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Hi, it’s me, Rikochan! I covered up my big clitty so you wouldn’t get too distracted from reading my About page! Click for full size version…

Rikochanpornstar.com is a site by and about Rikochan, a Japanese woman who aspires to pornstardom. Since there doesn’t seem to be a governing body deciding who gets the pornstar title, she just took it.

In her defense, she likes to take nude pictures and make adult videos and share them, and she does have a huge clit she likes to show off. She’s sex positive, and she’s a big supporter of sex work and sex workers. It sounds pretty pornstar-like, right? If she had to choose a niche, it would be big-clit Asian (she’s not currently showing her face, though, so you’ll have to take her word on that last part). But she plans to try all kinds of stuff, so she’s not just another pretty clit…

Rikochan (not her real name, but, you know, close enough) went through life for far too many years without knowing anything about porn, dildos, vibrators, electrostim, clit pumping, female ejaculation (squirting) and much, much more. It’s not that she was a prude; she just didn’t know. Despite what you might think from all those crazy Japanese videos, the average Japanese woman isn’t a super freak! Most of them lead pretty vanilla sex lives. And so did she. Until everything changed.

As she began to explore all the fetishes mentioned above, Rikochan began to share some of her adventures on amateur sites on which discovered them (it seemed only fair). Since then, she’s decided she wants to make better porn. She’d be perfectly happy to watch someone else’s high-quality big-clit, pumping, squirting, electro porn, if anyone made exactly the type she’d be into. But no one does. There are plenty of great sites and actresses out there, but none of them hit all Rikochan’s sexy spots. So she’s taken it upon herself to try, and to write about the experience here.

Lately she’s gotten very into fitness, and she’s even started to identify herself as a female bodybuilder or FBB. Why? Because she loves to be fit, loves the way super-fit women look, and because she’s training possibly for a photoshoot on Shemuscle, the excellent site of photographer Brian Moss. She’s got a long ways to go, but she’s really enjoying the journey.

She hopes you enjoy her experiment with porn. You can buy her clips at her big clit and squirting clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium.


  1. Hi there,

    Love your website…we made a link to you on our bodybuild forum, hope you want to post something also 🙂


  2. o please no silicone etc perfect as u are , fantastic clit anf amazing nipples esp when pumped , please dont change

  3. Hello,

    I’m 22, female and have always been interested in large clits. I had no idea that I was not alone in this until today! 🙂 Thank you so much for your site. You are overall lovely. I’m looking to enhance my own naturally larger clit. Mine is about 1 inch in length erect, and I really want to see what pumping can get me.

    Can you recommend some affordable but effective clit pumps please? Also, do you mind sharing what size you were when you started pumping? And how many inches has pumping got you? It’s okay if that’s too personal. hope to hear from you soon.

    – Jo

    • Hi Jo! I’m so sorry not to have answered you before now. I took a break from my site for a while. My clit is definitely noticeably larger, though it was larger to start with! Send me an email, if you like, at rikochanpornstar [at sign] gmail.com and we can talk a bit more about this stuff!


  4. I am a clit freak and love what i see so far . Please tell me how to see more

  5. Your clit is absolutely awesome brilliant genious gorgeous perfection!!! 🙂

    go go and take a million more pics 🙂

    happy new year

  6. Hi Rikochan,

    I love your website, you have an awesome body, and a beautiful clit. In fact, your clit is bigger than my 1-inch penis! So I had this idea for a project to promote gender equality by juxtaposing your big clit and my tiny penis; I’d also like to include our faces and names, sort of in this style: martinstinypenis.tumblr.com/post/11137907907

    What do you think? If you’re interested, please contact me at tinybutadorable@yahoo.com


  7. Clits are nice…but I’m most impressed with those absolutely gorgeous legs.

  8. Hi Rikochan,
    I happened upon you website by chance – and I’m so glad I did. Those are just about the prettiest legs I’ve seen in a long time. Hun, you have “pornstar” in your title…Does this mean we can expect to see some x-rated material soon? I certainly hope so. There’s a brief sequence of you blowing your lover in one of your clit clits….it’d be great to see a full fuck scene or a full blow job to completion in the near future.

    Yours, Arch

  9. Well, I think the stuff that I’ve posted already probably counts as XXX! But, yeah, there’s definitely a chance for more harder! Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. hey i just came across your blg and i think it’s awsome! and this is coming from a straight women just so you know ;). keep posting!

  11. Hi Rikochan, I’ve just developed a new net store called Heightening Sensations. It is solely dedicated to clit pumps, vulva pumps, and nipple pumps. It is a store dedicated to women who may want to try pumping for the first time. There’s educational material as well. Would you mind if I put up the URL?

  12. I know you love bodybuilders and massive clits; do you know about Colette Guimond?

  13. Great site and now I can relate as my wife has now joined me in pumping. She is addicted to pumping her clit and nipples and we now pump together and now enjoy the time in getting to our new size goals.

  14. Your amazing!! I love your page!! Love the progress your making!! My dream is to see you work with Midori!! Two beautiful muscle Japanese lady’s would be awesome!!!

  15. How many inches is your clit

    • I actually haven’t measured it for a while. Inside the tube when it’s pumped really hard it’s more than two inches, though, and maybe more than 2.5. Outside the tube when really erect? I’m not sure! I have to try and measure this weekend!

  16. Let me know when you do

  17. I’m jealous of you. Because I think that a women with a huge clit has, sexually, the best of both worlds. She has the beauty of a woman including of course sensitive breasts and nipples. But if her clit is big enough she can have intercourse with a woman like a man can! (Rikochan – have you ever done this??? Is your clit large enough???) Except that she can have multiple orgasms, unlike a man whose sad cock can come only one time. So, a huge clitted woman is superior to a regular women because she can have intercourse with another woman, and she is superior to a man because she is so much prettier, has two more erogenous zones – her sensitive breasts and nipples – and can come multiple times. I wish I had a huge clit! Linda

  18. Dear Rikochan,

    Would you have an interest in writing an erotic story together? A short piece of fiction that centers around the issue of huge clits.

    I did this once before. I met a really nice woman online and we wrote and published a story together – see http://www.literotica.com/s/sharing-bras We alternated writing very short parts of the story. It was a lot of fun! FYI, I’m a 44 year old lesbian, with a tiny clit, so any parts of the story I’d write would concern women having sex with other women. But if you wanted to write any parts that involve large clitted girls having sex with men, that would be up to you.

    If you might be interested please let me know and I’ll suggest a theme – or maybe several – and you could decide. Or you could come up with a theme? For example, I’ve often wished there was a pill a woman could take to increase her clit size: one pill = one inch, 5 pills = 5 inches. Suppose you had a bunch of these pills. What would you do with them? Give them to girls who wanted them? Would you slip them into anyone else’s drink? Anyway – you get the idea. It’s fiction so you’re only limited by your imagination.

    FYI – I’ve looked for large clit fiction on places such as Literotica. There aren’t many that I’ve found that center around the subject of huge clits. Do you know of any?


  19. Hey there I love your blog and followed the link to your Facebook profile and sent you a friend request and a message on there so it could be in your others folder,I hope to hear back from you.

  20. Wonderful, Rikochan! I’m delighted you’re interested in writing a short piece of large clit fiction together! Please E mail me in a non-public way – not on this page – at rrrr1234@live.com. Looking forward to it, Linda

  21. Hi,
    I would be interested in buying some links on -https://rikochanpornstar.com/-. Please contact me.
    Best regards,

  22. Hello Rikochan..I just discovered you from (of all places) a comment you made on E-Hentai 🙂 Physically powerful, Asian, and politically sex-positive..what’s not to love? I just checked out your C4S store (I’m a good customer of theirs) and was wondering, since you’re built so great, would you ever consider doing superheroine fetish videos? (For example, Asian fetish actress Siren Thorn does some). I bet a lot of folks in the SHIP realm would be interested….

  23. Hey I go by the name Mary Im 25 and I would love to get into what you do but I’m in little old new Zealand avice

    • It really doesn’t take much. A cell phone, a blog, a clips4sale. It’s easy to get started. Just do it, and try to do it a little better each time.

    • That’s the beauty of the Internet. You could be 90, and there’ll be someone
      will be interested. 25 ? Too old ? I mean, not IMHO. There are MANY MANY people interested in stars their own age just as much as anything else.
      I’m 54, for instance, and I LOVE what’s known as MILFS.

  24. Hello sweetheart. Just found this site.
    I’m a guy, so my opinion is somewhat predudiced, probably,
    but thank you for sharing your so lovely self with us !
    Always refreshing and a pleasure to learn of a women who’s
    not afraid of her own sexuality, and is happy to share this with the rest
    of the world.
    Have to agree, I’ve only seen her last film to. And oh man, her breasts, and especially her nipples are amazing !

  25. I haven’t explored all of your site yet and I love tribbing and would love to see you and Yuka do a Tribbing video and really coming. To feel a clit like yours in my pussy would be UNBELIEVABLE ! ! !

    • I loooooove to hear from women readers! Feel free to write me at rikoworkmail AT gmail DOT com if you’d be interested in shooting together someday!

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