A Little Bit of Vascularity for Rikochan

Female bodybuilder Rikochan is starting to get Vascular

What do you think of my veins? They’re going to be everywhere, soon!

I confess, although I sometimes nod and smile when people tell me that I am starting to look more muscular and thinner and that my shape is getting better but that I should be careful not to get too big, too veiny, too freaky. I am, of course, being completely insincere. Although I love the look of the bikini and figure models and the sort of women who grace the cover of Oxygen Magazine are gorgeous, and I would sell your soul to look like, say Maggie Diubaldo, for example. But that’s not my dream. I want to look big, vascular, and freaky.

Sherry Smith vascularity

Looks like bodybuilder Sherry Smith has two arm-sized cocks…I want to touch them… (I don’t know the source for this. If anyone can tell me, please let me know, and I’ll try to make sure it’s ok to use this.)

Why? because when I see that network of veins standing out on a bodybuilder’s sculpted muscle, throbbing with her pulse, it’s just pure sex, to me. I mean big smooth offseason muscles are also sexy, and but when you add in that veiny cut up look, it’s not just hot, it looks dangerous.  It looks tough and strong and wild. The woman who has sculpted her body to look like that is a seriously intense and dedicated person, and that, to me, is also crazy sexy. Plus, physically, ropey, throbbing veins just look like sex, to me, whether it’s on Kraka’s cock (my friend Mistress K’s Pet also gets hot veins with his cockrings)  or on a bigger woman like female bodybuilder Sherry Smith, I just love it. When I see a woman with bulging veins, it’s like her whole body has an erection! I want to reach out and touch her to see if she jerks like Kraka does when you touch his swollen cock, or like I do when my clit or nipples are engorged. In my imagination, the woman who likes that has an erogenous zone that covers her entire body–all she has to do is pump up to feel it.

So yes, I want to get freaky vascular. I mean, it won’t be freaky to me, but I want to look like women people have in mind when they warn me about “working out too much.”  So when I started to see some veins popping up recently, I was very excited! I’ve been working out a lot, and hard, my diet is getting better and better, and I’m doing more cardio. In addition to the fact that I’m starting to see my shape change–my stomach is finally flattening out–I’m really starting to see veins in my arms.

Veiny FBB Rikochan

After some light lifting, I can see a little vascularity. Can you?

I like that in the picture above (click to blow it up) my arms still have a little vascularity even when they are just relaxed! I did a lot of reading hoping that there was some sort of way of lifting that would cause my to get more vascular faster, but, sadly, it seems like it’s basically just genetics and bodyfat. I was interested to see that lot of people (mostly teenage boys from what I can tell) feel the same way I do, and would love to be crazy vascular, because there are endless “How do I get veiny arms?” threads on sites like bodybuilding.com (a great site, by the way).

Rikochan vascularity

I wish I had bigger veins in my arms and smaller veins in my hands, ha!

You have to look hard in the pic above but you can see that I already have lots of pretty large veins showing up all over my arms. When I have to have blood drawn, the nurses are always very happy, because I’m so easy. Apparently I must have good genetics, though, because I don’t have low bodyfat yet (although it is going down steadily). I seriously wonder how veiny I can get. I don’t ever plan to have the sort of low bodyfat where your skin looks like tissue paper, because I think that’s too hard to maintain. But looking like the picture below (Sharon Garrett, from 2005 or earlier) would be nice. What do you think. Veins, and vascularity? Freaky and hot, or just plain freaky?


I’ll never look like Sherry Smith (I just don’t think I will ever reach that size), but Sharon Garrett, maybe someday!


Sorry about my crappy pictures…it’s hard to take pics of veins! I took tons, but most of them blew out the veins. I don’t have a good enough lighting setup (or the skill) to catch the shadows of the veins that I see in real life when I am pumped up.

Veiny FBB Rikochan

Here’s an extra vascularity shot I didn’t post when I originally put this post up. But not that I am fixing it three years later, I thought I’d post a bonus I found.


  1. Your veins… are just beautiful…

    As I and others have been saying… you should look for your own image and style; don’t compare or try to be others. You are your own woman! You have your own body, genome and feelings; they may be different to those of others, but by making them stronger, you are making a new standard/category on yourself; and none can take away that from you Rikochan!

    Something we also love is your humanity Rikochan, on how you let us write down here and read our suggestions. Not to insult others, but it is sad others on your line of work; close themselves to others. Well bye for now Riko! Bye.

  2. lovin your veins…can’t wait to see some poppin’ abs!

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