traffic ever for a total month (even though it was a short month). I also sold the most clips ever in a single month! And, don’t worry, every penny of it (and then some) is going straight back into this site: I’m buying a faster lens for my camera for sexy lowlight shooting. 🙂

And, not to jinx myself, but March is shaping up to be top February for the best month ever. I’ve got great ideas for posts and videos. I’m going to start rearranging my condo with an eye to making it more shooting friendly. I’ve got one very cool interview in the bag for the site, and I’m hoping to get at least two more. I’m hoping to try my first experiments with cam shows this month. And, finally, I’ve got one really big piece of porn news that I’ll post about later this week (it deserves its own post).

To say thanks everyone, here’s a legshow picture–with some cuter lingerie than I usually wear on here! I hope you like it, and I hope you will all stick with me for what I hope will be another fun month!



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  1. Wow, I am jealous of your calves. In fact your figure is looking really good! Keep it up Riko. We love all of your photos. xoxo

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