Best Day Ever/FBB Leg Show

Rikochan muscle leg fetish picture

How do you like my thick calves?

Yesterday was the best day ever for Rikochanpornstar! Yay! The huge surge in visitors was thanks mostly to the post about me on the excellent Insane Muscle Girls. Clearly, there are people who want to see my thick calves out there. So, here’s a little something for you guys and girls who like muscular Japanese calves!

These are my first stab at taking pics in heels, too. I know, these aren’t really super sexy stripper heels or fetish shoes—these pics are just an experiment. I really just too them for myself, to see how I looked in heels these days—those are just some of my own real-life shoes. But I still thought there might be some people out there who’d like them, even if the posing is really, really awkward. Yeah, I need to work on that.

What do you think? Do you want to see more muscled calves? More high-heel fetish pics? I could post a lot like this if there’s interest (and comments: hint, hint).  I’ve only got so much time for this blog each day, so I try to focus on stuff that my readers like! Let me know—I really do listen to your feedback!


P.S.: Click on the all the pictures in this post below to see my legs at full size.

Musclegirl legs

Do I look like an FBB from the knees down?

Musclegirl leg flexing

My calves are the only part of my body I'm really good at flexing for the camera


  1. Like I said earlier, those are really strong legs!

  2. perfection!! so ripped

  3. Hello Riko. I just found your site through insane muscle girls and I wanted to tell you how compelling and HOT it is! Your freaky big clit and quest to muscle up is very exciting and I will be coming back to check in on you. Keep up the hard work and please keep the sexy pics and vids coming. Good luck.


    • PonyGurl! I just found this comment–I can’t believe I never saw this. So happy to see you here on my site! Comments about fitness mean a lot coming from someone with as tight and sexy a body as yours! Kraka and I look forward to seeing many more of your sexy pictures on!


  4. Your calves are getting very muscular! Love the shape, perfect for a set of sexy high heels!

    Ashlee Chambers

    • Sorry for the late answer to this one, LOL. For some reason I don’t seem to have gotten a lot of notifications. Thanks, Ashlee–means a lot coming from you. LOVED your latest pics on dirtymuscle! You’re so big and ripped, it’s amazing! I want to look like that someday!

  5. hows the workouts going?

  6. Hi! Awesome calves! Wish you would make video where guys are cumming on them!

  7. Unbelievably beautiful flexes! I had an unplanned private restroom break this pm just thinking about you showing off legs!

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